Getting Started with Google Plus Business Pages


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In this presentation we show you how to get started with Google Plus Business Pages. Google + Pages offers businesses the ability to reach the Google + audience, get more search engine visibility and share, promote their brand on this platform.

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Getting Started with Google Plus Business Pages

  1. 1. “Creating a page brings you closer to your customers, fans, and followers on Google+.”Brought to you by Alicia Lyttle & Lorette
  2. 2.  To build relationships with your clients who are on Google + It increases your brand, and the value of your brand You can promote your brand to all the new people who are in the circles of your customers.
  3. 3. Different people are interested in differentparts of your business. Whether its breakingnews, updates, promotions, links, photos -even talking face-to-face with groups via easy-to-use video chat - Google+ lets you easilyshare the right things with the right customers.
  4. 4. Help word get around. Put the +1 buttonanywhere youd like people to be able torecommend your business, products or servicesto friends and contacts all across the web.
  5. 5. Social media can sometimes feel like a firehoseof data. Google’s measurement tools will soonmake it easier to understand Google+ activity:what people are saying about your business,how many +1s your business receives and howthese affect your traffic.
  6. 6.  To get started, sign in to your Google account (if you don’t have one – get one Then, go to :
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  9. 9.  Local Business or Place Suitable for: hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services Product or Brand Suitable for: apparel, cars, electronics, financial services Company, Institution or Organization Suitable for: companies, institutions, organizations, non-profits Arts, Entertainments or Sports Suitable for: films, TV, music, books, sports, shows Other Suitable if your business doesnt fit into another category
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  14. 14.  This Google+ badge is similar to the Facebook icon on websites that link to Facebook profile. To get the badge, go to Google+ badge page and insert the id of your newly created page. Google only allows an icon currently that will link to your Google+ business page, which you can select in three sizes. A widget similar to the "Facebook like box", also called Google+ badge is in queue and will be added soon.
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  21. 21. Question:Is setting up your Google+ Pages an easyProcess?Answer:Yes, very. Just follow the simple steps outlinesin this presentation
  22. 22. Question:Do I have to have a Google account?Answer:Yes. If you dont already have one, you cancreate one right now or when you go to createyour page.
  23. 23. Question:How do I find a company’s Google + Page?Answer:You can type "+" in front of any company nameand instantly get a listing of their Pages.
  24. 24. Question:Are Google pages linked with search?Answer:Yes! Google pages are linked with Googlesearch, which provide a one-key shortcut toGoogle+ Pages within the query box
  25. 25. Question:Do Pages integrate with Circles?Answer:Yes! It integrates with Google+ Circles, makingPage sharing easy
  26. 26. Question:Can we create more than one page?Answer:You can create multiple Google+ Pages, if youhave more than one business
  27. 27.  Placing the Google+ badge or icon on your site Adding your website link to your page Actively use Google Hangouts (video chat drop-in) Maintain a daily presence via Google+ Update and add to your Google Circles Upload YouTube videos and post the links on your page and websites
  28. 28.  Move your Google+ Page fans directly into your Circles. (This seems to create automatic engagement!) Make sure you have a Circle named "Following“ Make sure your site contains the "+1" button, as well as your badge or icon. (This will require a separate snippet of code to that of badges/icons.) Publicize your page. Share it with your Circles and Hangouts. Share it on social networks and in your blog posts and forum posts. Include it as part of your contact information
  29. 29.  Educate your readers, subscribers and visitors. Remember the Golden Rule of marketing: S-p-e-l-l things out and include calls to action (telling your readers what to do next) Remember that although Google+ Pages may "feel like Facebook", they do have the huge advantage -- and disadvantage -- of open search via Google. Google can rank your page in their search engine! Upload photos, as well as videos. (GPlus offers some interesting statistics about Google+ photo uploads.)
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  34. 34. “Creating a page brings you closer to yourcustomers, fans, and followers on Google+.”