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There is there are presentation


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Published in: Education
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There is there are presentation

  1. 1. English class. Unit 3
  3. 3. THERE IS – THERE AREAFFIRMATIVE FORM• Usamos estas expresiones para describir:• ‘ There is’ para un objeto (singular)• ‘There are’ para más de un objeto (plural)
  4. 4. THERE IS – THERE ARE• Hablamos en singular:• There is a clock. (=There is one clock)• There is a ball. (=There is one ball)
  5. 5. THERE IS – THERE ARE• Hablamos en plural:• There are (two) computers.• There are (two) flowers.
  6. 6. THERE IS- THERE ARE• Describe.*Vocabulary:• a house• a lake• some trees
  7. 7. THERE IS – THERE ARE• Y la descripción resulta así:• There is a house.• There is a lake.• There are some trees. ahora describe otra imagen…
  8. 8. THERE IS – THERE AREDescribe the picture using the next vocabulary: flat picture window table tree / plant carpet TV book sofa / armchair lamp
  9. 9. THERE IS – THERE AREUse the following prepositions: • ON – sobre • IN FRONT OF – en frente de • BEHIND – atrás • NEXT TO – a la par de • TO – hacia • AT – en – a
  11. 11. THERE IS – THERE ARE• NEGATIVE FORMAgregamos ‘not’ después de is/are:• There is not one chair. (=There isn’t one chair)• There are not three chairs. (=There aren’t three chairs)
  12. 12. THERE IS – THERE ARE• INTERROGATIVE FORM Yes-No questionsEl verbo se traslada adelante de ‘there’:• Is there a dog in the house? Yes, there is / No, there isn’t• Are there trees? Yes, there are / No, there aren’t
  13. 13. THERE IS – THERE ARE• Write the negative and the interrogative.A. There is a book on the table.B. There are rulers on the desk.C. There are six watches.D. There is one dictionary.
  14. 14. THERE IS – THERE AREHOW MANY …. (cuántos) Se usa How many con sustantivos contables.• How many chairs are there? There are four.• How many tables are there? There is one.
  15. 15. THERE IS - THERE ARE• Answer.• How many books are there?• How many boys are there?• How many cars are there?
  16. 16. THERE IS – THERE ARE• HOW MUCH …. (cuánto) Se usa How much con incontables.• How much juice is there? There is a lot (mucho)• How much sugar is there? SUGAR There is a few (poco)
  17. 17. THERE IS – THERE ARE• Read and complete.• The book is ………. the desk.• The students are ……… school.• The lamp is ………… the sofa.• The picture is …………. the wall.• The teacher is …………………….. the class.
  18. 18. Material preparado por:Prof. Alicia OcampoProf. en InglésAño 2012 – Tucumán – Argentina