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Present continuous

The Present Continuous Tense

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Present continuous

  1. 1. English I
  2. 2. PRESENT CONTINUOUS actions at the moment of speaking
  3. 3. PRESENT CONTINUOUS She is walking. Structure: VERB TO BE + VERB-ING (AM-IS-ARE) Affirmative form
  4. 4. PRESENT CONTINUOUS She is writing her homework He is playing baseball.
  5. 5. PRESENT CONTINUOUS The girl is holding a cat. They are taking care of the cat.
  6. 6. PRESENT CONTINUOUS  Nota** Verbos terminados en –e  Cambian directamente a –ing  Drive > driving  Write> writing  Take > taking frase verbal, el verbo lleva el gerundio, no la preposición.  Switch on - switching on  Turn off - turning off
  7. 7. PRESENT CONTINUOUS  FORMA NEGATIVA:  You are not playing.  You are not watching TV.  You are not working now.
  8. 8.  She is not (isn’t) working. She is playing golf.  It is not (isn’t) eating. It is walking.
  9. 9. PRESENT CONTINUOUS  FORMA INTERROGATIVA. Is he listening to the radio? No, he isn’t. What is he doing? He is driving a car.
  10. 10. PRESENT CONTINUOUS  Are they dancing? No, they aren’t  What are they doing? They are working.
  11. 11.  Material preparado por Prof. Alicia Ocampo