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Branding Your Start-Up: Talk from Barcamp Portland 2012


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I gave a talk at Barcamp Portland 2012 on Branding Your Start-up, based on past speed branding workshops I've given.

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Branding Your Start-Up: Talk from Barcamp Portland 2012

  1. 1. Speed Branding:A DIY Branding SessionFor Entrepreneurs© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  2. 2. Agenda1. What is a brand and why do I need one? • Definition • The importance of essence and story2. How can I discover and define my brand? • Brand Book Creative Work Session3. How do I use a brand strategy? • Brand Touchpoints • Next Steps & Working with marketing professionals© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  3. 3. 1. What is a brand andwhy do I need one?© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  4. 4. 1. What is a brand andwhy do I need one? Why should I care?© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  5. 5. 1. What is a brand andwhy do I need one? Why should I care? Why should I give you my $?© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  6. 6. 1. What is a brand andwhy do I need one? Why should Why should I give I care? you my time? Why should I give you my $?© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  7. 7. 1. What is a brand andwhy do I need one? Why should Why should I give I care? you my time? Why should I give you my $? How do you expect me to remember you?© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  8. 8. Definition• A brand is who a company is: – What makes them unique – Philosophy & Beliefs – What are they proud of – Reason for being – Personality – Reputation© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  9. 9. The importance ofessence and story• "Early branding of a small or emerging company is key to business success. It is © All rights reserved by Helen in Wales, Flickr the quickest way for your company to express what it is and what it can offer.” New York Times Small Business Section© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  10. 10. 2. How can I discoverand define my brand?• Define your business• Philosophy• Artist’s Mystique• Competitive Edge• Personality• Themes• Audience• Communicating it© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  11. 11. Define Your Business:Intangible BenefitsFor example:• no buyer’s remorse• custom tailoring• high design / trend forward• supporting local business / fair trade• perceived elevated social status• increased cuteness or sex appeal• bragging rights to friends• cutting-edge materials or production techniques© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  12. 12. Define Your Business:Intangible Benefits cont’d• What intangible benefits do you offer your customer?• If a friend was describing your business to someone, what would they say?• What drives you to create / what is your company’s mission / what do you seek to add to the world?• Is there a special reason why you use certain technologies or methods? What is the benefit to the end user?© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  13. 13. PersonalityEMOTIONS PERSONALITY TRAITS• Pride / Confident • Outspoken• Indulgent / Lusty • Poised / sophisticated• Wonderment / delighted • Quirky / funny• Sexy / romantic • Individual / funky• Satisfaction / relief • Adventurous• Joyful / happy / optimistic • Well-mannered / thoughtful• Surprise / anticipation • Ambitious / driven• Relaxed / blissful / calm • Girly / Feminine• Nostalgic / hope • Manly / gruff• Understood / reassured • Playful / mischevious• Empowered / envigorated • Resourceful / thrifty© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  14. 14. Who are you talking to?AUDIENCE • What will your customer’s• Age buying process be?• Gender • How do they first hear about• Income Class Type you? What will make them decide to make a purchase?• Hobbies What will lead them to make• Industry a repeat purchase?• Geographic Location© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  15. 15. Identify the Competition• Are they companies like you, or if you are a first of this kind, what were people doing before you came along?• What are competing companies known for?• What advantages do you offer that they lack?© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  16. 16. Genius Mystique• Hackers genius mystique – • Why did you start doing this? believe it or not you are a Why did you think it was a celebrity – milk it! Tell a good idea? story. Let your personality • Where do you find creative come through. inspiration? • What is the significance behind the name of your store / product / company? • How has your background or personal life influenced your craft?© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  17. 17. © 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  18. 18. Elevator Pitch• “... the elevator pitch—so named because it should last no longer than the By robinsonsmay on Flickr, creative commons license average elevator ride—is far too important to take casually. It’s one of the most effective methods available to reach new buyers and clients with a winning message.” – Business Week, ‘The Perfect (Elevator) Pitch‘ by Aileen Pincus© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  19. 19. How to Use A Brand Collage• Your brand collage is a new member of your team whom you should consult in every marketing decision• Keep your customer collage near your work area to remind you who your audience is © 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  20. 20. Creating a BrandIdentity (logo & graphics)• Find a designer.• Ask your friends• Coroflot > Member Gallery Search for “Portland”• Art Institute of Portland, Career Services Julie Williamson 888-228-6528 x4788© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  21. 21. Logo Evaluation• Simplicity© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  22. 22. Easy to Read• Legibility© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  23. 23. Uniqueness• Popular shapes & trends© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  24. 24. Competition• Industry trends© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  25. 25. Icon vs. Wordmark Onlyicon wordmark wordmark only © 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  26. 26. Color Palette• Does it work in black & white? Expensive to reproduce? 7 colors© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  27. 27. Keeping ProductionCosts Down• Digital letterhead• Print online• Stickers & Rubber Stamps• Print using fewer colors• Get your proper design files – For display & MS Office – RGB, .JPG – For print – CMYK, .EPS© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative
  28. 28. ContactAlicia Nagel Creative503-847-4974© 2012 Alicia Nagel Creative