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Chile and argentina wine tour


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Chile and argentina wine tour

  1. 1. Chile and Argentina Wine Tour
  2. 2. The Chilean wine industry is now booming. Over the lastdecade in particular, huge investment has been madein this countrys wine industry, with the most modern winemaking practices being adopted. Some of this is thanksto foreign investment which has either purchased landin Chile and set up operations there, or collaborated inpartnerships with Chilean wine houses. Wine tours inChile are a wonderful way to get out stunning wineries.
  3. 3. They allow you to have fun tasting the beautiful whitesand reds while your guide gets you where you need tobe safely and without stress. On your average wine tour,your guide will know enough about wine to get by buthell leave the hard stuff to the professionals. In fact, inmost cases hell drop you at the cellar door and let youfend for yourself. But Fine Wine Tours isnt your averagewine tour.
  4. 4. Wine has been booming in the last few years as thekey focus of social events, gifts, and travel. Explore themany regions of Chile, from the beauty of the countryslakes and glaciers to the cultural capital; there is noshortage of activities and destinations for your trip toChile. Find the best of Chile in its three districts, thecapital, lake, and Patagonia regions.
  5. 5. Searching for a cultured and relaxing way to visit acountry, a Chile wine tours is an excellent option.Unfortunately, few places in the world offer growingconditions suitable to sustain a wine industry extensiveenough that you can tour.
  6. 6. Chile is such a long country that sometimes it is a goodidea to break your Chile vacation down geographically.Here are some places you might want to consider visitingduring your tours in Chile. All of the places are in northernChile, which for the purposes of this article meansSantiago and up. One of the highlights of any trip toChile, the northern region, covered by the arid Atacamadesert, is home to plethora of wonderful naturalwonders.
  7. 7. One of the top destinations in this region is the secludedtown of San Pedro Atacama. This small village, once the seatof the Atacama culture, has become the main gateway tosome of the best attractions in the desert. With a variety ofaccommodations, restaurants, tours, available, the townoffers great opportunities to discover the treasures of theAtacama, and has managed to retain some of its quaintcharm despite the flocks of tourists.Visit Us
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