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A Wine Lover's Tour in Chile and Argentina


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We, at Wine Tours Argentina are providing information to our customers about the world's best quality wine available in Argentina.

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A Wine Lover's Tour in Chile and Argentina

  1. 1. A Wine Lovers Tour in Chile and Argentina
  2. 2. Argentina is home to some of the best touristattractions in South America, and with its rich Spanishculture, you will find it a culturally rich destination whenit comes to music, dance, architecture and mostespecially food. The Wine Country is known for its worldrenowned wine. Millions of tourists from all over theworld visit the Wine Country each and every year totaste and sip on these extraordinary wines. The WineCountry is one of the premier travel destinations in theworld. For excellent reasons, wine country tours aroundthe San Francisco area are some of the most popularwine tours in the world.
  3. 3. You can choose from various tours that will take youthrough famous California wine regions such as NapaValley and Sonoma, allowing you to see the sights,experience the flavors, and make memories to last alifetime. If you are someone who really enjoys wine,then these San Francisco wine country tours are areally fantastic way to spend your time while you visitthe San Francisco Bay area.
  4. 4. Ordering and tasting wine can be intimidating,especially if a sommelier is pouring it for you andwatching you as you first taste, and approve ordisapprove of it. Wine tasting is a fun adventurousactivity that will leave you with a deeper appreciationof the various types of wine available. During winetasting, the key senses of sight, smell and taste arewhat take center stage.
  5. 5. For most people, wine tasting is nothing more than ahobby, but it is one that can be used to lure new clientsto your business, or even turn the act of wine tasting intoa business in its own right. In order to do either of those,there are a few definite things that will help make thosepotential new clients sign on the dotted line, or getthem to buy the wines that you are putting on displayfor the tasting.
  6. 6. You should not drink more than two glasses per day. It isnot a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Just because youdrink wine does not mean that you are cholesterol free.Drinking in moderation is heart smart. Drinking wine atmore than moderate levels can lead to many otherhealth problems and complications. This is a fantasticway to exchange opinions and views about commontopics.
  7. 7. You never can tell, but there is a possibility that the FrenchItalian cuisine trip will stimulate your creative juices and youmight choose to start a select food and wine associationtogether with the people on the trip. When the brain makesthe association between what it smells through the nosetastes with the tongue and feels in the mouth it results withwhat we know as flavor. Take a berry for instance, the brainwill associate the sweet and sour taste, a specific aromaand the tactile sensation of the berry being chewed.Visit Us
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