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Oct adopt a shelter dog


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Published in: Lifestyle, Health & Medicine
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Oct adopt a shelter dog

  1. 1. October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! 10% off wellness services or spay/neuter when you bring in proof of adoption within the last 6 months
  2. 2. Myth vs. Fact with spay/neuter  Myth: Its better to have a litter before spaying my pet. Fact: Medical evidence suggests otherwise. Evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier.  Myth: I don’t want my male dog or cat to feel like less of a male. Fact: Pets have no concept of sexual identity or ego. Neutering will not change a pets basic personality. He doesn’t suffer any kind of emotional reaction or identity crisis.  Myth: I want my dog to be protective! Fact: It is a dogs natural instinct to protect a home and family.  Neutering your pet will decrease the possibility of prostate disease and eliminates testicular cancer.  Spaying greatly reduces your pets chance of mammary cancer and will eliminate chances of ovarian and uterine cancer.
  3. 3. Fun facts about dog/cat owners!  9 out of 10 pet owners say they consider their pet a family member.  16% of dog owners and 14% of cat owners say that they bought their car or their home with their pets in mind.  40% of dog owners and 37% of cat owners hang Christmas stockings for their pets.  About a quarter of dog and cat owners sign their pets names on greeting and/or holiday cards.  About 27% of pet owners claim to have taken their pets to a professional photographer to have a picture taken with family, Santa, or the Easter bunny.
  4. 4. Treating your pet like family! 70% of feline households allow their cats to lie on the furniture. In 40% of canine households, dogs are allowed to do so. 45% of pet owners set up a special bed for their pet. 34% of dog owners take their pet with them on family vacation! 39% of dog owners allow their pet to sleep in the same bed with them.
  5. 5. Vaccinating your pet! Staying up-to-date with your pets vaccinations will help protect your pet against contagious diseases. It is always recommended to do a “wellness” visit every 6 months to ensure the health of your pet!