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Top selling music videos


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Top selling music videos

  1. 1. Top selling music videos? Secondary research Alicia Keown
  2. 2. Top selling music videos• 10. LMFAO ‘Party rock anthem’ feat Lauren Bennet and Goonrock.• 9. Adam Lambert ‘Time for miracles’.• 8. Nicki Minaj ‘fly’ ft Rihanna.• 7. Helena Beat ‘Foster the people’.• 6. Chris Brown ‘Next to you’ feat Justin Bieber.• 5. Madonna ‘4 minutes’ feat Justin Timberlake.• 4. Jay Z ‘Run this town’ feat Rihanna and Kanye West.• 3. 2pac ‘California love’ feat Dr. Dre.• 2. Britney Spears ‘Till the world ends’.• 1.Micheal Jackson ‘Earth Song’.
  3. 3. Music Channels
  4. 4. What channels would broadcast your music videos?• 4 music• Up your viva• Mtv• Kiss