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Ppt ict ecosystems


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habitats and ecosystems for kids

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Ppt ict ecosystems

  2. 2. Habitats• An animals living place is called its habitat.• Different plants and animals require different living conditions to thrive, eg. goldfish need freshwater while whales, sea water.
  3. 3. • Animals and plants are adapted to the conditions of the habitats in which they live. Most animals are only adapted to live in one or two habitats. A walrus could not live in a desert. A rattlesnake could not live for very long in the arctic
  4. 4. Types of habitat• Forest Habitat (rain forest, temperate forest, chaparral, and taiga)• A type of habitat that covers a large area where many trees, plants, and animals live.• Forest plants provide shade and protection for many different types of animals.
  5. 5. Types of ecosystems• Desert Habitat:Desert covers more than one-third of the worlds land and are very hot and dry or cold. Deserts are characterized by dry conditions (usually less than 10 inches per year; 25 cm) and a wide temperature range. The dry air leads to wide daily temperature fluctuations from freezing at night to over 120 degrees during the day.
  6. 6. The Tundra• Tundra (Artic) Habitat• Where is the Tundra Habitat?• The tundra habitat is at the top of the world, near the North Pole.• How much of the earth is Tundra?• About one fifth of the earths land is Tundra• What is the ground like?• The ground is permanently frozen 10 inches to 3 feet (25 to 100 cm) down so that trees cant grow there• How do plants grow on the solid ground?• The bare and sometimes rocky ground can only support low growing plants like mosses, heaths, and lichen. During the brief summers, the top section of the soil may thaw out allowing plants and microorganisms to grow and reproduce. However, these plants and microorganisms become dormant during the cold winter months.
  7. 7. Ecosystems• An ecosystem is the combination of a habitat, the living things which live there, and the interaction between them.