Space station mir


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Space station mir

  1. 1. Space Station MIR 1
  2. 2. The Mission of space station MIR Astronauts and cosmonauts living onboard Mir had to face isolation, confinement and physical risk. But they also got to experience long stays in microgravity, incredible views of Earth, and the adventure of being pioneers. The following links give different views of life on Mir. Other links can be found on the "Mir Increments" web pages.
  3. 3. History of the space station MIR Mir means "peace" and "community" in Russian. The Mir space station contributed to world peace by hosting international scientists and American astronauts. It also supported a community of humans in orbit and symbolized the commonwealth of the Russian people. Mir was constructed in orbit by connecting different modules, each launched separately from 1986 to 1996.
  4. 4. Was the MIR unmanned/manned Well , the space station MIR was actually manned. By commander Sergei Zalyotin and flight engineer Alexander Kaleri. Afansyev, flight engineer Sergei Avdeyev, and French researcher Jean-Pierre Haignere made a safe landing in a Soyuz TM spacecraft, on August 28, 1999. The space station Mir became a legend in its own time reflecting Russia’s past space glories and her future as a leader in space.
  5. 5. Structure of MIR The structure began in 1986. Leonidand Vladimir entered the space station March 15,1986and stayed for 6 days. Helen Snarman OBE spent 8 days on MIR in 1991. MIR is under the responsibility of the Russian aviation and space agency and is operated by RSC Energia.
  6. 6. When and where it was created Mir was a space station that operated in low Earth orbit from 1986 to 2001, at first by the Soviet Union and then by Russia. Launch date: February 20, 1986 Orbit height: 223 miles (358 km) Speed on orbit: 4.778 miles/s (7.69 km/s)
  7. 7. How was the MIR space stationdestroyed The Russian space station Mir broke up in the atmosphere and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on Friday. It was destroy in March 23, 2001 in the Pacific Ocean. Mir lasted 15 years and then crashed in 2001. (From 1986 to 2001)
  8. 8. How was MIR build
  9. 9. Important Facts The person who spent the longest time in the space station MIR was Dr. Valeri Polyakov. He lasted from January 1994 to March 1995. He was the man who lasted the mostin a space station.
  10. 10. People on the space station• These are the people that were inside the MIR space station MIR.• The names were :Norm ThagordShannon LucidJohn BlahaJerry LinengerMichael FualeDavid WolfAndy ThomasAlex sander Kaleri andChang-Diaz
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