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Question Four


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Question Four

  1. 1. What have you learned fromyour audience feedback?At out initial research stages and finalproduction stages we have gained audiencefeedback to understand what appeals to thespecific audience.
  2. 2. Research audience feedback At the beginning of out coursework after establishing a genre of which we would base our promotional package on we decided to carry out some audience research to understand the exact demographic of the audience and what features within the indie genre appeal to them. To do this we created a questionnaire asking specific closed questions to gain both quantitative and qualitative data. To get the questionnaire out to the audience we created it on survey monkey ( ) which was then posted on facebook to gain as much audience feedback as possible which would intern help us in the planning of our products.
  3. 3. This research was very helpful as part of our research process we found that the majority of the demographic were aged 17-19 and the gender was split 50/50 this helped us build up an audience profile for who our video should be aimed at.A more specific question revealed that the audience had many different opinions of what they prefer in a music video however some elements they enjoyed were the use of home videos
  4. 4. Final audience feedbackGaining audience feedback on our own product is an important factor of our evaluation stage it allows us to see what works well with our video and criticism that allows us to spot areas of improvement which we ourselves may not see.After completing our music video it was posted on YouTube where is was able to gather comments from users of the site which we could then interpret as part of our audience research. This way of gaining research is very limited and is not sent out to any specific audience due to this we have only gained one comment directly posted on YouTube. As this is a very limited way of collecting feedback we created a questionnaire which focuses specifically on areas of the video which could be improved and what the audience like the best. We created a range of hierarchical questions for the audience to rate each convention. Again we used survey monkey which we linked to our facebook walls to get audience feedback allowing the demographic audience to fill out the questionnaire .
  5. 5. Although there was only onecomment that was left on theYouTube upload itself thiscomment gave us a good idea ofwhat someone from the specificdemographic think. Thisrevealed that they like the‘atmospheric shots’ and the‘disjointed’ band members aspart of the narrative howeverthey did pick up on the editswhich could be improved inorder for the video to runsmoothly and therefore appearmore professional. Looking closer at these shots they This specific edit could be easily both lack realism of the narrative as improved if we went back and the main character does not begin filmed this shot again or in the walking until the camera starts editing process cut the beginning of rolling, where it should be a the edit from the video to allow it continuous shot as if the character to run smoothly has not stopped walking throughout the whole video
  6. 6. This question appeared on our survey which we created on survey monkey and posted on out Facebook accounts alongside the video, it also featured on the YouTube upload. This question is vital as it has given us constructive criticism and pointed out areas of improvement for our video. This response again suggests the editing in some parts is ‘a bit out’ as we no have multiple people recognising the fault it isIn some areas of our video when the something that needs improving tocamera is focusing on the main create a more professional videocharacter singing the lyrics there is aproblem with the lip synchronisationas it is a bit out with the music thisagain distorts the sense of realism andcontinuity of the narrative. It could beimproved if the main character overexaggerated the words making iteasier in the editing process tocombine with the music.
  7. 7. It is apparent that this shot (above) is in fact of alesser quality than the rest of the video as pointedout from the audience feedback ‘ I would improvethe colour of the shot in the church it seems lessquality than the others’ from looking back at thevideo and comparing the these two shots there is aclear difference between the quality of the shot. Theshot taken in the church yard appears to be dull, thiscould be due to the poor lighting and could beimproved with by choosing a different location withbetter natural lighting.
  8. 8. Feedback results After collating our feedback from the survey we created pie charts to display the results This suggests that the narrative of our video was well presented and understandable for the audience. The combination of performance within the narrative is something that has challenged conventions but in this case is understood by the demograpic. This result suggests the video was up to a professional standard and to which the audience have set. I believe the video has turned out well due to the substantial amount of accurate planning put in.
  9. 9. This is a very important piece of audience feedback. The whole of our promotional package has a main aim of representing Bombay Bicycle Club and promoting their album. These results sure that our music video is successful at representing this band to the fans. I believe this is due to the use of the indie genre conventions and specific conventions of the band themselves .The indie genre is something which we carried out a lot of research into and planned our video accordingly to fit many of the conventions these two results suggest both the locations and costumes were successful at representing the indie genre