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Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillary texts Our promotional package is made up of a music video, digipak and magazine advert, each product was designed together to help promote the band – Bombay Bicycle Club’s album ‘ A Different Kind of Fix’. When creating each product we made sure to follow a similar theme to enable the audience to identify each product as part of a package.
  2. 2. Magazine advert and VideoThe main product included in our promotional package is our music video. This was the basis of our work and influenced the design of both our magazine advert and digipak. Each of the print products include photographs which we took on the day of filming and therefore directly link to the video as many features of the mis en scene; such as costume location and lighting are the same, creating a sense of unity between each productOverall I believe there is a clear and strong relationship between each product which reinforces the image of the band and the indie genre which they belong to.The magazine advert is created around a single long shot photograph of the band looking directly at the camera this is a strong shot which reinforces the image of the band and allows them to be easily identified by the potential audience. As shown we can see that the photograph is directly in relation with the music video and relates to the powerful ending shot used. The shot uses the same coloured filter making it relate better to the indie genre.
  3. 3. Digipak and video Like the advert the digigpak also uses photographs taken on the day of filming creating a strong connection through the iconic imagery. Again each photograph has a warm tint applied similar to that of the music video. All of the products heavily feature locations this is something used throughout the video. The locations are very specific and feature a lot of old buildings and scenic areas. Each photograph used in the digipak focuses on a specific part of the video the front cover picture showing the iconic converse shoes which the main character is wearing carrying connotations that it his journey the audience is following , relating directly to the narrative of the video. Our digipak and advert tell a story through photographs like the videos narrative is portrayed through film.
  4. 4. Digipak and magazine advertBoth media texts feature the same textured papereffect on the background which looks as if it has beentea stained giving a warm effect and used vintageappearance. This creates a direct link in the colourscheme, which also relates to the warm tint applied tothe photographs and video. The appearance of both the digipak and magazineadvert are considerably similar through the use of bandphotographs and the de saturated (earthy) colourscheme used.To further reinforce the identity of the band bothproducts feature the same logo of the band this issomething which we have found Bombay Bicycle Clubuse frequently throughout their product. This logo isused so the audience can directly relate to the bandand identify them but in our promotional package italso links each product together.
  5. 5. How do they sell the albumThe purpose of the promotional package is to sell the bands album I believe our products do that as the audience can see a direct link between each product and there is a sense of involvement of the audience as they see a story unfold through the narrative of the video but also the photographs that have been selected for the print products. This will influence the audience to buy the album as they want further involvement with the band and better understanding of the story behind it.The products are easily identifiable through the repeated use of the same san serif font and The photographs tell a step by step band logo design. journey the same oneThe aesthetics of each print product are what get portrayed in the music video the audiences attention a combination of photographs and complementary colours. The products are almost interactive with the audience as if they are wanting them to come on the journey with them
  6. 6. Reinforce the bands imageOur promotional package not only sells the album but it also promotes the band themselves as artists to potential new audiences. Bombay Bicycle Club have an image which the audience can easily identify with.Our media products reinforce the bands image in a variety of ways. The band themselves have a specific image relating to the indie genre the way they dress is a large influence of this. The characters in our music video are purposely dressed in vintage clothing to look as if they are the ‘real’ band members.The photograph featured on the magazine advert displays the bands unity and strong identity this photograph includes the bands instruments which also feature heavily in the video and are apart of the bands image.Similarly the two photographs featured in the digi pak display the how the band are specifically orientated around their instruments revealing that their music would reflect this.