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How did you use media technologies in the


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Published in: Technology, Design
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How did you use media technologies in the

  1. 1. How did you use mediatechnologies in the constructionand research, planning andevaluation stages?Throughout the creation of out promotional package wehave used a range of media technologies in each stage ofproduction including research planning production andevaluation stages.
  2. 2. ResearchWhen carrying out the research at the beginning of our portfolio we created a survey using survey monkey -an internet site specifically designed for the collection of research through surveys/questionnaires. We then linked this questionnaire to the social networking site Facebook to gain as much quantitative and qualitative research as possible from a variety of people.When carrying out research we analysed music videos to help us understand some of the codes and conventions used. To access the videos we used YouTube to view them but also display our points when we embedded them to our blog posts.When collecting our research survey results we decided to display them in pie charts to give a clear indication of the results and interpret them to help us understand the specific audience.
  3. 3. BlogThe presentation of our portfolio itself uses a new media technology as a way of displaying our work by using a blog we are advantaged by the organisation and presentation style through its featured set up. It is also a way to integrate other media technologies easily with the ability to post links to other sites.For our portfolio we used the blog site blogger to create a personal blog relating to out work.Using the blog allowed for easy convergence between other websites through the ability to form direct links but also embedding videos into our post’s.
  4. 4. Planning When planning for the production of our own media texts we used a range of different technologies to make the process easier.The search engine Google has added some newfeatures in recent years they Have added a ‘streetview’ feature to Goolge maps This advancement intechnology has helped us in our planning of themusic video as we were able to pinpoint specificlocations which we could film at without having tovisit York city centre itself. Although this a veryuseful feature for our planning on the day of ourfilming we made some changes as we found somemore suitable locations.Using print screen we wasthen able to display these locations on out blogeasily to show our thought process
  5. 5. Planning When creating our initial mock ups of the print advert and digipak we used the graphics editing programme Photoshop to enable us to create detailed plans including both photographs and text. It also enabled me to incorporate a textured background allowing me to create an overall completed plan which in turn was increasingly helpful when creating the final product.
  6. 6. ConstructionTo film the music video and to take the photographs that appear on our print products we used a Cannon 600D SLR Camera. The high quality ability of this camera allowed us to create a professional looking video and the large lens allowed us to create a variety of shots both close ups and long shots.
  7. 7. ConstructionWhen constructing our digi pak and magazine advertisement we used Photoshop to enable us to add effects , combine each element of the product to create an overall professional looking media text.For each photograph on the digipak we edited the hue and saturation to put a warmer tone on it and to emphasise the naturalistic de saturated colours which are used within the genre.When constructing the magazine advert we used the Photoshop gradient tool to blend the photograph and textured background to create a gradual join. Therefore preventing it from looking unprofessional and unfinished with any harsh lines.
  8. 8. ConstructionTo edit the music video we used the final cut pro software to create a professional looking overall product by combining each shot (taken when filming ) to create a continuous narrative sequence .It also enabled us to embed the music alongside the video. Overall it helped us significantly to create a professional looking video with a smooth transition between each shot.
  9. 9. EvaluationIn our evaluation we used a range of technologies to gain audience feedback and also to present our evaluation.To gain audience feedback for our evaluation we used survey monkey to create a survey this technology allowed us to embed it onto out Facebook accounts and YouTube. Therefore allowing us to gain as much feedback as possible without having to physically carry out surveys.To present my evaluation I used Microsoft PowerPoint which enables me to organise my ideas and deconstruct each question enabling me to cover all the specific requirements.To then display the power point I used the internet site slide share which enables me to embed the power point onto my blog.