==== ====Watch this video to see the best way to gain muscle masshttp://tinyurl.com/7mt8v9e==== ====When learning how to g...
In my experiences lifting fairly heavy weights for lower repetitions is a surefire way to gain musclefast. Yes it is uncom...
get the benefits that dietary fats have to offer, without consuming the excess of calories oftenassociated with fat consum...
==== ====Watch this video to see the best way to gain muscle masshttp://tinyurl.com/7mt8v9e==== ====
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A Step By Step Plan To Gain Muscle Fast


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This proven sysytem promises to pack on muscle, without fat - http://tinyurl.com/7mt8v9e

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A Step By Step Plan To Gain Muscle Fast

  1. 1. ==== ====Watch this video to see the best way to gain muscle masshttp://tinyurl.com/7mt8v9e==== ====When learning how to gain muscle fast, many people fail to understand the importance of stickingto the basics. Sure there are thousands of fancy techniques and "cutting-edge" bodybuildingsupplements that you can implement into your muscle building program, but at the end of the day,the only thing that actually helps you pack on muscle mass is applying the fundamental musclegain principles.Countless articles have been written touting the benefits of the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid!)principle. Yet every night when I visit the gym I cant help but notice the disproportionate ratio ofimpressive muscular bodies to the average overweight non-muscular bodies. If I stick around longenough, I inevitably notice that the vast majority of average body types are focused intensely onsome type of strange new "cutting edge" training program.What is going on here, certainly these people have seen some of the same information that Ihave?There is no doubt that they had to do some serious studying to uncover the bizarre trainingroutines that they so intently perform. Somewhere along the way, they had to run across at least afew of the timeless muscle building techniques that actually work...Right?Well after many years of noticing the same trend in gym, after gym, after gym, Im assuming thatthe vast majority of people have never been exposed to the truth about building lean muscle mass.In order to set the record straight Im taking it upon myself to unlock the mystery surrounding thetimeless goal of learning how to gain muscle mass fast!So Exactly How Do I Gain Muscle Fast?When it comes to building muscle, there is a very simple three-part process that you must alwaysfollow. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule, so pay close attention!#1 - In order to build muscle you must first stimulate muscle growth through some type of intenseweight-training exercise.While its true that everyones body responds differently to different types of training, it isuniversally accepted that intense weight training inflicts the type of muscle damage that is requiredto stimulate both bone density and muscle growth.As a general rule of thumb, the more basic compound free weight exercises like squats, dead lifts,bench press and bent rows seem to stimulate muscle growth more effectively than the isolationstyle exercises like preacher curls, leg extensions, and smith machine bench press.
  2. 2. In my experiences lifting fairly heavy weights for lower repetitions is a surefire way to gain musclefast. Yes it is uncomfortable. Yes it hurts. Yes it makes you sore for a few days after your workout.But lets face it, if you never go outside of your comfort zone and lift progressively heavier weights,youll never stimulate serious muscle growth!On the flip side, if youve been training with heavy weights for lower repetitions for an extendedamount of time, you may benefit from switching gears and trying lower weights for morerepetitions. The important thing to keep pin mind here is that as you train, your body adapts toyour weight training workouts. If you want to keep building muscle mass, then you need to keepswitching things up in order to keep your body guessing.If your goal is to gain muscle fast, then I recommend limiting your workouts to a maximum of 1hour. Anything longer will pull your body out of muscle building mode and into endurance mode.By limiting the length of your workout sessions, you can assure that your body is receiving theappropriate stimulation for muscle growth.#2 - After you have put in the time to properly stimulate muscle growth, you then must fuel thatmuscle growth by consuming ample amounts of the proper nutrients in the proper combinations atthe right times. This allows your body the proper "fuel" to repair the damage inflicted by intenseweight training exercises.If your goal is to gain muscle fast, then you need to make sure and consume a minimum of 5meals per day, evenly spaced every 2-3 hours. Each meal should include protein, carbohydrates,fat and some type of fruit or vegetable. When putting your nutrition plan together, it is important torealize that each gram of protein or carbohydrate contains 4 calories. Each gram of fat contains 9calories.Although, it is important for people wanting to gain muscle mass to consume enough protein, it issimply not necessary to consume absurd amounts. While it has been a popular recommendationover the last few years by many bodybuilders and self proclaimed fitness "gurus" to consumeabsurd amounts of protein, this is simply not necessary to support muscle growth.The American College of Sports Medicine suggests in its position statement on proteinconsumption, that by consuming as little as 0.72 grams of protein per lb of body weight per day,you can effectively repair damaged muscle tissue, build lean muscle mass and limit the chances ofnegative side effects.Fat does not just make people fat because it is bad for them, at 9 calories per gram, a smallamount of fat can contain a staggering amount of calories. Following this logic, it is important torealize that in order to consume more calories, fat is essential to your muscle building diet. Certaintypes of fatty acids, (fat) when consumed properly, can not only increase your calories, but theyhave been scientifically proven to lower unwanted body fat levels, increase muscle buildinghormone levels, increase brain function and alertness and provide an additional energy source forthe body.As you can see, these are some pretty great side effects! By consuming between 40 and 60grams of "heart healthy" fat per day, spread over 5 meals, you can ensure that you will be able to
  3. 3. get the benefits that dietary fats have to offer, without consuming the excess of calories oftenassociated with fat consumption.Carbohydrates serve as the primary energy source for your body and are an important part of thenutritional spectrum required for muscle growth. There are two types of carbohydrates, complexand simple.Simple carbohydrates break down into sugars in the body very quickly. Because of this, theyprovide a very unstable energy source and are of little nutritional value. Examples of simplecarbohydrates are white flour, white bread and sugar.While consuming some simple carbohydrates will not hinder your muscle building goals, you willwant to consume the majority of your carbohydrates from nutritious complex sources such as oats,yams, whole-wheat pasta and whole-wheat breads. This will not only provide your body withample amounts of nutrients for muscle growth, but also ensure that your energy levels and moodremain stable throughout the day.#3 - Now that you have laid the foundation to gain muscle fast, its imperative that you do what isnecessary to allow your body to repair, recover and grow. By making sure to get a minimum of 8hours of sleep each night, you ensure that your body has ample time to recover from yourworkouts. Its also critical for proper recovery, to consume a minimum of 1 gallon of water eachday. Aside from simply being a healthy thing to do, consuming enough water helps to flush outtoxins associated with weight bearing exercises.Although not very fancy, the simple formula of stimulating muscle growth with intense weighttraining workouts, consuming a well balanced bodybuilding nutrition plan, and allowing for properrecovery works very well. By sticking to the basics and keeping things simple, youre increasingyour chance to gain muscle fast exponentially!Are you ready to get serious about building muscle mass? Get instant access to free musclebuilding workouts and bodybuilding tips and learn once and for all how to gain muscle massquickly, easily and naturally on our blog! While youre there, sign up for 6 weeks of free musclebuilding workouts that have been professionally designed to help you gain muscle fast startingtoday!Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nick_Andrade
  4. 4. ==== ====Watch this video to see the best way to gain muscle masshttp://tinyurl.com/7mt8v9e==== ====