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Getting job in IT: Special features

Ciklum Open Day, 22 October, 2015

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Getting job in IT: Special features

  2. 2. CIKLUM OPEN DAY Getting job in IT Special Features – Andrey Lyashenko, CSM HR interview: Tips&Tricks – Olga Samarina, Recruitment Consultant Technical aspect – Ivan Beliy, Team Lead at Marmalade LTD, London, UK You are on board: drive your routine – Anfisa Nakonechnaya, Retention Consultant Excursion round Ciklum office Pizza-Time Map of IT: Professions & Trends – Maxym Mykhalchuk, Project Manager First Steps In Mobile Development – Yuriy Yakovlev, Mobile Delivery Unit Manager Real-life stories from former interns (Marmalade LTD) 14:00 - 15:05 15:05 15:30 16:00 16:30 16:55 17:30
  3. 3. SpecialFeatures AndreyLyashenko,CSM@CiklumDnepr
  4. 4. Ciklum’s Key Numbers Over 13 years experience in IT development in Ukraine Over 200 own customer teams 2,500+ dedicated staff 6 locations in Ukraine, two in Pakistan, 1 in Belarus and 6 offices over Europe 30 Dedicated Consultants specializing in Agile Software development and BPO Voted as Ukraine's best IT employer 3 years in a row
  5. 5. Team life cycle 1 Project (eg. Mobile) 1 Own Team 2 2 Project Office 3 PEAK resource 3 PEAK CIKLUM MODELS
  6. 6. Ciklum Delivery Team
  7. 7. 01 How-To make your start smoother… What to expect from international environment?
  8. 8. In the beginning we are all the same…
  9. 9. But as we grow up, we get more and more affected by: • Our family • Friends • School, University • Social environment • Religion, beliefs • Traditions We are also affected by: • Country • Region • City/village • Work (company/position)
  10. 10. How can we make best out of it?
  11. 11. Should we follow stereotypes?
  12. 12. OR
  13. 13. Be open to something new, something unknown, something different...
  14. 14. Let’s see some of the examples… How we know it… and how other people know it
  15. 15. More right for authorities/ bosses VS. Rules and laws are valid for all
  16. 16. Employees expect orders and control VS. Initiative is expected, everybody is help responsible for their work
  17. 17. Respect for age, teachers, bosses (even if not competent) VS. Respect for competence, knowledge, facts, everybody can be challenged
  18. 18. Unknown is dangerous VS. Try it…didn’t work? Try again…don’t be scared. Just try IT.
  19. 19. I know how to do it, but afraid to say it… VS. Be active, be proactive offer you idea
  20. 20. With all these different perceptions… What is it, that our clients expect?
  21. 21. If you know what to do and how to do it better…
  22. 22. Even bad news, can be good news
  23. 23. Be transparent and direct… Let your clients know what is going on… Even if there are some bad news.
  24. 24. Perception creates reality Listen, observe, analyze.
  25. 25. Do what you think is right and take responsibility for your decisions.
  26. 26. If you know what to do - LEAD
  27. 27. If you don’t know what to do - SUPPORT
  29. 29. Treat your customers well.
  30. 30. @ciklum Ciklum Broader view. How Ukraine is positioned WW: Ukraine-IT-Outsourcing-Industry-20121.pdf management Main sources of info and useful resources for further reading