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collect Dr.Deepak Dudhmande 2 articles of Mystic mind; a traveler from form to formless,Drugless therapy

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Dr Deepak Dudhmande articles

  1. 1. Dr. Deepak Dudhmande collected works About Dr. Deepak Dudhmande ..........................................................1 Mystic mind; a traveler from form to formless...................................3 Drugless therapy ..............................................................................24 Contact us ........................................................................................39
  2. 2. About Dr. Deepak Dudhmande He is India famous holistic physician,diabetes expert,brain tumor expert,& psychological counselor. Doctor of medicine (AM); post graduated diploma in psychological counseling, post graduate diploma in holistic health; bachelor diploma in pharmaceutical sciences, bachelor diploma in biochemical system of medicines . writing thesis on drugless treatments. He is the member of CID – UNESCO. Member of international homeopathic medicine society, & all India Institute of Alternative Medicine. He was two times nominated for national health excellence award. One time nominated for RASHTRIYA RATTAN AWARD( national jewel award) for excellent work for humanity. Pioneer in the development of SPICE THERAPY. In this therapy simple spices in house hold use are utilized to maintain the good health. It is a very economical & easy way to treat some health problems & to prevent the health problem thus maintaining good quality of life. Has developed the spice blend to treat obesity very successfully. 1
  3. 3. Has developed a blend of spice to treat successfully the health problem of intestinal hernia. Has developed a blend of spices to treat Brain tumors very effectively. Has developed a blend of spices to prevent cancer in susceptible people. working on the philosophy of integrating different systems of medicine for effective & economical treatment for various health issues; mainly to maintain good health & good quality of life. Pioneer in working on combining TCM & Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine).Developing some effective herbal products for good health.Developed an herbal product to control & cure Type II Diabetes. Use Dance therapy, Painting therapy, Music therapy & Medical Astrology as a non verbal communication in clinical practice to diagnose psychological & physical problems for the people who cant or don’t wish or are unable to communicate in words. He has been working upon mind body balance combination, developing a philosophy of integrating physics, chemistry & biology, etc. 2
  4. 4. Give speeches on Metaphysics, psycho-spiritual development of human mind, physiological position of mind in our body, Conscious & subconscious mind, use of subconscious mind in maintaining good quality of life (Physically & psychologically). Mystic mind: a traveler from form to formless Author's preface These thoughts are the result of my quest to know about death. In the process I tried first to know myself & that brought me to my mind which started revealing , what I wanted to know. When I tried to find my mind , I was baffled to not to find it at that time. but the mind itself lead me to its place in my body & around my body. Despite being a doctor of medicine , my mind took me through Physics to understand matter & to self knowledge for non matter. When I was 24 years young my mind gave me a glimpse of my past journey & out of body experience, now many years past, when I look back, it seems that I have made little advancement, but when I look forward ,I see a infinite journey with no end, that's why my mind tells me that Infinity may not have a end ,but it has a beginning. 3
  5. 5. These my thoughts are very personal experiences ,somebody's experience may be different, but they are also as right & as good as I feel mine. Mystic mind; a traveler from form to formless Dear fellow travelers & seekers, thank you very much for this opportunity to make this journey more beautiful. The perfect unity is depicted beautifully in two wonderful parables. One of them from Indian Sufi mysticism goes like this. Once a Sufi mystic traveling from one place to another place came to a small village As he entered the village, he saw a small boy carrying a lit candle in his hands. The mystic was so enchanted by the site of a boy carrying the light; that he could not help himself but stopped the boy & asked him, " O dear boy before you lighted this candle there was a time when light was not there, and then you lighted this candle & there was light, can u tell me ... from where the light came?" The boy in his all knowing innocence replied, “O wise one I can answer your question, but before that can you answer my simple question?" The mystic said I will try to answer your question please ask. 4
  6. 6. The boy immediately blew out the candle & asked," you saw the light was here before I blew it, but now it is not here, can you tell me where did it go?” And that mystic got the answer. This small parable talks about the unity of light & dark. Both are holding the potential for & of each other. This gave me the expression in few lines like this..... Every ray of light, Ends in darkness. Does it mean that? Light is but dancing dark, & dark is but resting light? The second wonderful parable is from Chinese thoughts of Zhuang Zhou..... Once Zhuang Zhou was sleeping and he saw a butterfly in his dream, & in the dream itself he was asking himself," Is it that butterfly in my dream Or I am in the dream of butterfly?" This parable is the shortest & most profound in itself telling about the perfect unity, more than many books can tell. Zhuang Zhou depicts unity of his conscious & subconscious mind delicately by conscious thinking in 5
  7. 7. the dream; his seeking of what is what is going on always, we call it awareness. At the same time he is attaining the unity of observed & observer, he is wondering whose dream is it which he is going through? These two parables have always charged my batteries on my journey from “what is “to "What could be." Wisdom from these has dawned on me to understand the mind body unity. Our existence is a unity of Mind & Body or Spirit & Body. We can't define or study their existence separately. I believe that the Body is creation of mind for the purpose of expression & learning. Therefore before knowing about body we may have to look for the phenomenon of existence of mind before body. In the last 70 years sciences have made great progress in developing the technologies to understand the phenomenon called cosmos. The first science to develop in the history of mankind was physics. It talked & speculated about the worldly material things in terms of how & why. Though we did not get answer to every question but could go fairly close to the possible or probable answer. The theory of relativity, theory of quantum physics & theory of expanding universe compelled us to think about the evolution of matter & non matter; form & formless. It has been empirically proved that in this universe every thing is going away from every thing continuously and the further it goes more the 6
  8. 8. acceleration of going away. This means that this universe is expanding every moment at far greater speed than the speed of light. And then let us think of.... under what circumstances this expansion occurs? Either it has to be explosion which is known as "Big Bang" where the theory holds that this universe evolved from the explosion of a pea nut. And that explosion is not over yet it is still going on. Whatever was contended in that pea nut got exploded with such a force that the things are still going away from each other. But it does not explain about further acceleration of speed of going away or why the whole of astral bodies are spinning & rotating around themselves & others. May be, my knowledge of physics is limited. But I believe that there has to be some alternate theory which may be able to take us near to the truth. Theory of spinning universe may do that, but we may talk in detail about it some other time. According to the theory of Big Bang; sub particles released there in were carrying the opposite forces out of which one was prominent, so it displayed that property, but it had the Seed for the opposite force. It exactly resembles with the Chinese thought of Yin & Yang & the symbol of Tao. 7
  9. 9. These forces, by there property of opposites & similar started interacting with each other; which lead to the formation of Atom. Which is a combination of Electrons which are with - ve charge or force & protons which are with + ve charge or force, whereas Neutron is neutral, neither + ve nor - ve which means that It may well have both the forces little more than of protons & electrons. In an atom proton & neutrons are in centre called nucleus & electrons revolve around it. Now, why electrons don't bump into protons but rather revolve around it is another topic of discussion. What interesting thing we know is that the atom has a very little mass but it occupies a larger space to exist. These atoms combine together to form a molecule & molecules come together to form elements & elements together form the substances. When we talk of interaction of atoms to form chemicals & substances we begin a new branch of science known as chemistry; which deals with sharing of electrons & protons to form different Molecules to further facilitate the formation of gases, liquids & solid substances. In Chemistry we have seen that so far we could find only 109 elements; but in this whole creation of only 109 elements? Doesn't seem practical why would nature limit it self to a particular number? It is one of the unanswered questions. 8
  10. 10. But I think nature did not limit itself to a specific number. Nature formed 110th element which had no properties like earlier 109 & it didn't fit in there parameters of chemistry, & we needed another science to deal with it. That science is Biology & that 110th element is protoplasm or DNA. With the formation of protoplasm by sheer permutation & combination of atoms, the life began here. And after that nature didn't stop it went on producing such DNA which is different from every other DNA. So nature didn't stop, it continued to make advanced elements like protoplasm or DNA; but the nonliving elements are limited… today these are 109... Tomorrow we may find another 1 or 100 … but it will be a limited number; but the protoplasm or DNA will always be countless. Now why the Atom went all the way to form all elements & lastly the living being? For what purpose did it need these manifestations? There might be many answers to these questions, but two possible answers I could think of is to express something & to learn some thing. Expression is displayed in all elements & learning is displayed in life form. The other difference in living & nonliving is that living is self sustaining, has ability to reproduce; whereas nonliving is just a progressing 9
  11. 11. expression of combined atoms. The only difference between every other thing from every other thing is the amount of force carried by number of atoms; therefore living thing is a result of particular variable amount of atoms & correlating force or forces to it. Now again the process of formation of body goes through the similar process that of non living. This protoplasm or DNA with the interacting forces forms a cell; which is the basic functional unit of the body. Now this cell multiplies to form a tissue... then different tissues join together to form an organ of the body like liver, lungs, heart, brain, skin, eyes etc. These various organs join together to form a system in body like Digestive system, nervous system, circulatory system, urinary system . Etc. These all the different systems establish a communication system with all the other systems to form a complete body. This is how the body might come in to existence. We have seen this journey from a single atom to a complex protoplasmic biological phenomenon called life. So our body is nothing but a bunch of atoms which developed certain qualities by the virtue of the force carried by them. It means there is not much difference between nonliving & living thing because both are made up of same stuff ATOM. 10
  12. 12. So we know now that birth is a [process of transformation of nonliving in to living & probably death is the process of transforming living to nonliving]. At least that is what we see happening to the body. We have to understand that every nonliving thing has potential to become a living thing & vice versa. That is why vitamins & minerals & chemicals we put in to the body they convert themselves in to a living thing to support the healthy living of body. In our body we can point out each & every organ or cell as a physical entity, a living substance; but somehow we are not able to pin point our mind. Where is it? Within the body? Out of the body? Though we feel its presence as we depend on it for every thing like thinking, deciding, using our senses etc. it tells us that mind is the integral part of our existence But we are not able to see it. Why? Let's try to figure out the answer. As we have seen earlier that our body is made up of atoms only. And these atoms are nothing but 2% mass & 98% empty space filled with the interacting forces between protons electrons & Neutrons.... It means that our body is also 98 % space filled with force of life & rest 2% is Solid mass which we see. I know how preposterous it may seem but that's true... We are 98 % space filled with force which is all over the body; it is the biggest part of out body; which we are not able to see..... Because it's a non matter. It's just a force & I believe that force Is our mind. And it means that mind is the biggest organ of our body, which constitutes 98% 11
  13. 13. of our existing manifestation. Even in the structure of atom we see that non matter is the force & large where as matter like P E or N are very small, only 2% combined together. Here we can logically conclude that non matter force created or dominated matter to express & manifest it self. Similarly our Mind which is the largest organ of the body , but its only a force & a non matter, does it mean that our mind has created or dominated our body to exist & express , manifest or to learn ; as it needed all instruments to know & our body has all the instruments For knowing these instruments are our sensory organs. (Eyes, ears, nose, tongue & skin). It seems that it is mind over the matter. Once we understand that mind is the largest functioning part of our body and our body is manifested for the utility of mind. Here we can see that all the organs of our body are working to keep the brain alive & functioning at its optimum level, but the utility of brain is to mind only. Brain is used as an instrument by mind to express & learn whereas other Organs like Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver, stomach, intestines. Etc. Are functioning for the well being of brain. It is the brain which keeps us living & functioning. At a certain condition when Heart is functioning & brain is not functioning the person is more likely a nonfunctioning vegetable. 12
  14. 14. Now let us try to know something about mind through our thinking (which is the function of mind only). Our mind is divided in two parts; Conscious mind & subconscious mind. Remember that these are not two minds; these are merely spheres of activity within one mind. Though western thought Talks about Unconscious mind too, but I did not find the rationality behind it. I think that western thought was not aware of the eastern mysticism that time, therefore there seems to be a big difference in the perception of a western thinker & eastern thinker. The most ancient civilizations western people studied was of Egypt & Babylon, but at the same time our Indian & Chinese civilizations were for more developed, advanced spiritually & scientifically which they ignored & that's why we see pain, sorrow , fear more prevalent in west, in spite of their materialistic advanced development.(But these materialistic development & the sorrow or fear generated due to it became the strong reason for west to search in east; now they are searching for the hidden sacred India & ancient China.) So when they couldn't understand certain aspects of mind; they called it unconscious.... about which one can not know any thing... Seems to be a good cover up for not knowing. Let's talk about Conscious & Subconscious mind. 13
  15. 15. Conscious mind is our awake mind, which is directly linked with our all sensory organs. It receives all the information through our sensory organs. it is very much influenced & formed by the conditioning we receive from the time of our birth. It is influenced by our society, our education, our elders, our known history, our ideals etc. Even the geographical condition, where we live, the type of food we eat, all the social do's & don'ts, the atmospherically conditions around us & many more visible things, emotional things contribute in formation of our conscious mind. Like our language, it is a part of conscious mind, the object is same but it is called different in different languages. Conscious mind is awake when our senses are awake or when we are awake. Conscious mind is our rational thinking mind; it has been taught the difference between good and bad. Based upon which our responses are formed, opinions are formed. Whatever one does or thinks during awake state is being run through conscious mind, Conscious mind has ability to discriminate & respond physically & emotionally. Conscious mind is able to perceive all senses, though we feel that our eye sees the thing but that's not true eye is only a vehicle to carry that sense to the mind & our mind sees it, similarly our all other senses work for mind . These sensory organs are just vehicles to carry that sense to our conscious mind & we see, listen, and feel the touch, fragrance, taste is felt by mind & not the corresponding organ. Our conscious mind is also known as 14
  16. 16. Objective mind, as it deals with outward objects. This objective mind is our guide in our contact with the surrounding environment. Now, what is subconscious mind? In true sense it is our mystical mind. It has all the qualities of mysticism. It dwells inward, not directly attached to senses, it doesn't discriminate, and it has a calmness of uninvolved observer. And this subconscious is more responsible towards the development of soul or force or energy rather than the body. Our subconscious utilizes our body to learn through conscious mind. The dreams we see in the sleep state are a part of our subconscious mind. Subconscious is the silent uninvolved processor of our thoughts. It is functioning most when either we are asleep or in the meditative state. When we are awake it is dormant. Whatever we think in awake state is registered by subconscious mind through conscious mind. But it responds to the external stimuli through conscious mind only. Let us see how conscious & subconscious work together. In our body, Brain governs & controls our body through a nervous system. Brain & nerves are a part of it, there is a very wonderful network of nerves throughout our body; connected directly to the brain. This network is known as nervous system; which carry sensory impulses from different 15
  17. 17. sensory organs from body to brain & motor commands from brain to different parts of body. We have two nervous systems CNS & ANS. CNS is central nervous system; governed by conscious mind, which receives sensory impulse from body, then processes it in brain & generates a motor command based upon it. Let me explain it by an example. When a pin pricks our finger or we touch a burning hot objects; we suddenly yell & remove that hand very fast. What happened is, the pricking of pin or heat is carried by nerves in hand to the brain; where it is processed as a injury or harm & immediately a command is generated to move or yell or both & conveyed to hand & vocal chords through the nerves. So in CNS our muscles can not move without the command from conscious mind through the brain. Even for the simplest task like lifting a finger we need a thought behind it. Whereas ANS Autonomous nervous system is governed by subconscious mind; this system takes care of the functioning of internal organs of our body like Heart, Lungs, Liver, and Kidneys…… Etc… Which, we consciously can not control. If I decide to give my heart 5 minutes rest, I can not. Why? Because it will be suicidal, so the subconscious mind has given a command to these organs to not to stop unless ordered by it. 16
  18. 18. Do you see a wonderful phenomenon here. Conscious mind is governing external organs by saying, “Don't move unless I tell you.” Whereas subconscious mind is governing the internal organs by saying, “Don't stop unless I tell you.” After this body phenomenon let's look at mind function. In our day to day life whatever we encounter, we see, we listen, we feel.goes to conscious mind through brain & conscious mind responds to it immediately. Our subconscious is dormant in day time when our conscious mind is awake. But when conscious mind sees a particular event or thing which it perceives as important or which repeatedly comes in front of it, after responding to it once or twice conscious doesn't know what to do with it ? Then it percolates that event, thing or thought to the subconscious mind. Subconscious mind stores it for future reference which we call memory; it doesn't try to analyze it. It accepts it as it is. Being of calm mystical quality it senses the desire attached with that event or thought & to pacify that, it arranges the fulfillment of that desire. I will give you 1 example of fear rooted in subconscious through conscious. One of my friends was studying in medical college & he wanted to be a surgeon; but whenever he saw blood , even a small drop of blood he use 17
  19. 19. to faint & become unconscious. It was very baffling because he was a very strong looking & tall person & was courageous too. When I was visiting him at his home, during the vacation I talked to his mother about his peculiar problem. She was a very wise lady she told me that when my friend was very young; may be around 4 to 5 years he had seen an terrible accident, collision of a bus & train & he saw blood all over the place though they were little away from that accident but that trauma, got imprinted on his subconscious through conscious & the fear of that accident was associated with the blood. So without analyzing the incident his subconscious followed the suggestion of conscious that. blood represents trauma, pain & suffering which needs to be avoided; & he lost consciousness whenever he saw blood, though he didn't remember that incidence of accident but the fear & message attached with remained in his subconscious prominently. Then later we sought treatment for him through psychological counseling & therapeutic hypnotism. But we saw that how subconscious works diligently devoid of good & bad. Also we can see that whenever required subconscious provides the response to a stimulus through conscious mind. Let us see another interesting example. 18
  20. 20. One person suffering from cancer & his intestine was affected. His eating was very restricted & lastly there was no cure as it has reached to the inoperable stage. All chemotherapy & radiotherapy has come to no avail. Lastly the patient was brought to the hospital with which I was associated; one of our senior physicians decided to go for a drugless way to attempt cure through ones mind. We kept that patient in a bit isolated room & told him repeatedly that he is not having cancer; he was misdiagnosed & will get well soon. We also told him that as soon as he gets well, we will question the misdiagnosis & possibly take the corrective measures. We informed the whole staff of the hospital & patient relatives too about what to speak to that patient. Even the ward, boy sweeper, & nurses. at every opportunity told him that how lucky he was to not to have cancer & he will be healthy & will be able to go home early. With this constant talk from many people about his well being helped that patient recover. His cancer reduced to the operatable stage & he was operated successfully to live a healthy long life. In this case study we see that; message to his conscious mind got importance because of it repetition by so many people for a long time. Which was sent to subconscious mind & was readily accepted there & Started working on the message attached with it. The message had one 19
  21. 21. clear cut message that is to not to accept the cancer but accept the well being & longevity of life. Fulfillment of such wish is the functioning of subconscious through conscious mind. There are lot many examples in our day today life. Like we remember some body very desperately & lo..! That person calls us or visits in person. Or You want something very badly, but not in a position to acquire it; Surprisingly next day somebody gives u the same thing as a gift. Almost all the examples if we analyze will seem wish fulfilling by subconscious through conscious mind. Can you imagine if we consciously manage to penetrate our subconscious & help our self in fulfilling our one wish at a time? Yes, that is very much possible. Our mind has tremendous ability to work for our well being. Our mind is our sixth sense, which guides us through the maize of life to a proper position from where things start becoming clearer. But why does our mind do that? Why does it manage to help us? What benefit does it seek through its wish fulfilling action? 20
  22. 22. Now let us go back to the beginning of our talk… Why did the mind create this body? For its utility of learning & Expressing. This learning & expressing is for a very selfish reason & that reason is attaining the unity.The unity of observer & observed, the unity of preceptor perception & perceptee. That unity is equilibrium in this chaos. Do you know the meaning of cosmos? Its a Systematic chaos. And the way to this perfect unity goes through the life where all the emotions & desires whether physical or psychological or mental are like small gas stations, which provide fuel for further journey. So we do need to fulfill them & that's what the mind does. Unless we live through the abundance; we will not realize the futility of it. Unless I sleep on a golden bed, I will not realize that the gold doesn't add to my quality of sleep it is as good or as bad as on a wooden bed. Then at that time with that context I can say “I find no difference in wood & gold.” So fulfillment of desires is a prerequisite to unity. That's why the mind is working on it. Let us understand one concept That our mind & soul are one & the same thing.Soul is nonnative mind & Mind is active soul. I will try to explain it in very few words. 21
  23. 23. At the time of conception, in mothers womb two half cells come together (egg & sperm) to begin a life by one complete cell; then this cell stars multiplying from 2 to 2 , 2 to 4 , 4 to 8 ….& so on. With every increasing cell the amount of energy attached with it is increasing, as the number of atoms is also increasing & the amount of space occupied & space hold within also is increasing. From where does it come? It is the energy which was static in the cosmos waiting to be expressed. By attempting to express it became kinetic energy. The Static energy out of body in search of expression is Soul. And The kinetic energy which has transferred from static to express , whose search is over temporarily; but is preparing for the further journey & will take itself to a bit higher place before discarding this body & becoming static again is Mind. (Here static & Kinetic are relative terms) It's the same energy in different spheres of existence is called Soul or Mind. Another wonderful ability of our mind is to influence past, present & future from the point of here & now. We all know our mind is living in the present so it has ability to manage fairly well (with conditioning) our present & depending upon present it lays foundation for future. But how does it influence past, which has already happened & can not be changed? Let us see how. 22
  24. 24. Whatever we see or feel is but our perception about it, in the past also we have understood that present with a particular perception.What if we manage to change the perception today & look back to the past with changed perception; will it change past with reference to present? Yes it will .how? Let me explain by an example. A young couple got married very happily. The first 3 years of marriage were bliss, a complete sense of happiness for them. The way they touched each other, the way they communicated nonverbally to each other, the way their eyes followed each other… it was wonderful to live like that. It was a perfect marriage or companionship. They were happy so the whole world was happy with them. But after some time some how the differences came to surface & the problem started, the problem culminated so strongly & got further complicated due to the interference of society. Now things have gone up to divorce, now the relation is very bitter. At this moment; when this couple looks back at that earlier phase of their marriage…. Their perception has changed so they will see things differently now. They think that how they have managed to stay together for such a long period? When they have nothing in common each one of them feels that the other one was not right & pretending to be good from the beginning itself. 23
  25. 25. You see how the past happiness got changed in to bitterness, the past which was real; a complete sense of happiness got changed in to a horrible experience; just because of present state of mind. Similarly two enemies become friends today & they mange to laugh at their past deeds where they tried to hurt each other. In the present context that past becomes a funny experience; whereas it was a real horrible experience. Nature has empowered us with such a strong force called mind. Let us not waste it but use it as a guide for the perfect unity, a second last step to enlightenment. Let's travel on that path & reach a dynamic destiny. I believe in near future we will be able to talk & understand about the Supreme consciousness; which is the state of being without involvement. (J Krishnamurti called it Choice less awareness.) That's all for now. Drugless therapy My dear friends, I wish to thank you & sub health organization for this opportunity to share my thoughts on the quest of providing a better quality of life & harmonious state of health to the people without 24
  26. 26. medicines. That is drugless treatment. When I was studying different systems of medicine; I was very much inspired by a story of two Sufi mystics from Indian history. One was Tulsi Dasji & other one was Rahimji. Both were wise beyond, contemporary philosophers of their same time. Inspite of being of same time they never met each other but had heard about each others wisdom & wanted to communicate & see how wise they are, so one day Tulsi Dasji called one of his students & told him to take his silent message to Rahimji but on the journey he should stop under only Tamarind tree for resting, food & sleep at night & should avoid any other tree. And so that student went on his way to Rahimji stopping under only Tamarind tree; as he went by, his skin started having problem … by the time he reached to Rahimji he was oozing all over the body his skin was black, thick & sticky, smelling foul… & He told Rahimji that he has come with silent message from Tulsi Dasji. Rahimji looked at him, smiled & said Tulsi Dasji is very wise I got his message & I wish to reply immediately. He sent that student back immediately advising him to stop only under Neem tree for food & rest & avoid any other tree. By the time that student came back he was completely cured of his skin problem & was as good & healthy as he had left for the journey. 25
  27. 27. Now, what I understood from this story is that in our life when we are exposed to a particular environment repeatedly we create a Health problem for us, but nature has provided perfect solution for such problems. We have to look & search for it. It is a perfect example of drugless treatment & nature wants us to follow it & use it for our benefit. That’s why we don’t see any doctors in animal world. I often wonder; what do the animals do if they fall sick? Or do they ever fall sick? From here I started my quest & search for drugless way to eradicate health problems. First I tried to understand why these trees caused such results? Because now in the modern medical science we know that Tamarind does cause Psoriasis & Neem does cure it; but how by being under the tree can cause or cure the problem? During my study I realized that, every existence has a particular magnetic field & when we interact with others, our magnetic fields get influenced or we influence others magnetic fields. This interaction of magnetism is the key of this story. While studying the art of medical astrology I learned that, depending upon ones birth date, place, time & constellation we can find a friend tree for every individual. Later on as I went on studying, thinking & meditating upon it I realized that this friend tree of every individual has similar magnetic frequency & the tree, as we know is always a giver of 26
  28. 28. oxygen the life giving breath to us incorporates its special effects in to us. Then I tried this principle on my patients & it worked wonderfully. Let me give you some examples… One of my patients was struggling with a problem of allergic & stress induced Asthma & was not getting satisfactory results from any medication. I was very much worried about him so I made his astrological birth chart & found the friend tree for him. I advised him to spend at least 1 hour under that tree in the morning hours every day immediately after sunrise. And I was not surprised to note that his condition was improving day by day; then gradually I started reducing his medicine. After 3 months he was perfectly all right & had stopped all medicines & till now he spends time under that tree whenever possible. That was my first step in actual drugless treatment. Then I went on giving this treatment to many many of my patients with different problems like high blood pressure, insomnia, different allergies, skin problems, migraine headaches, Increased anger profile, lower abdominal pain in females, even some psychological problems like stress, anxiety, post traumatic stress, emotional disturbances etc… & I am proud to say that all my patients are happy & healthy. This way of drugless treatment to improve the quality of life is the result 27
  29. 29. of my quest & thoughts; there is no book or any material available about it. It needs to be researched very meticulously & propagated. As I understand the concept of sub health is the condition when one is not very sick, but is not perfectly healthy too. How does this condition arise? What makes people not sick but not healthy too? Lets try to understand that… SUB HEALTH CARE When we look around we see a very strange life style. We see people around us working very hard, ignoring their health, ignoring their family, their hobbies, the things they love. To make money for a greater comfort and they make good money, which is good, but the sad thing is; in the later stage of life they spend their earned fortune to restore their health, which they have lost to make that fortune. If we learn to manage both; work & health that will lead to a much fulfilled life… I remember one small story… Once two friends met after a very long time; they were classmates when young. One had become very rich & other one had remained poor. Rich one had a big expensive car & the other one used to ride an old bicycle. They were very happy to meet; the rich friend immediately took him to his big house to have lunch together. The poor friend was very much 28
  30. 30. under awe of his big house, servants, big car, etc… The meal served in his honor was full of many delicacies, starting from choicest soups to different vegetables to choicest fruits & desserts, but the rich man choose only bland soup & simple rice. His poor friend was very surprised, he asked him that in spite of all these wonderful foods why he choose such a non tasty meal which we poor are subject to? The rich friend said “Dear friend I will give up any thing to have such a delicious meal on this table but I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes & a heart condition so as to avoid ill health & early death I have to eat this simple bland food only which my doctor recommends. So the poor friend was thinking; what is the use of such wealth? I can’t eat such wonderful food because I can’t afford it as I am poor & he can’t afford it in the fear of ill health. At least I have my health but this poor rich man doesn’t have that too; what’s the use of such wealth, which you yourself can’t enjoy it? So dear friends in order to earn good wealth we should maintain good health & also learn the art of spending; then only one can enjoy ones wealth with good health. We have two concerns about our health; physical health & psychological health. And both are the creation of our unhealthy life styles. 29
  31. 31. Statically data allover world says that life style disorder is the biggest factor creating sorrow, pain & suffering. Little modification in our life style can bring good health, wealth & greater happiness to us. Now let us understand health first. Health is complete harmony between our body & mind. Whenever there is a conflict, there is disharmony. Our mind is using the body for its purpose of learning & expressing, but when body does not follow mind; the conflict begins. Minds wants us to follow nature, be one with the nature, work till you are tired & sleep or rest when tired but usually we don’t follow that. Either we work too less or too much & we don’t rest enough. Lack of rest or too much rest will disturb the proper functioning of mind. It is very interesting to know that the 80% of our health problems originate in our mind (psychological problems) & 20% are organic problems. Our psychological problems have the origin in our thinking pattern; we lack the ability to self-love. We do not love ourselves, how can we love others? We feel misplaced & try to pretend to love our surrounding. We look in to the mirror every day but we don’t smile truly to ourselves. We do not look what we have but always look for what we think we don’t 30
  32. 32. have. We forget that I am beautiful or handsome but try to compare to the thing which others think good. We forget to live for our self but try to live for others & when every body else is living for every body else without knowing what others want we become miserable & make others miserable too. How many people look in to their eyes in the mirror? All this negativity about our self we start getting stressful for nothing, as we believe we are living for others we involve in expectations which are rarely fulfilled, then we feel that no one understands us, we feel lonely, uncared. We forget our duty & responsibility & start blaming others for our failures. We work more for the approval by others. And I think this is the main thing leading us to condition called sub health; for which drugless way to treatment is the best suitable. How & why? Lets look in to it. Regarding the general healthcare phenomenon we must thank to the modern medical sciences & the technological advancements they have made. It has helped us for relieving from the crucial body problems. Many diseases, which required a very long time to cure in ancient healing systems, modern medical science has managed to reduce that time 31
  33. 33. considerably. But this modern science is also still very primitive, still very young it has yet to develop many techniques. So far we know of around 25 to 30 thousand known health problems & unfortunately the modern medical science has managed to establish complete cure for only few 100 problems. They & we still have to go a long way. It is very interesting to know that there is no much difference between modern med. Science & the natural medicine like TCM & Ayurveda from India. The source of medicine remains same in all the systems of medicines. Whichever system one follows, the sources only three. 1: Herbs (botanical) 2: Animal source & 3: soil (mineral source). Even the synthetic chemicals have to be derived from these sources. One thing is for sure that nothing in this world is manmade; everything is made by nature we only find it that’s why we call it Discovery, which means that the thing was already there but was under cover & a scientist managed to open that cover so we could see it & so we call it discovery. Similarly Research means the thing, which is already there but lost, & we are trying to find it again. Let me give you an example of a same source of medicine; there is one tree called Cinchona otherwise known as China tree, it has anti malarial 32
  34. 34. properties. If we take the bark of it in powder form or tea form it’s an herbal medicine for malaria & if we take extract of it & derive a chemical called Chloroquin from it then it’s a modern medicine for malaria. So there should be no conflict between modern & natural medicines; they are originated from the same source. Therefore combining them together should pose no problem but rather benefit the humanity. One of the problems with modern medicine is the specialization or super specialization of the Doctors; as they specialize in one system of the body or one organ of the body they gather more & more knowledge about less & less of the body. Like an eye specialist who knows more about the eye & little less about the whole body; so they fail to get the whole picture. So it is possible that while treating the problem of one organ they may create problem for another organ or the body itself. The modern medicine can treat problems related to body only & not of mind which we call psychological problems. Though there is a science for psychology in medicine but so far they have not been able to understand it clearly because of its non-matter state. At the physical level modern medicine is a replacement therapy; when whatever required is not present in the body or deficient it is being replaced by chemical supplements whereas in the natural system of medicine we try to incite the body organs, which produce that lost or deficient substance. 33
  35. 35. Modern medicine inhibits the natural process of functioning of body whereas natural system of medicine promotes the natural functioning of body. Modern medicine due to chemicals harms the natural immunity (disease fighting ability) whereas natural system helps in building the immunity. Modern medicine always has adverse effects but the natural system seldom has adverse effects. There is a difference of approach in these two systems; modern medicine looks at the suffering body as an object whereas we natural system followers look at it a suffering life & not as an object. They are concerned only with body & we are working for mind body balance. So far so much for the body problems, now let us look at mind problems. In my clinical practice of Psychological counseling I try to treat patient without medicine, as these are problems of mind & not of body. Therefore I strongly believe in drugless way of treatment. The more frequently used drugless way by me is Music therapy & Painting therapy. MUSIC THERAPY Music therapy is a established mode of using music therapeutically. Music therapy helps in assessing emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication abilities, and cognitive skills through 34
  36. 36. musical responses; design music sessions for individuals and groups based on the patient needs using music improvisation, music listening, song writing, lyric discussion, music and imagery, music performance, and learning through music; ongoing evaluation, and follow up. Children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly with mental health needs, developmental and learning disabilities, Alzheimer's disease and other aging related conditions, substance abuse problems, brain injuries, physical disabilities, and acute and chronic pain, including mothers in labor are few of the people who can benefit most from it. The history of music therapy dates back to ancient times. In India & China we have music for every occasion why do we play music to celebrate something? Because, particular type of music helps un enhancing our sense of well being. Similarly on sad occasions particular type of music helps us to gather courage to face the sad situation. Why warriors were accompanied with drums & trumpets since ancient times? To give them moral boost & dedication to fight. We should remember that whenever we are distressed or sad or not in mood, music comes very handy to set things right. In the community of tribal people, music is the integral part of their 35
  37. 37. healing methods. If we look around we will find that nature itself is playing constant music for all; listen to the music of river flowing, wind blowing, water falls, music of leaves with wind as if leaves are clapping. Therefore music therapy is not a new way … The idea of music as a healing influence, which could affect health and behavior, is at least as old as Buddha & Dao. The recent advent of music as a healing tool began after World War I and World War II when community musicians of all types, both amateur and professional, went to Veterans hospitals around the country to play for the thousands of veterans suffering both physical and emotional trauma from the wars. The patients' remarkable physical and emotional responses to music led the doctors and nurses to request the hiring of musicians by the hospitals. There is a very common misunderstanding that the patient has to have some particular music ability to benefit from music therapy – that’s not true one doesn’t need any knowledge of music to benefit from it. There is no such thing as a particular style of music for healing; all styles of music can be useful in effecting change in a person’s life. The individual's preferences, circumstances and need for treatment, and the persons goals help to determine the types of music may be used in the therapy. Healthy individuals can use music for stress reduction via active music making, such as playing an instrument; as well as passive listening for 36
  38. 38. relaxation. Music is often a vital support for physical exercise. Music therapy during labor and delivery yields excellent result. Pregnancy is a normal part of women's life cycles music listened by mother during pregnancy may have a profound effect on the child. Music can be used in general hospitals to: alleviate pain in conjunction with anesthesia or pain medication: elevate patients' mood and counteract depression; promote movement for physical rehabilitation; calm or sedate, often to induce sleep; counteract apprehension or fear; and lesson muscle tension for the purpose of relaxation, including the autonomic nervous system. Music therapy allows persons with mental health needs to: explore personal feelings, make positive changes in mood and emotional states, have a sense of control over life through successful experiences, practice problem solving, and resolve conflicts leading to stronger family and social relationships. PAINTAING THERAPY. Painting therapy is little less explored field. The premise of this therapy is based on the need of expression. In music therapy we have surrogate expressing by listening to music & identifying with it. Whereas in painting therapy a person gets an opportunity for creative expression. 37
  39. 39. It is my realization that any thought manifesting in the mind is basically seeking a expression other wise though will not occur. When we express our thoughts; the purpose of thought is over & it slowly fades in the memory. But problem occurs when any thought remains unexpressed. These unexpressed thoughts in an attempt to manifest find that the person doesn’t wish to express them, as these thoughts may be perceived as not good, unhealthy or unpleasant. Then these thought start manifesting in the form of physical ailments, which we call psychosomatic disorders. Intestinal ulcers are a classic example of psychosomatic health condition due to suppression of thoughts. Similarly we see lot of persons with psychosomatic body pains. In such conditions I have seen that painting therapy allows a creative expression & hence alleviating the symptoms of psychosomatic problems. In painting therapy a person is given freedom to choose colors of his liking & freedom to draw any thing. His choice of colors & drawn painting aide in diagnosis as well as it being his expression, he gets the satisfaction of expression. 38
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