Using final cut pro


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Using final cut pro

  1. 1. Editing in Final Cut
  2. 2. Uploading footage I uploaded all my footage into i-Movie which I have print-screened below. I was able to highlight the footage I wanted and drag it into a new project. The clip playing is a c/u of the poster matching when Craig announces the band matching sounds and visuals.
  3. 3. I-movie to Final Cut Initially, I intended to use i-movie and had placed the clips in order. However, I thought I might try uploading the footage onto a more professional editing software that was installed in the Mac called Final Cut. It was new software to me but I was able to gain help from youtube videos and assistance from peers. I was simply unable copy the footage onto Final Cut Pro. This meant I had to imported the footage from the external hard-drive I then referred back to i-Movie to get the same clips which was a long process. I changed some of my original ideas. <ul><li>Using i-Movie has not been a waste of time as I now know the order of sequence I want the clips to be used on the timeline in Final Cut. I think Final Cut will benefit me more as it has a greater variety of editing techniques than i-movie and is a lot quicker to select footage as all you have to do is mark and mark again and the section you want is highlighted. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Using Final Cut The programme is lay out with split screens. The screen on the right shows the original footage and the screen on the left shows the edited version. To select the footage you simply mark the section you want by the icon below the footage it appears in the right screen. To then add it I dragged it onto the time line making sure the arrow is down wards. This means the previous footage will not go out of sequence. I was able to move it slightly to the right and left by the [] icon on the Mac. I used this so that the cut would be on the beat matching Goodwins Principles. <ul><li>In order to fit Goodwins principles that cuts are on the beat I modified the speedof clips for example the clip of the bass player. </li></ul>
  5. 5. I re-framed a shot as it had too much movement. The clip was the shot of a man looking at the camera then left taken from the fancy dress gig. This was a long process I did by expanding the picture to reduce the effect of movement by 50%.
  6. 6. Brightness and Colour adjustment I changed the brightness of the shot of the zoom in of the poster with the artist to add colourisation to my video. I did this by clicking: <ul><li>Window-Arrange-Colour Correction
  7. 7. Image control-glow control </li></ul>
  8. 9. More editing Techniques <ul><li>In the section of the song where it slows down I did a cross dissolve. This means one shot dissolves int another. I also slowed down the pace of the shot to add a more deluded effect. </li></ul>
  9. 10. <ul><li>I originally storyboarded a shot of a collage of posters to show the bands name then i would zoom in and zoom out slowly. However, this shot would be too long so I decided to use a editing technique on Final Cut called 'Overlay'. This allows me to have the clip of Craig introducing the band with the clip of the 'Shabby Tinkerz' poster over the top. This applys Goodwins lyrics (craig) matching the visual of the poster. I dragged the clip I wanted on top and placed it in the timeline above then clicked on 'Toogle Clip Overlay' which adds a black bar to the clip which can reduce the opacity of the Shabby Tinkerz poster.  I decided to slowly fade in the clip from 0-50% which then remains on the screen for a short duration then fades back to 0%. </li></ul>  I was able to use this after watching a Youtube video online
  10. 11. The image below shows the overlay clip.