Making ancillary


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Making ancillary

  1. 1. The Making of the Ancillary Task
  2. 2. Research into Conventions of C.D covers Dvd's or digipaks are an important product to the artist and the way that they are represented. The essential information that is expected to be included on a dvd/digipak are: Artists name Album name Image/Motif of artist Rating Track listing
  3. 3. A template showing a album layout Front Cover Inside Cover This is 4 Panel Digi-Pack template which I will present my ideas for my album cover. The pictures I took in the Antique shop I will use. I think having a photo of the artists as a 'star image motif' is more effective album cover than animation style album cover as consumers want to see what the artist/band look like.
  4. 4. Front Cover Ideas As previously mentioned on my video I was inspired by Blur's album of a collage of four Images. Three of the four images were taken on the balcony staircase and the bottom image was taken in the attic floor of the shop. The images show both lead vocalists giving a fair representation of the band. The mise-en scene is matched by the clothing of clothing of the artists.
  5. 5. Collage Idea Continued... To make this collage look more like an album cover I need to include a font that will relate to the band name creating Brand identity The font for the album is important as bands usually remain with the same font in each single/album they release. I was inspired by Rizla packet that I saw at the gig I like the distinctive and instantly recognisable font that Rizla use. I was able to create a similar font on-line on I was then able to edit the colours in Paint and add the Fresh and 'Urban Dub Culture' text. Although I couldn't get the same blue and packaging effect I am pleased with the results. I decided to put 'Fresh' as it is their first ablum and the tear in the corner matches the name 'Shabby'. This is the logo I have used on the reverse of the album I decided to have text instead of the initals of Hat Factory Records. The font I used from Word but I decided to merge the T and the F for a twist. The red text was based on the red floresent signs that appear in dinner type places. They are bold and striking. I decided to put Records in the red as it is the main focus of what the company stands for selling 'records'.
  6. 6. This is the cover with the font ontop of the album cover. I dont think this works as ab album cover.
  7. 7. Second Front Cover Idea This is another idea I had I think the artist name looks better placed at the top. I like the scope of this image however, I do not like the fact that craig is not in the picture. However, the album uses voyeurism of the lead vocalist which is successful for selling.
  8. 8. Creating the Label First idea: I have always found neon signs a good form of advertising. Although it is often used in cafe's but I think creating the font for the label the band will be signed to will work effectively This is what I created on Paint. . Second Idea: As the label is named Hat Factory a hat seems an obvious idea. The image is more a logo with the initials. This however is not as effective as it is not clear what HFC stands for which isnt good branding
  9. 9. I am having difficulties in deciding a final logo for 'Hat Factory Records' label I have created. I think to overcome I will hand out a questionnaire to peers with the following images and asking them for their preference on a scale of 1-10. Overall, respondents found the second a better font style for my artist to be signed with. 4 out of 10 proffered the hat as it was a logo style. However, it is a logo for the band I need to create.  Deciding the label Font
  10. 10. The end product is a combination of the original hat logo and a neon red sign. The simple colour scheme of red, black and white is effective. The Final Product
  11. 11. Making the inside cover This print screen shows a fraction in time of the difficult panel of the album cover. I decided to keep the theme of tobacco and use a cigarette ash-tray. The collage idea could be used inside as well The burgundy colour I will keep throughout to create a 'house colour'. The quote from the track I used is my favourite lyric and suing quotes in albums has been used in albums such as Oasis. Rock and Roll albums often feature everyday objects such as wine bottles and cigarettes as a type of life-style. The quote used matches the image as cigarettes are ugly and 'distasteful to others.
  12. 12. Reverse of Album I knew as soon as I looked through the pictures I wanted this as the reverse of my digi-pack. The stairs central to the photo were perfect for putting the track listings on. The only thing I had to crop was a sign for licensing purposes.
  13. 13. Other factors I considered It was important to include this logo for legal reasons. Some of the content contains lyrics about drugs and sex so audiences must be within the age restriction.
  14. 14. Making the C.D in Serif I had to make the image in Circular shape to look realistic As a C.D.