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  • Here is my magazine next to other professional magazines.I based my magazine on Q magazine and tried to keep the colour scheme similar of black, grey, red and white. The layout is similar in terms of the Gutenberg diagram and most information is placed down the left third.Similar selling lines in same place.Image and placement are like the magazine with Madonna on.
  • My contents page with a contents page of Q magazine.Similar layout and house style.Colours are the same and consistent on both.Page numbers on caption next to picture. Issue date at the top on both.
  • Here is my double page spread with a double page spread from Q magazine. The layout is very similar with text on the left and a close up shot of the main image on the right which is facing towards the text. The titles are very large taking up the top left hand side of the page which is very eye catching.Both use a similar colour scheme which relates to the magazine.
  • A medium of shot the main image is used and placed on the left hand side of the page. Here direct mode of address is used so the model is starring out at the audience which makes it more interactive. Masthead is large and easy to read. Shallow depth of field is used. Effects of it relate to the magazine style.In terms of the Gutenberg diagram, main cover lines down left third. Selling lines across the top and bottom of the page where alliteration is used.Buzz words ‘free’ ‘exclusive’ and ‘loudest’.List of lots of celebrity singing artists which would make the audience want to read the magazine.Rhetorical question to interact.Statistics are used. Dominant contrast used to stand out.Colour scheme of: red, black, grey and white –relates to genre of magazine which is R’n’B.
  • Medium shot of main image- background darkened and blurred, person lighter to stand out.Smaller images of other artists featuring- two long shots used but from different angles- (straight on and birds eye) eye contact not used by these only for main image to show importance of it. Image manipulation has also been used on these.Same writing and effects for title as on the front cover, contributes to house style. Lines down side and bottom to create house style and make it look more professional. Everything split into sections making it clear and easy to read. In terms of the Gutenberg diagram, most information down left third.Consistent text font is used throughout.Issue date at the top of the page so people know it is up to date.
  • Main title used is same on other pages, this would make the magazine flow and look professional. I also contributes to the house style like the lines on the side and bottom of the pages do. Close up shot of main image is used to stand out and show who the article is about. Direct mode of address is not used as the main image is looking at the text which indicates you to read it. Image manipulation used as image has been lightened to stand out.The article is a question and answer article about Rihanna’s music career so far which starts with a small introduction.A pull quote is used to make it look professional and emphasise the point.Lots of effects are used on the large text to make it eye catching for the reader and the whole page stand out and look good.Song lyrics from Rihanna’s newest song are placed on the page to make it seem up to date.The page number is at the bottom like on other pages.
  • Main artist featured is Rihanna.She is highly qualified solo artist who has achieved lots in the past 5 years. Very inspirational and a great role model for teenagers as she has a good press and is someone you would like to be like.She is adored by both male and females which means my magazine would have a wider target audience and would appeal to both genders.She is also loved my younger children and her music is also enjoyed by people in the older category.
  • Here are the main features on each of my pages. This clearly shows the social groups who would be interested in my magazine. People who like to be up to date with the latest celebrity gossip from artists would be interested in my magazine.You can clearly see my magazine would represent fashionable people who are interested in R’n’B music and like to know what is going on with their lives. The colours are consistent and would be appropriate for both males and females and contribute to the R’n’B genre. These celebrities used fit in well with the genre of my magazine and would appeal to my target audience.
  • My media product is based on ‘Q’ magazine who is distributed by Bauer. Bauer media publishes and distributes ‘Q’ ‘Kerrang’ and ‘Mojo’. IPC media distributes ‘NME’ magazine. However ‘NME’ isn’t as successful and popular as ‘Q’ magazine. IPC also distributes a range of other successful magazines however has more of a specific audience. I would therefore use Bauer media to distribute my product as it is a well known and dependable company that has distributed many other successful magazines. It targets a wider audience range which is think would be suitable for my product.
  • The target audience for my product would be mostly females aged 16-19, however it would appeal to both genders as the artists featuring in it attract both males and females. Sociable people who enjoy going to gigs and finding out about them.Enjoy keeping up with the latest gossip about people in the music industry today. Interested in what music is best right now and who is topping the charts.
  • These are the artists who will feature in my magazine.This shows the specific audience and what they are interested in.It shows they are in to young hip hop R’n’B artists.
  • I used a colour scheme of black, grey, red and white which creates dominant contrast to attract the audience. Also contributes to the house style making it look fluent and well presented.Bold text stands out of the page and is very eye catching. It makes the magazine look more professional and interesting.Variety of images so it wasn’t just plain but you got to see different artists and from different shots. Would address a wider audience as can see males and females. Image manipulation has been used to create a better visual image for the audience.Direct mode of address is used to get the audience involved with the magazine and make them feel they are meant to read it as the image is staring out at them.
  • To address my target audience I did a questionnaire where I found out that 64% of people prefer the R’n’B genre of a music magazine, this is why I did my magazine R’n’B. I also found out that Rihanna was their favourite female solo artist and JLS was their favourite band. Therefore I used Rihanna on my front cover and as the main person throughout my product as I knew this would be appealing. I then also used a coverline about JLS on my front cover to appeal to my audience. I based my magazine on ‘Q’ magazine as 50% of the people I questioned said that they prefer to read ‘Q’ magazine to any of the others. This therefore would make my product more popular.
  • In making my product I used adobe photoshop. On this programme I learnt how to do many different edits in order to make the magazine look professional. I manipulated the images making them more effective and eye catching. I also used this to construct my product and put the pages of the magazine together. Blogger was used to upload my work onto a blog on the internet in which the examiner can go onto and read all the work.Dafont is a website which I used for the majority of the text for my product. I used it in making my masthead and for the coverlines. It made the text more eye catching and the product looked better and of a higher standard. I was then able to go onto the website again and use the same text for each title in order to make the house style fluent.
  • Looking back at my ancillary project, I feel I have learnt a lot about the construction of a magazine and how to make it look more professional. My front cover has improved as the image is clearer and cut out neater. The cover lines are also better and it flows more like a real magazine would. I looks much more appealing and I have used ‘dafont’ in order to have a wide range of text styles on the magazine. The contents page is much better. For my ancillary project it didn’t really look much like a contents page as it didn’t have much style and looked more like a poster. However now it looks more like a professional magazine contents page. Everything if split into sections making it easier to read. I have also taken all the pictures and manipulated them myself in order to make them stand and be more appealing as oppose to taking them off the internet. I think my front cover and contents page look much better on my final product as oppose to my ancillary project.
  • Evaluation presentation

    1. 1. Media Product<br />Evaluation<br />
    2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?<br />
    3. 3.
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Front cover<br />Masthead<br />Selling line<br />Shallow depth of field<br />Price<br />Buzz word<br />Direct mode of address<br />Statistics<br />Gutenberg diagram: information down left third<br />Serious facial expression<br />Names of celebrities in the magazine<br />Medium shot of main image<br />Alliteration<br />Main cover line<br />
    6. 6. Contents page<br />Issue date<br />Title<br />Main content down left third- Gutenberg diagram<br />Direct mode of address<br />Main image- medium shot<br />Split into different sections<br />Tells audience page number<br />Celebrity information<br />Smaller images of other artists featuring<br />Fluent house style <br />Page number<br />
    7. 7. Depth of field effect<br />Main title<br />Introduction to article<br />Song lyrics<br />Close up shot of main image<br />Image turned to face words<br />Question and answer article<br />Pull quote<br />Page number<br />Lines contribute to house style<br />Dressed in black: dominant contrast<br />
    8. 8. How does your media product represent particular social groups?<br />Rihanna is main artist featured:<br /><ul><li> Highly qualified
    9. 9. Inspirational
    10. 10. Role model for teenagers
    11. 11. Adored my both males and females</li></li></ul><li>Contents<br />Front cover<br />Double page spread<br />
    12. 12. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?<br />Q<br />MAGAZINE<br />BAUER<br />
    13. 13. Who would be the audience for your media product?<br />16 - 19<br />Girls<br />&<br />Boys<br />
    14. 14.
    15. 15. How did you attract/address your audience?<br />Colour Scheme:<br /> Black Grey Red White<br />Bold text:<br />Variety of images:<br />Direct mode of address:<br />
    16. 16.
    17. 17. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?<br />Adobe Photoshop<br />Blogger<br />Dafont<br />
    18. 18. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?<br />