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Question Three


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Question Three

  1. 1. Audience Feedback Getting feedback from our audience was one of the most helpful tools during our research and planning. This is because the video has to sell to the targetaudience, so every choice we made we had to take the audience into consideration. The best way to make sure we catered our video to our audience, was to find out what they liked. In order to find this out, we felt we had to make it interesting in order for theaudience to want to take part, as we all know research and surveys can be boring! We figured the best way to interact with the teenage audience we were targeting was via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.We decided Twitter was more appropriate as it is easier to share things, as tweets can be RT’ed by a follower to all of their followers etc. We constructed a questionnaire to gather primary information about our audience, and used poll’s on our blog as they were less time consuming but still gave us enough information about what the audience wanted.
  2. 2. Why was feedback important? The questionnaire was the most important part of primary research as it helped us to discover who our target audience was and what they wanted. We took note of whether the audience preferred performance or narrative based videos, and also slow or fast song. We used this as a template for our music video treatment and ideas. The poll was to get an idea of the music genre, as it was not asked in the survey, we gave examples So that it was clearer to the audience, therefore Easier to gain feedback. The results for the poll took us surprise as the second most popular answer was Rock/indie music. I feel we would have struggled with this music genre, as we are not as familiar with it as the other genres, and so our video may not have turned out as well as it did. We used quick cuts and flashing lights to give of a party vibe, as we felt this matched the dance music genre, catering to our audience. What we thought of the feedback..
  3. 3. The reason we chose the song tik tok is because Through getting feedback we learned how it was the most popular choice among our important social media can be when audience. This suggested to us that our digipak researching. Our target audience was would be a success as it appeals to fans of the teenagers, and one of their biggest pastimes is artist, which clearly our audience are, judging social networking. This enabled us to share by the poll results. effectively through RT’s and Trends, as well as Had we have chosen a song that was less collecting views from the demographic easily. popular with our audience, it would not have We were able to compare the amount of RT’s to been as succesfull as less people would watch it get an overall result of which song the audience when it was released, and therefore less sales preferred, we increased the reliability of these for the digipak. results by doing a poll as well. How the feedback influenced our songThe use of social media in feedback.. choice..