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  2. 2. AIM AND PURPOSEThe aim and purpose of this slideshow is to outline my threedifferent music magazine ideas, which are indie, 90’s rock,and punk rock.In this slideshow, I am going to highlight my initial ideas andplans for my magazine, and what each one will consist of.After showing this slideshow I hope to have a clear idea ofwhat will be the best idea for my music magazine.
  3. 3. IDEA ONE; INDIE• For this idea, the target audience will be men and women aged 14 – 24 who are students, aspiring artists or the working class. Music they would be into would be artists such as Alt J, Paloma Faith, Two Door Cinema Club and Noah and the Whale.• The color scheme would be quite simple with black, greys and whites with one stand out colour such as orange. The font would be bold and stand out. Due to the target audience and the type of magazine, it would have informal and sarcastic language.• Features included would be new artists, reviews and “in the studio” pieces. Images used would be from photo-shoots and live photographs.
  5. 5. IDEA TWO; 90’S ROCK• The target audience would be men and women – mainly men – aged 16 – 40, who are students, musicians and working class. Musical interests for the target audience would be artists such as Nirvana, Guns N Roses, Green Day and Peal Jam.• The colour scheme would be quite dark to suit the genre, with colours such as greys, khaki and red. The font would be messy and rough such as a graffiti style or stencil. The language used would be informal and humorous.• Features that it would include would be reviews, timelines, and comeback interviews. Images would be live shoots, location shoots and “archive” images.
  6. 6. FONT AND TITLEIDEAS dirt ________________ STRIP
  7. 7. IDEA THREE; PUNK ROCK• The target audience for this magazine would be both men and women aged 14 – 22, who are students. Artists they would be interested in would be Lower Than Atlantis, We Are The Ocean, Sleeping With Sirens and All Time Low.• The colour scheme would be quite bold and stand out, with greens or reds. The font would be modern and fun such as 3D or a shaped title. The language would be simple and sarcastic with the use of slang to appeal to the target audience.• Features would included would be, on tour features, new bands, flash backs and what to expect in 2013. Images would be fan images, promotional shoots, and live shoots.
  9. 9. PEERS FEEDBACKOverall, the 90’s Rock magazine seems to be most popular,with three out of five preferring it. The font styles overall weremore popular as well, with dirt being the most popularoverall.The feedback I got for the age range for the 90’s Rockmagazine is that the age range needs to be changed to 20’s –40’s, although this feedback was not popular.My indie magazine idea got two votes, With Alt. being chosenas the best name, but HYPE being the best font.The Punk – Rock magazine idea was not chosen, but thefeedback I got on the font was that they were a bit plain andflat, with being too flat and not really fitting thegenre.
  10. 10. FINAL DECISIONAfter the responses I got from people, I have decided to do a90’s Rock magazine. I have decided to keep the targetaudience and age range from 16 – 40.The font I have decided to use is is dirt orsomething similar as it was the most popular, and I will mostlikely keep with the same title.I will chose a red, black and white colour scheme as it goeswith the title and the genre.