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Research for Shooting


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Research for Shooting

  1. 1. Research Alice Sophie Turrell
  2. 2. In terms of hair and makeup, this only applies to the three girls as you will not be able to see the murderers face due to the fact he will be wearing a mask. However his hair could potentially be seen. These two images show rough ideas of how I plan on the three girls hair and make up to look. As they would be tired after having a long day, they would look tired and have little make up on as well as messy hair, maybe loose or in a rough ponytail. As the plot goes on though they would get messier due to being dragged or fighting for their lives which would mean they look dirtier, and would certainly have cuts, bruises and be covered in blood. Hair and Make up
  3. 3. These two images give me ideas on how to have the male murderers hair if the mask does not cover it. Basically, it will be short to mid length, messy and greasy giving the indication that he is generally a dirty person.
  4. 4. Due to the fact the three girls would have spent the day exploring and walking round fields and forests, they would look dressed for that – so comfortable outdoors, warm clothing such as Converse or walking boots, jeans, t shirt and a hoodie or jacket which is similar to the top image. However, due to the circumstances, they may have taken off their jackets to sleep on, and so by the time they get taken they may be just in vest and jeans – such as the bottom image. Another factor to consider is their struggle and the torture that will occur. This means that due to being dragged, hit, stabled, fighting for their lives etc. their clothes would be even more dirty, blood stained and torn. Costumes
  5. 5. These two images give me ideas on what the murderer will wear. As I want his identity to be kept secret, I want him to wear a mask. After considering different options, I have decided to use a gas mask. In terms of clothing, he needs to look rough and messy. He also needs to be wearing quite heavy clothing. To achieve this, I want to use a dark coloured boiler suit, old jacket and black boots such as Doc Martens – similar to the above image.
  6. 6. Due to my film being a horror/slasher film, I need to include various different props to give it a realistic effect and because they are crucial to the plot. • Body bags • Rope • Fake blood • Knifes • Baseball bat • Chainsaw • Tools – i.e. pliers, hammer, spanner • Torches • Vodka bottle Props
  7. 7. I actually found my location before I started writing the plot so I could ensure the story works well without limitations from the location. To do this I looked at two different locations that are accessible and derelict. I chose the location for various reasons. Such as location, buildings, accessibility and pond/flooded area. Locations