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Planning for shoots etc

  2. 2. LOCATION My original location in North Weald got permantly fenced up, making it impossible to access even with permission due to health and safety issues. I have now changed it to a location I have previously used on a photo shoot. Although this has meant changing my plot and trailer plans slightly to fit around the new location, it has positive points as well such as easier access, have contact details to get hold of owner, and safer. This new location is an abandoned Motel in Takeley, with an adjacent restaurant. As I have previously shot at the location before I know it better giving me more ideas for shooting there. The location also has more covered up buildings which allows me to continue filming even in harsh weather and will be better for plot.
  3. 3. LIGHTING The lighting I want to use for my filming is quite dim, but at the same time harsh to make sure its not too light to give it a mysterious, dark feeling, but bright enough for to be able to see what is happening clearly. Some lighting inspiration I have got is from the Hostel movies, as they have a similar indoors set up with no windows and similar theme of torture and gore. However, this has been the main problem throughout my planning, no matter what location as the majority would be shot at night meaning that it would be very dark and a light source would be needed. As well as inside, there will be no light due to the location being boarded up. I have managed to get hold of a petrol power generator and some lighting to use which will be powerful enough to light the areas needed. The only problem there could be is if the lighting is too harsh which would contradict the horror themes. or there is noise complaints from the generator. If this happens, I have got candles that would work in lighting inside areas and also give a slightly more creepy effect.
  4. 4. PROPS There are quite a few props I am going to use that are typical of the horror genre, and more specifically the slasher genre. These include; • Axe • Chainsaw • Knifes • Table • Rope • Fake blood
  5. 5. COSTUME The costume for the three main girls, and the dead girls is simple – just plain comfy clothes that you would wear when spending the day outside walking, for example; a t-shirt, hoodie, jeans and converse. This helps the film look more realistic and the characters more widely relatable with a teenage/young adult age range. In terms of the murderer, the costume is more fitted specifically to the horror genre and the role of a typical horror movie antagonist. He will be wearing a boiler suit, Boots, and a mask. This relates to previous iconic horror characters such as Jason Voorhees from Friday 13th, as well as helping mask the antagonists identity. In terms of the mask, a proper store bought mask would not fit with the rough, grimy themes, and may are copies of existing horror icons. Therefore, I am using a heavy woolen sack tied round the neck with rope. This fits well with the themes of this movie and the horror genre more generally as well.
  6. 6. HAIR AND MAKEUP The hair and makeup I will be using is initially quite simple in terms of the characters have just got to look normal, and look like they would every day with simple makeup and disheveled, messy hair. As the antagonist is wearing a mask he will not need any makeup or hair done. However, as this is a horror film, special effects makeup will be used such as blood, liquid latex and prosthetics wax. As I have done similar makeup before, I know what I am going to do and how to do it, as well as what will look good – for example grazes, bruises and cuts on the victims. This makeup needs to stay consistent throughout shooting to avoid any continuity errors, so I will have to make sure that the makeup is how it should be for each individual shoot.