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  1. 1. Production Company Logos Alice Sophie Turrell
  2. 2. Slasher Films
  3. 3. The logo for this is relatively simple in comparison to other company logos such as Universal for example which uses a lot of animation. Slasher Films is a much newer, smaller production company with Nothing Left to Fear being its first film. The logo is simply the name of the company in bold writing that matches the horror genre influenced by 80’s horror that the company is for. The writing is white which stands out well against the black and keeps it simple. Visuals
  4. 4. While the logo comes up on screen, the music for the trailer continues to play. This music is quite ominous and sounds like guitars and pianos and continues throughout the trailer for Nothing Left to Fear, increasing in pace and volume with the pace of the film. The sound that interrupts the trailer when the Slasher logo comes up is a boom noise that is quite deep. This only lasts just over a second while the logo is fading onto the screen, not lasting the entire logo. This sound effect goes well with the film and logo, as it sounds quite dark which matches the horror themes of both the film and the company. Sound
  5. 5. The effects for this is quite simple, with the trailer fading to black for the duration of the production company logos (also produced by Anchor Bay Films). After the Slasher log has been showed, the clips from the film fade back. In terms of the logo itself, it fades in quite quickly and then stays on the screen for about 2-3 seconds before fading out, however slower that it faded in. This makes the logo appear for slightly longer on the screen making it more memorable. Animation
  6. 6. Screen Gems
  7. 7. Screen Gems logo is also quite simple, but still looks quite bold and eye catching. This is due to the bright blue colours used, and the glowing effect of the logo which helps it stand out more. This logo is composed of a logo and of the name of the company. The use of the logo helps the company be more memorable as there is an image to go with the name and make it more iconic. From the visuals of this logo alone, you would not decide that the trailer is advertising a horror as the colours used are more general, and bright blue isn’t a colour linked with horrors. This shows that the company caters for a range of film genres. Visuals
  8. 8. There is no sound used in this trailer solely for the purpose of the logo, instead it just used the music from the whole trailer. This works quite well as the first thing you see – except the rating – is the company logo, which is when the music starts, marking the beginning of the trailer. The music throughout the trailer matches the dark, creepy themes in the film and intensifies at the same pace of the film. Sound
  9. 9. There is strong use of animation in this trailer. Firstly, the the logo use a lot of animation. Growing and glowing slightly while it is on screen. This gives it quite a cinematic effect which makes the company logo seem more memorable and exciting. Secondly, the transitions use animation. As the logos are shown at the start of the trailer before any of the film there is not fade into black. Instead, the trailer starts of black with the logo fading in quite rapidly. It them stays on the screen with it glowing. Then, instead of fading out, there is a smooth overlap transition into the second production company logo that is used (Lionsgate Films). This transition shows Screen Gems logo fading out, and Lionsgate Films fading in at the same time. Animation
  10. 10. Lionsgate
  11. 11. The production company logo for Lionsgate is quite visual, filling up the entire space instead of just the centre like the previous two logos I looked at. The colours and textures used in this logo gives clear indication to the fact the trailer is advertising a horror film as a lot of red and black is used which connote horror themes. There textures and patterns look quite old, and firey which add a strong impact. This is quite a dramatic logo, as it starts of with very ornate doors opening to reveal flames and the name. The use of the doors makes it seem more mysterious. Visuals
  12. 12. The trailer starts with the doors opening to reveal the Lionsgate logo. As the doors open, there is some sound effects. The first one follows the movement of the doors opening, which is a low booming noise like a drum. This creates anticipation for the trailer and logo. Then, the sound following it is a shaky, ticking noise that lasts until the logo fades to black and them to the clips from the film. The music then stops for a few seconds while the clips fade in. The same ticking and booms then continue on repeat a couple of times before the pace and action increases in the trailer and the music changes. Sound
  13. 13. A lot of animation is used in this logo, giving the sense that the company is quite big and makes quite elaborate productions. The first use of animation is when the doors appear on the screen and open inwards. This creates a 3D effect and makes it appear like the viewer is being invited in to view the trailer. The next lot of animation that is used shows the red flames and clouds becoming brighter and more vivid and then fading to black. This brightness and increased colour helps to illuminate the name, and make it stand out. The flamey styles that are used add the the horror effect, therefore reflecting the films genre. Animation