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GPS Real-time Fleet Managment Solutions Brochure

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Fleetracker Software Info

  1. 1. Fleetracker AVL Control Software Potential Applications: • Real time location of vehicles • Historical vehicle movement • Monitor vehicle arrival and departure • Obtain status updates from drivers (e.g. pick-up, Delivery, etc..) • Dispatch vehicles • Monitor vehicle travelling speeds • Remote monitoring of various sensors, or signalling system (eg. Bar Code readers, The Fleetracker is a software package that is CCD Camera, temperature sensor ) used to operate and manage an AVL control center. • Mobile Data Terminals to improve This allows you to locate vehicles, manage your communications with your fleet fleet, dispatch work, and obtain report informations. • Emergency services of online response The software also enables you to configure the Benefits: mobile units installed in your vehicles. The • Improved customer service configuration options available are extensive and • Tracking of delivery progress flexible allowing you to meet the changing needs of • Improved fleet performance/utilization your business. • Reduced fleet maintenance costs • Reduced fleet operation costs Whilst the Fleetracker is very powerful in terms of • Improved communications with your fleet functionality and features, it is easy to install, user • Protect against theft and damages friendly, and open for customization. • Gain cost information Features • Extensive reporting • High performance stable and user friendly • Supports SMS, GPRS for real-time positions of the mobile units • Viewing multiple units in a single display • Trace historical data of the mobile units • Warning alerts when restrictions are violated • Activate outputs within the unit • Fully configurable features • User logon access and privilege control • Extensive reporting available • Monitor unit travelling speed • Time and distance based GPS reporting • Obtain status information from the drivers • Different icon display for dif. type of vehicle
  2. 2. Specifications Basic Editor Car Editor Driver Editor User Editor Status Editor Configuration Editor Map operation Zoom In Zoom Out Area Selection Historic Historical data track playback Monitor Type Single monitor window Multiple monitor windows Notification Enters or leaves a region Over speeding Over staying at a current location Vehicle On-line/log-off SOS warning Start/Off engine Geo-fencing By Administrative area By Coordinate Text Messaging Out Bound Messages In Bound Messages Reports Speed Exception Report Stop Duration Report Customize functions Report ex: Barcode; LCD; Thermometer; Printer; Card reader. Options Support Barcode Support LCD Support CCD camera Customize external device interface ex: Thermometer; Printer; Card reader… Operation OS: Windows 2000 Server above Environment CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.4G Hz above Memory: 1GB above H/D: 80GB above Database: MS SQL Server 2000 above Network: ADSL (512K above )
  3. 3. System Architecture GPS Fleetracker Provides processes and Massages are real-time displays the transmitted via position for information GPRS / CDMA AVL AVL Box installed in the vehicle Massage and position request is sent to AVL Fleetracker The AVL replies with the information Vehicle Telco Map Database Structure Georeferenced digital map using “Differential GPS” method to achieve up to 1m positioning accuracy on the ground. The road network covers all major roads and highways of the whole Philippines; NCR up to tertiary roads, updated 2007. Point of Interest: (1,000++ landmarks) • Restaurants • Government offices • Hotels • Gasoline stations • Fastfood • Banks • Schools • Churches • Malls • Police stations • MRT stations • Park/Recreation • Etc… Attributed Polygons • Building footprints (selected areas) • Provincial boundaries
  4. 4. • City/Municipal boundaries • Barangay boundaries for NCR We maintain Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) GPS system, and are equipped with state of the art mobile mapping system. We only use survey grade GPS instrument for reliable accuracy on our data acquisition for the continuous update of our map database. Hardware Specification General Specifications Dimensions: 127mm x 81mm x 31mm Weight: 205g Main Power Input voltage Range: DC 9V~36V Power Consumption: Standby: 900mW@DC 12V/888mW@DC 24V With GPS & GPRS on: 2.28W (190mA@DC 12V) 2.16W (90mA@DC 24V) Maximum Input Voltage: for 4 Inputs: DC 36V Open Collector Output Capacity: Max. Current- 250mA Max. Voltage DC 60V Internal Backup Battery 48Hrs Temperature Operation: -20°C to +55°C Storage: -40°C to +80°C Built-in Memory: 2 MB Flash-Memory Input Ports: 4 x Input pins-Input1 Input2, ACC (positive triggered) SOS (negative triggered) Output Ports: 3 x Output pins Serial Ports: 1 x RS-232, 1 x PS-2 IR port remote controller GPS Module Specifications Model No.: SiRF Star III Number of Chanells: 20 Protocol Support: NMEA-0183, SiRF Binary, AI3/F
  5. 5. Datum: WGS-84(default), selectable for other Datum Accuracy: 10meters at 2D RMS (Autonomous) Maximum Update Rate: 1Hz GSM Module Specifications Model No.: SIM300 Frequency bands: Tri-band- EGSM 900,DCS 1800, & PCS 1900. The band can be set by AT COMMAND, and default band is EGSM 900 and DCS 1800. Transmit power: Class 4 (2W) at EGSM900 Class 1 (1W) at DCS1800 and PCS 1900 GPRS connectivity: GPRS multi-slot class 10 GPRS mobile station class B An onboard flash memory stores Internet protocols and configuration parameters, which are independent of the host application, and can be remotely updated over the Internet from a fleetracker control center. The Unit supports setting of the following parameters: • Vehicle ID
  6. 6. • GPRS parameters • Data server connection settings • SOS phone settings to send SMS to a predefined mobile phone • GPRS or SMS tracking update rate • Geo fencing • Park mode settings • Speed limit