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Top 7 tips to avail the best features of google chromecast 2

Chromecast com setup or has told many new features about chromecast2 which were not present in Chromecast. Apart from an updated hardware, better material design along with more RAM and full HD support, it also has a variety of other features, which we will encounter after we set up Chromecast.

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Top 7 tips to avail the best features of google chromecast 2

  1. 1. Top 7 Tips/Tricks To Avail The Best Features Of Google Chromecast 2 WWW.GOOGLECHROMECASTSETUP.COM
  2. 2. Chromecast2 launches with a cheap price tag of $35 which is same as that of Chromecast. Also, Chromecast 2 is supported by Kodi app. Once we go through Google Chromecast setup successfully, we can download and install Kodi app. 1
  3. 3. Kodi app enables us to stream free content from the internet straight to the TV. Installing and setting up Kodi is easy. Once setup, all the video and audio content from internet can be streamed to our chromecast2. This was certainly not available on Chromecast 1
  4. 4. As explained by www Chromecast setup, this version of Chromecast is a way ahead of its predecessor. Along with being faster and better, we can also play multiplayer games on it. We can use any paired device or a gaming remote to do that. However not many games have been launched on the platform but certainly the ones which are launched are fun and easy to play. 2
  5. 5. It seems like next level of multiplayer gaming. More information can be gathered from about gaming on Chromecast. 2
  6. 6. Though there is specifically a different and cheaper hardware for streaming audio to any speakers, Chromecast can also stream audio and music on TV. Though Chromecast audio has capabilities to stream audio on any kind of speakers be it rags to lossless audio on high end speakers. 3
  7. 7. Chromecast using its present setup can stream audio to any TV it is connected to. Chromecast help can be called up if there is any problem with the streaming. We can also stream our local music to the bigger screen where Chromecast is connected. 3
  8. 8. Quality restraints too are removed in chromecast2. We can go into the settings and choose the quality of content which suits us best. If our internet is crawling, we can set the quality to as low as 360p while for a quality that doesn’t take a hit we can set 480p. For a full HD experience, we can set the quality at 720p. 4
  9. 9. Chromecast of previous version had its hidden menu which had to be accessed and it was difficult to do so. This version of Chromecast has a menu straight up and is very useful. If we are using a PC, all we have to do is open the chrome browser, go to the cast icon and select the quality in which we want to stream the content be it local or from the internet. 4
  10. 10. This version of Chromecast has ability to be controlled by a television remote. If your HDTV is HDMI-CEC compatible, its remote control can be used to stop rewind and fast forward the content of our choice. It might not work for every TV model now. 5
  11. 11. There are also other options like setting up a screensaver, changing the backdrop and much more. We can also select type of network along with wired connections. 6
  12. 12. Google Chromecast 2 is equipped with many advanced features, but in order to use them, one has to go through the depths of the device. The above-mentioned tips/tricks will help people get a better picture about the features of the device. 6
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