Never Mind The Nooboos. Part Two


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Never Mind The Nooboos. Part Two

  1. 1. In which the first five sprogs up and leave and one more child joins the happy family.
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Havar/DeMarco household for Part Two of Never Mind The Nooboos, my attempt at the 26 pregnancy challenge. This chapter was nicknamed "The Great Skill" as most of the slides are just the quads skilling. Yeah, fun times. Anyways, we all want to thank you for the great comments that the first chapter received. I was not expecting that! Cheers a bunch. Also, I'm glad that people liked my tidbits of English info. So, really, thanks a lot. P.S. Please arrest this townie for indecency. Poor Beetroot was scarred for life.
  3. 3. Firstly, I missed this out in the excitement of the birthday bonanza last time, but Regina reached her first LTW of being a World Class Ballet Dancer. Great. No. Her new LTW is to graduate 3 kids from college. AHHH! So, I will later be playing Admes and the quads through college, as it seems unfair to pick only 2 of the quads. Oh joy. I hate you Reg. 'DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!'
  4. 4. And it's straight in with a skill... Creativity. England is made up of nine Government Office Regions. They also serve as European Parliament constituencies. London South-East South West West Midlands North-West North-East Yorkshire and the Humber East Midlands East There is an unspoken (or sometimes very spoken) rivalry between North and South England. South is posh and North is not. Or so goes the stereotype. I don't know if it's true. I've never been up North. Too scary. I'm too Southern for my own good.
  5. 5. Logic. Cockneys are a strange and obscure breed. Look down. If you are covered in buttons, you're a cockney. Or a Sky remote. Either way you're probably not working. (Okay, I stole that joke from a comedian on Mock the Week, but it was too funny not to use) A cockney is a person born within earshot of the bells of St Mary-le-Bow in Cheapside, East London. The name stems from the Old English 'cocena' meaning 'cock's egg'. And they are nothing like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. That man is an arse. Ignore him and his crap accent.
  6. 6. Creativity. The counties of England are as follows; Bedforshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, County Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire (my home), Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Isle Of Wight, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire (the place I am forced by law to live until I turn 18 next month), Worcestershire, Yorkshire. Yorkshire is the largest county, and Rutland/the Isle of Wight are the smallest depending on the tide.
  7. 7. Logic. The ten largest cities in England are (at the time the book I'm using as reference was published); 1)London (duh!) 2)Birmingham 3)Leeds 4)Sheffield 5)Liverpool 6)Manchester 8)Bristol 9)Coventry 10)Leicester Okay, why are most of these cities up North? No wonder we're facing a housing shortage down south if all the houses are up there. *eye roll*
  8. 8. 'Hey Bennie. Done with your skills already?' 'No. I'm just bored.' 'You do realise that Alice will kill you if you don't get back to the' BENJAMIN HAVAR!! 'Busted.' SKILLING!!!
  9. 9. Cooking. The English are known as "The Mongrel Race", as so many different races of people call this island their home. There are eleven chief sources of the English gene-pool. It started with the Celts, the natives of England. To be continued...
  10. 10. Cooking. Next came the Germanic Tribes, aka the Anglo-Saxons. The Jutes for the Jutland Peninsula came in the late forth century. The Frisians from North Germany came in the fifth century, as did the Saxons, also from North Germany. Then came the Angles of Southern Denmark in the sixth century. To be continued...
  11. 11. Creativity. Who can forget the Norsemen? All furry and smiley with the pretty boats. There were the Vikings from Norway, Sweden and Denmark, who arrived in the ninth century. And the Normans of North France in the eleventh century. To be continued...
  12. 12. Cooking. In the eleventh century, encouraged by William the Conqueror our then king, Jews began to arrive in England to aid trade. Most were expelled in 1290 by Edward I, and they did not return in large numbers until the late 17th century (when Charles II was king). To be continued...
  13. 13. 'Wow Trixie, we get a break from skilling!' 'To sleep, Beetroot. It's not like we get to play or anything.' 'So? It's a break! A real break!' 'You're an idiot!' 'An idiot with a future!' Yeah, some of the kids will be having lives after the challenge. Admes will be giving a guided tour of the Bon Voyage destinations soon, Beetroot will have a Queen Bee Challenge and Carrie will be founding a legacy. Others will follow, but not for a while. Trixie is just green because she gets nothing but a motherloaded mansion and eternal life. 'Fine, I'll be nice.' Good.
  14. 14. Taking a well deserved break from that insane skill-a-thon, let's check in with the youngest Havar, Carrie, and her daddy Klaus. 'Where Dada gone?' She is so cute.
  15. 15. 'A he he he! Dada siwwy. Awice, look how siwwy Dada is!' Nawww! It's wrong to have favourites, but I do. Carrie is just the cutest thing ever.
  16. 16. 'Wuv Dada.' 'Love Carrie.' 'Cawwie nebber gunna leave Dada. She stay here for ebber and ebber.' 'Umm....' She is such a daddy's girl. I don't think she even remembers Regina.
  17. 17. Having fun being a kid? 'Not really. This would be much more fun if I had friends.' Whatever. You grow up soon anyways. 'Can't you give the quads an hour off to play with me?' No. 'But-' No.
  18. 18. I didn't want to do this, but Bennie snuck off from skilling again to play rock, paper, ATOM BOMB!!! 'I win again! Admes, you suck!' 'Anger. Rising. Must. Kill.'
  19. 19. Headmaster came, whooped a lot and then allowed Admes, Trixie, Bennie, Brian and Beetroot in. Major aspiration points for Regina and Klaus.
  20. 20. 'Look Alice! A point!' Cheers Admes. Cleaning. The French arrived in the seventeeth century, mostly those huguenots fleeing Louis XIV. To be continued...
  21. 21. 'Another one!' Enough, Admes. Go annoy your parents. Cleaning. (okay, I'm getting all confused now by who has what. So, if I slip up and type the same skill more than once for the same sim, forgive me. I'm a bit dim) By 1770 there were 14,000 black people in England, many of them working as servants. The first, however, were West Indian planters' slaves. Black African legionnaires manned Hadrian's wall in AD 250, though there is no evidence they remained in England. To be continued...
  22. 22. Body. Fleeing poverty and famine between 1830-1850, the Irish arrived in England. To be continued...
  23. 23. Cooking. After WW2 157,000 Poles moved to England, as their homeland was in a poor condition after Nazi rule. To be continued...
  24. 24. Body. West Indians first arrived in England in 1948, coming into Tilbury Docks on HMS Empire Windrush. To be continued...
  25. 25. Body. In the nineteenth century small scale Asian immigration started with servants and businessmen from the Indian subcontinent. This increased in the 20th century, and in 1972 over 28,000 African Asians fled to England from Uganda, expelled by Idi Amin. To be continued...
  26. 26. Charisma. Our newest import is Eastern Europeans, especially from places like Poland and Romania, causing the bigots of England to bust a lung complaining about it. Since 2004 over 350,000 have registered for work permits. And that is the Mongrel Race.
  27. 27. Body. Want to know where not to go in England if you value your life or wallet? Here are the top ten crime hotspots in England. 1)Nottingham (Ever since Robin Hood left it's been bedlam) 2)North East Lincolnshire 3)Kingston upon Hull 4)Manchester (No surprises there) 5)City of Westminster 6)Islington 7)Middlesbrough 8)Bristol 9)Peterborough 10)Liverpool (Again, no surprises there)
  28. 28. Mechanical. Not content with having one house, there are in fact 13 Royal Palaces. Greedy bunch aren't they, the monarchy? The monarch's official London residence is Buckingham Palace, and has been since 1837. Windsor Castle is the biggest occupied castle in the world. Booya! In Windsor you also have Frogmore House, the site of Queen Victoria and Albert's mausoleum. The Palace of Holyrood House is in Edinburgh, Scotland Infamous for being the place where Mrs Blair conceived one of her sons, Balmoral Castle is in Aberdeenshire. The Queen's Christmas retreat is in Norfolk, in the form of Sandringham House.
  29. 29. Clarence House, London, is the official residence of the Prince of Wales. Surely he should live in Wales, but whatever. St James's Palace in London is the sovreign's 'senior palace'. Another London palace is Kensington Palace. In Surrey there is Hampton Court Palace, which rings a bell for me, but I cannot remember why. The Banqueting Hall in London was part of the old Whitehall Palace. In Northern Ireland there is Hillsborough Castle, County Down. And the smallest Royal Palace is Kew Palace at Richmond.
  30. 30. Regina finally manages to get her gold Gardening badge. Previously the garden was Klaus's domain, but he's off elsewhere, leaving her to BECOME A BLEEDING PLANTSIM OR I KILL YOU!!! What? It could work.
  31. 31. So cute. Admes started playing piano, and Carrie went straight to him to dance. Adorable! She is my favourite, so I'm allowed to dote on her. Plus, she skills really slowly, so she wouldn't get any screentime otherwise.
  32. 32. Cleaning. I couldn't talk about England without mentioning the rain. We complain when it rains, and complain when it doesn't. Rain is England. England is rain. We are one and the same. It was said by George Axelrod that "In England all they ever do is talk about the weather. But no one does a damn thing about it". In England, the wettest month is November, with 3.4 inches of rain, while the driest months are March and June with only 2 inches. The wettest place in England is the Lake District, who get 130 inches of rain a year! Yeah, and every summer recently at least part of the country floods really badly. Fun times. For me at least, because I love puddles and rain and all that! FUN!!
  33. 33. Mechanical. Stonehenge is one of the most famous landmarks in England, and is about a stone's throw from my house. Located in the county of Wiltshire, it is a circle of stones, each weighing in at 4 tons adn dating back to 2100 BC. Somehow the stones were transported 250 miles from the Preseli Mountains in South Wales to their location in Wiltshire. Parts of the stones were scavenged for building materials in the Middles Ages, but it is now a National Heritage site.
  34. 34. Admes grows up later, so we have to fulfil a few spam wants to make sure he is plat. 'I like lemons!' Good for you kid. You know what they say. When life gives you lemons, squirt citric acid in people's eyes and take what you really want.
  35. 35. 'Hey sport.' 'Who are you?' 'Funny, Admes. Now, if you want me to buy your lemonade, be nice.' 'Yes mummy.'
  36. 36. How is it? 'Eh. It's okay.' Charming. Poor Admes.
  37. 37. But, like he cares. BIRFDAY TIEM!! 'I want a car, and a pony, and a house, and a boyfriend, and a yellow submarine...' Sweet. Wait? BOYFRIEND???
  38. 38. But, like he cares. BIRFDAY TIEM!! 'I want a car, and a pony, and a house, and a boyfriend, and a yellow submarine...' Sweet. Wait? BOYFRIEND???
  39. 39. 'See, when I was a kid, I met this boy, Alexander Goth. We got along really well...and...well...umm...' Who am I to argue with fate? Admes, you will have your wish. 'Cheers!' What a sweetie!
  40. 40. The whole family assembles to say goodbye to Admes as he heads to college with all of the skilling scholarships and the good grade one. The Havar/DeMarco Greek house is gunna be extremely well off. Admes got settled at college quickly with his sweetheart Alexander. You'll see them both again later.
  41. 41. Carrie is growing up so later after Admes, because I refused to let her grow up before she got another skill point, and she skills so slow that it was the wee hours of the morning before she was ready to age...
  42. 42. But it was so worth the wait! Hey cutie. 'Hello Alice.' Like Trixie, she has ten nice points. Oh dear. 'I like everything and everyone because they are pure awesometastic awsomeness.' And she apparently talks like I do in real life. Cooltasticness! 'Booya!' I love her!
  43. 43. Isn't this nice? Everyone skilling together. 'Alice?' Yes Beetroot. 'Why are they all staring at me?' Because you're so insanely gorgeous and they're jealous. 'Okay then.' It's true. Carrie may be cutest, but Beetroot is gunna be a knock out when she's older.
  44. 44. Cute Apartment Life interaction that everyone raves about. I could leave it as this, sweet and loving, but that's not my style...
  45. 45. 'Oi, Klaus, sniff my armpit!' Nice Genie. 'I do what I do.'
  46. 46. There is no denying that their flame still burns strong. In their hands ACR is a menace. With Admes gone, they waste no time making Baby D. 'Go, now!' Sorry.
  47. 47. 'Yum, that butler is a beast!' Pregnancy hormones cause poor Genie to go insane. 'Pregnant?' Whoops!
  48. 48. 'ALICE!!! We all got A+ today!' Great. Now get lost. I don't care. I'll just tally it for points. Now homework and then skilling!!! 'Meanie.'
  49. 49. PIRATE HEADMASTER!!! I loved him, and he betrayed me by glitching and not giving us points for a marvellous meal, meaning that Carrie did not get into school. Evil pirate headmaster.
  50. 50. Had you all forgotten about Reepie the womrat too? Well, at least Bennie hasn't. But, he is still alive, thank heavens. Reepie will still be here for baby Z. Or else.
  51. 51. YAY!!! Perma-plat Klaus! What now? 'I want to be a City Planner.' Awesome. And, as luck would have it, that job never comes up on the computer anymore. Ack!
  52. 52. And the butler started a fire, that Carrie blissfully ignores. 'You told me to clean up.' FIRE!!! Carrie, you're a bit dim, aren't you? 'Indeedaleedo.'
  53. 53. Mechanical and Bennie is the first quad to earn his freedom. In Avebury, Wiltshire, there is a stone circle from 3000BC, named the Avebury Stone Circle (inventive name). It is the largest stone circle in the world, consisting of two circles enclosed by a third, bigger circle. It encompasses 28 acres of land and part of the village of Avebury. While it may once have been made of up to a hundred stones, it now has only 27.
  54. 54. Trixie is a close second to finish with Mechanical. A ring of 38 stone boulders exists in Cumbria, known as Castlerigg Stone Circle. It is 100ft in diameter and set into the natural amphitheatre of the Keswick Hills.
  55. 55. 'So...this is being a kid then Trix?' 'I guess so.' 'It's kinda boring.' 'I know.' 'Shall we go back inside and watch the others skill?' 'Sounds like a plan.'
  56. 56. Carrie maxes her first skill, Creativity. The Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire consists of 77 weathered stones in the King's Men circle, the King's Stone and the Whispering Knights stones. Over recent centuries the King's Stones has been chipped at to make lucky charms.
  57. 57. 'KLAUS! Alice got me pregnant again.' 'You mean...they're not my kids?' 'Idiot! I mean she clicked "Try For A Baby". We already have six kids. What do we need more for!?' 'I like babies!' 'Grrr.'
  58. 58. 'Hello baby! Alice, any names planned?' Demitri for a boy, Donna for a girl. 'Nice. Hello Demitri or Donna.' I had wanted twins, a boy and a girl, to name Doctor and Donna, after Dr Who and my favourite of his companions. *pout*
  59. 59. Brian finishes up with Body . Long Meg and her Daughters are said to be a coven of witches turned to stone by the Scottish wizard Micheal Scott. It is also said that he cast another spell to make the stones uncountable, however today there is dispute that 27 remain out of what may have once been 70. Long Meg is 12 foot high red sandstone, and stands outside a circle of her "daughters".
  60. 60. 'Alice! What is it?' A pool table to replace the train set. 'Awesome!' I know!
  61. 61. As both Klaus and Regina have a lot of time off, they abuse the pool table, and not in a Romance Sim way. 'Alice!' Sorry. I have a filthy mind. What can I say?
  62. 62. 'Pouty pout.' Aww Klaus! This is why I love him. He is so uber adorable, especially when compared to Genie.
  63. 63. Don't get me wrong, Genie has her moments too. 'Oi, move that hand mister! They are for the baby!' He he he!
  64. 64. 'So, just after the baby is born the quads will be moving out, and we'll have to have more babies.' 'Klaus, stop sounding so happy.' 'I like babies.' 'Yes, I see that "Have 10 Kids" want in your panel.' 'Do you regret our kids?' 'Yes.' Nice Genie. You're lucky they're all inside skilling. 'Whatever. I don't like kids or pregnancy.' Family secondary aspiration. Who would know?
  65. 65. 'You'll eventually come to love them.' 'Hmph!' 'Look! Stars!' '*sigh* Simple minds are easily amused.'
  66. 66. Welcome to homework club. 'More like a forced labour camp.' Shh Trix. Like her mother, she is good at hiding her nice points.
  67. 67. 'So, boys, I called this meeting as I'm worried. We're the only ones so far with no real future. Admes will have a travel show with his boyfriend, Carrie gets her legacy and Beetroot is having her 60 kids in that Queen Bee thing. What do we get? Nothing.' 'Umm...Trix, I'm cool with fading into obscurity.' 'Same here Bennie. I'm happy being ignored after all those inappropriate squeals. I don't mind getting married and getting a big house.' 'Well I do! I want more and will get more!!!' 'Whatever Trix. Let's go play football Brian.' 'Right behind you Bennie.'
  68. 68. And finally Beetroot catches up with her siblings and gets her last skill, mechanical. National Character. "The English, of any people in the universe,have the least of a national character; unless this very singularity may pass for such." -David Hume, Of National Character (1742) I will be continuing to delve into the English Character, so to be continued...
  69. 69. 'The captain is home!' Since we couldn't find the job he wanted, Klaus became a Deep Sea Fisherman because it pays well. 'I like fish!' You smell like fish!
  70. 70. 'Admes! You came home!' 'Yeah, I wanted you and Mum to meet someone special before I got too caught up in my studies.' 'Who? A girl?' 'Kinda. It's my boyfriend.' 'Boy?' 'Dad? Are you okay? You're all blue in the face!' Give him a moment. He'll get over it.
  71. 71. 'Sure, that's what being gay is all about. Cross-dressing.' 'Really?' 'Dad, he was being sarcastic! Neither Alex or I wear women's clothing.' 'Well, there is that maid's uniform...' 'ALEX! Not now!' He he he!
  72. 72. 'So, will we be getting grandbabies soon?' 'MUM!' 'What?' 'Not for a while. Alex is a family sim, so wants them eventually, but first we're going to do those travel guides for Alice, and graduate college and stuff.' 'Good, I'm too young to be a grandma.' Whatever. Note how Alex has buggered off to leave his beloved at the mercy of the sharks.
  73. 73. Here we go, here we go, here we go! 'ALICE!!!' Sorry Genie. Push the sprog out. Come on! PUSH IT OUT LIKE TOOTHPASTE!! 'Stop watching Scrubs while you play!' Sorry again. I LOVE SCRUBS!!!
  74. 74. 'Kids, please tell your father that I hate him.' 'But Mum-' 'Shh...which ever one you are! TELL HIM!!!' 'It's Bennie. And yes Mum.'
  75. 75. It's another girl, little Donna, named after Donna Noble, a recent companion of Dr Who, played by one of my favourite comedy actresses Catherine Tate. My Donna is the first girl to have green eyes. She has skin tone 3 and red hair also, which is cool.
  76. 76. I thought you hated Klaus? 'Eh, if I hate him then I don't get dream dates.' Good point. They somehow manage to whack out a few dream dates while watching Donna. Poor traumatised kid.
  77. 77. So, what's the verdict? 'She's cute!' Huzzah! I can't wait until she grows up.
  78. 78. Speaking of growing up, here go the quads, ready to fly the coop and leave Regina to have moar babies.
  79. 79. Trix looks as cute as ever. 'Thanks Alice.' And seems to have found her nice points. She rolled Knowledge. 'Seems pointless now that I have all my skills maxed.' That it does.
  80. 80. Beetroot is also gorgeous. 'And brainy.' She too rolled Knowledge. 'COLLEGE!' Yes, college.
  81. 81. Benjamin turned out to be a pale clone of his mother. 'I like people!' And my introverted introvert turned out to be a Popularity sim. That's just not right. College reroll I guess.
  82. 82. And Brian was a healthy mix of both parents, though he has his mother's eyes. 'They're MY eyes!' Sorry. He rolled Family. 'I like babies!' I guess that in this family that's a good thing.
  83. 83. And off they all go to college, leaving only 4 family members behind. Kinda sad really. And this is the end of another part.
  84. 84. From left to right, back to front that is Klaus, Donna, Regina and Carrie. Points are as follows: Dream Dates: 8 (8 points) Maxed Skills: 36 (108 points) A+ Report Cards: 12 (6 points) LTWs: 2 (6 points) Family Friends: 14 (7 points) Good Birthday: 11 (11 points) Total: 146 points
  85. 85. And here are the college students. Bellatrix, Beatrix, Admes and his boyfriend Alexander Goth, Brian and Benjamin. See ya'll next time for more baby fuelled fun!