Never Mind The Legacy. Prologue


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Never Mind The Legacy. Prologue

  1. 1. Never Mind The Legacy follows the life of Carrie Havar, the sixth child of Regina and Klaus Havar. To fully understand the family ties in the legacy, I recommend reading all Havar related entries. As soon as I’m done here I’ll be adding a new post with a chronological list of Havar related posts. Reading them in order is not required, but may help.
  2. 2. ‘ Alice, why did you call us here? I thought it was agreed that we never contact each other again!’ Rolling her chocolate eyes, the Witch, Alice, smiles at the irate Lycan. ‘I know, Jennifer. But this is important.’ ‘ It had better be,’ a pale, red eyed man grumbles, crossing his arms over his chest. ‘I came all the way from Romania to be here.’ ‘ Vlad, darling, do I ever disappoint you?’ the Witch asks, winking. ‘This is a matter of great importance, something that I cannot handle on my own. You all know I’d never call you for something that didn’t require you, would I?’ Grudgingly the entire party agrees.
  3. 3. ‘ So, what is it?’ asks Alice’s sometimes husband, Cubone. Xaviar’s eyes widen and the Plantsim chuckles. ‘Not even Cubone knows?’ Prettily Alice pouts. ‘I didn’t tell anyone yet!’ Her eyes flash dangerously. ‘Can I get on with it now, or does anyone else want to question my motivation for gathering you all here?’ Chuckling, Xaviar gestures for her to continue, before turning to Cubone and stage whispering, ‘I don’t envy you that spit fire. My wife is handful enough, and yet Alice makes her look as obedient as a good hound.’
  4. 4. Narrowly he ducks the vase that is sent flying at his head. ‘ You guys are jerks! Cubone’s lucky to have me!’ Hands on hips she burns the crowd with a fiery stare. ‘The Fates are playing again!’ That silences them all. Eyes widen and jaws drop.
  5. 5. ‘ You’re sure?’ Pepper asks, the first to compose herself. Sadly Alice nods to the Clairvoyant. ‘I’m sure. Last week I had to undertake the first of my biyearly visits to the Otherplace.’ ‘ Huh?’ Xaviar grunts, cocking his head. ‘What are you talking about?’
  6. 6. Alice sighs and sits back down. ‘I forgot that you haven’t been with us that long. The terms of my immortality are that twice a year I must spend a week in the Otherplace.’ ‘ Otherplace?’ ‘ The realm of the Gods and Goddesses. It’s split into three main layers. Above, where the Gods live. Below, where the Dead and their Gods live, and the Fates work there too. And then there’s the bit where Dreams are made. I have to go there and work, basically.’ ‘ Like some kind of supernatural slave?’ Her lip quirks at the corner. ‘Kind of like that, only I get paid with eternal youth.’
  7. 7. ‘ Usually Harod, the God of the Dead, summons me before anyone else can, and I spend most of my time Below, with him.’ Her eyes roll again. ‘He’s utterly tactless. Anyway, I was down there, sorting the Dead and such like, chatting with the Reapers. Same old, same old. Then, I had a delivery of wool to take to the Fates. Normally I’d get a lesser Demon to do it, but I decided to take it myself, and say hi to the girls.’
  8. 8. Her breathing hitches. ‘They were planning a new game. Only this is bigger than any other. It’s not just one life. They’re calling it an “extended project”.’ ‘ What does that mean?’ Cubone asks. ‘How extended? And why have they decided to deviate from their usual style. One life at a time, that was the game. Always has been.’ Alice nods. ‘They got bored of the same old game. This time it’s ten generations long. They’ve decided to torture one family for that long.’
  9. 9. ‘ This is bad news,’ Emerald, the second Vampire, says softly, ‘but I don’t see that it was worth contacting us all.’ ‘ I know, but this is closer to me than any of the others have been, and I wanted help to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.’ Cubone’s forehead creases. ‘How is it closer?’ A tear runs down the Witch’s cheek, and she sniffs. ‘They chose a random life string, as always. It was Carrie Havar’s.’
  10. 10. ‘ No!’ Vladimir exclaims. ‘That is bad luck.’ He pauses, regarding the distraught Witch closely. ‘Unless you believe that it wasn’t luck.’ Her head shakes. ‘As unpleasant as the Fates may be, they stick to their rules. That it is Carrie Havar is only part of the problem. As they chose her, they also chose an adversary. A constant threat to the family.’ ‘ Who?’ ‘ You aren’t going to like this, Jennifer.’ The Lycan growls. ‘Why?’ ‘ It’s your sister.’
  11. 11. ‘ WHAT?’ The Lycan explodes, leaping to her feet. ‘Amber?’ ‘ Yes, Amber. How many more sisters do you have?’ Cubone snaps. ‘That was a lucky draw for the Fates. A Pureblooded Lycan like Amber is immortal. She’ll be terrorizing Carrie and her family long after the ten generation game.’
  12. 12. ‘ I was meant to take care of them, Cubone,’ Alice whimpers, more tears falling. ‘They were entrusted to me. The entire Havar family is my responsibility, and now this.’ Her shoulders slump. ‘Regina is going to kill me! Klaus is gunna be so disappointed. I don’t even want to think about how Brian and the others will react when I tell them what’s happening to their sister! I’ve completely screwed this up! Carrie can’t handle this! Of all the Havar kids, she’s the least equipped to deal with something like this!’
  13. 13. ‘ ALICE!’ Cubone bellows when she shows no sign of pausing for breath. Quietly she hiccups, glaring and still crying. Shaking his head sadly, the Lycan kneels before her, taking her hands in his. ‘ Alice, this is beyond even your control. The Fates are the Fates, and this is what they do. Now, while we can’t do anything about it now, we can help Carrie and her family. The rest of the Supernatural Council will be arriving soon, and together we can keep an eye on this, intervening whenever you feel Amber and the Fates have gone too far.’ ‘ Thanks,’ she gasps, still hiccupping. ‘I just worry. Carrie’s…well…she’s…not the brightest bulb in the box. I worry about her. She’s my favourite.’
  14. 14. ‘ I know,’ he soothes. ‘And she’ll be fine. I promise.’ Suddenly his eyes light up with an idea. ‘I’ve got it! A way for you to ease your worry a bit.’ Grinning like a Cheshire Cat, he leans in to whisper in her ear. Slowly her pained face eases, and she relaxes. ‘ That’ll work. I’ll talk to the others. Erik should be here soon, and Phil and the others are always around.’ She presses her forehead to his, smiling. ‘Cheers. I guess we have plans to make.’
  15. 15. And that's it! Short, wasn't it? Well, it is the prologue. Chapter One should be out soon; I already have all of the pictures. I just have to finish writing it. Thanks to my supernatural council. All sims were made by me, including my simself (Alice). Cubone, however, is a bred sim (Gen C spare from my Pokecy V2). As you can see, my simself really did not want to behave. She just wanted to look at the rain. *eye roll*