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Never Mind The Degree. Part One


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Never Mind The Degree. Part One

  1. 1. Never Mind The Degree-Part One In which Admes, Brian, Benjamin, Bellatrix and Beatrix start and complete their first year at university. Exciting stuff.
  2. 2. Admes Havar. The eldest of the Havar children, Admes is a popularity sim (eww!) who likes to learn and hates having to act like a kid, even if he did spend his entire childhood trying to get me to let him play on the swings.
  3. 3. Alexander Goth. The infamous younger child of the Goth family, Alexander was always forgotten, until he became friends with and eventually started dating Admes Havar. He is a family sim and is very easy going and easy to live with.
  4. 4. Brian Havar. The eldest of the quadtuplets, Brian is a family sim with a mean streak. While he loves his family greatly and would do anything to protect them, like his mother he has trouble with allowing himself to seem nice.
  5. 5. Benjamin Havar. Known as Bennie, Benjamin is a popularity sim who seems more like knowledge. He's always been a little recluce, prefering to be alone and study. As a child his only real friend was his sister, Beetroot. However, he is a total sweetie when he comes out of his shell.
  6. 6. Beatrix Havar. While is was her sisters Trixie and Carrie who received 10 nice points, it was Beetroot who acted as though she had them. A sweetly artistic knowledge sim, Beetroot got along with everyone, even her cold mother and reclusive brother Bennie.
  7. 7. Bellatrix Havar. A knowledge sim like her mother, Trixie also inherited an inabilty to show her nice points from Regina. All to oftern did she put her foot in her mouth when she doesn't think about what she's saying or how others might recieve her opinion. And now, on with the story...
  8. 8. 'Hey everyone! Bellatrix Havar here, but you can call me Trixie! If you've been following the chronicles of my family then you will know that me and my siblings (Admes, Benjamin, Brian and Beatrix) recently moved to college to give our parents (Regina and Klaus) more room for their 26 pregnancy challenge. With us gone it is only the two youngest kids (Carrie, who is a child, and Donna, who is a baby) left at home...well, until Mum and Dad get back...doing what they do that used to make me sleep with a pillow over my head.'
  9. 9. 'Okay, Alice has agreed to let me narrate this portion of our college life.' Because you refused to shut up about having no future after this challenge. 'Yeah, whatever. So, Mum has the LTW to graduate three kids from college, and Alice couldn't choose just three, so we're all doing it.'
  10. 10. 'Here's Admes with his back to us...' 'Get lost Trixie! I'm studying!' 'Geek! And that shock of hair over there is Bennie.' 'Put that camera away Trix before I shove it up your-' 'Okay then. Shall we see the rest of the house?'
  11. 11. 'This is the living area! Alice just took one of the Mansion and Garden Stuff Pack mansions and put us here. She's rather lazy.' Oi! You promised to not slag me off too much if I let you narrate. 'Sorry Alice.'
  12. 12. 'This is the skilling/pool room. That's Admes's boyfriend Alexander Goth arranging flowers and Beatrix (or Beetroot as she prefers to be known) making robots.' 'Why don't you have to do this Trix?' 'Because I'm the greatest.' 'Sure thing sis. It's nothing to do with the fact that you're a jealous monster because I get to have 60 kids when we're done here and you're going to sink into obscurity.' 'I'll let you know now readers that she will be finding a swarm of frogs in her bed.'
  13. 13. 'Here's Brian. Hey Brian!' 'Oh, hey Trixie. I still cannot believe that Alice let you loose with the camera.' 'Yeah...wait! Why?' 'You may have 10 nice points, but you're a bit of a bitch. Hells, you even make me look nice, and I have all of 2 nice points!' 'Shut up or I'll noogie you!' 'I'd like to see you try, little sister!' 'I'm younger than you by three seconds! Just beccause you're the oldest quad doesn't make you the best!' 'Tell your face, because you're clearly in love with me.' 'GROSS! Brian, you're my brother!' 'Then stop falling in love with me! I'm way out of your league.' GUYS! You're ruining my story! 'Sorry Alice! I'll be moving on now.'
  14. 14. 'This is the kitchen, or a place to keep pizza. And through there is the computer station, or Bennie's domain. He's such a little nerd!' 'This from the Knowledge sim?' 'Shut up Bennie!'
  15. 15. 'I'll tell Alice if you keep being horrible to everyone.' 'Whatever!' 'You're just jealous that no one likes you.' 'And people like you?' 'Duh! More than one person has said how cute I am.' 'Whatever you ginger goose!' 'I'd be careful about making fun of gingers when half of your family and your boyfriend are ginger!' 'Whatever.'
  16. 16. 'Trix.' 'Yes Admes.' 'I'm the oldest so taking care of you lot is kinda my responsibility.' 'Sure...' 'So leave your brothers and sister alone or I'll lock you in the bathroom until graduation!' 'And everyone says I'm the bitch!'
  17. 17. 'Anyway, break from my crazy family. This is Jerry, my boyfriend. You might remember him as the townie I made friends with when I was a toddler. Well, we've kept up correspondence since then, and when he found out I was at college, he asked me out right away. Kinda weird, but sweet too. He'd been waiting for me for so long; I had to reward that kind of devotion.'
  18. 18. 'My first kiss with Jerry was magic. Butterflies and fireworks and that fizzy feeling that made my toes feel all tingly. It was incredible. The world stopped spinning, just for us, just to make this moment go on forever. Or that's how it felt.' 'GET IN THERE TRIXIE!' 'Shut up Brian!' '*giggle* Trixie's got a boyfriend! I'm telling Mum!' 'You little rat!' Some things never change.
  19. 19. 'Jerry was very good at distracting me from Brian. It was so easy for us to slip into a relationship because we'd been friends for so long. It felt so natural, like we were made for each other. And the way he held me and kissed me made me feel like he felt the same way.'
  20. 20. 'He even let me cut his hair and strip all the hair dye out of it. Jerry definitely makes red hair look good.' 'Thanks babe, but who are you talking to?' 'I'm narrating this chapter in the chronicles of my family's life.' 'Oooooh...'
  21. 21. 'We were in love, that much was obvious, and I knew that I'd never want anyone else. Admes and Beetroot and Brian and Bennie and even Alex tried to talk me out of it, telling me that I should at least wait until college was over and I was sure that Jerry was all I wanted, but I was sure. Jerry was it for me. So I proposed that night...'
  22. 22. '...and he said yes! I have never felt so happy ever before. I get to keep him! Forever! Because we're never going to die! We'll get married, maybe have a few kids then Alice will forget about us and we'll live forever, watching the family grow. It may not be the life I wanted, but now it seems pretty perfect.'
  23. 23. 'Not everyone was having as much luck with love as me. Bennie found himself with an unexpected and unwanted stalker in the form of the head cheerleader, Lindsay. For reasons unknown she seemed to be more than slightly obsessed with him and followed him about the house. We couldn't have her removed without lowering the standing of our Greek House, and she brought good friends, but Bennie was not the type to shack it up with a cheerleader. But she continued to ignore both his casual hints and his blatant demands. Where Bennie was concerned, she was blind to reason.'
  24. 24. 'But it was hard to care about Bennie's problems when I was so blissfully happy. Neither Jerry or I were the type to wait until marriage, so celebrated our engagement in the best possible way.'
  25. 25. 'Bennie tried in vain to take his mind off of his cheerleader issues by fishing. He was actually pretty good at it, and Rootie had a lot of fun learning new fish based recipes. We all felt bad seeing him so unhappy because of this chick, and Brian offered to step in and deal with it.'
  26. 26. 'Jerry and I weren't the only sickeningly sweet couple in the house. Admes and Alex were rarely apart, following one another around. It was rather nasty, but as they weren't prone to public displays of affection, we tolerated their goo goo eyes.' 'Thanks for that sis.' 'Sarcasm doesn't suit you Admes.'
  27. 27. 'Yeah, hey Carrie. It's been really weird without you around annoying us all. Yeah, I miss you too and your weird way of talking. Well, you'll be here too soon, won't you? Yeah yeah. I know Donna's a smelly baby now, but she'll grow up soon. Ewww! Mum and Dad are gross! I don't envy you little one. Yeah, Bennie's stalker is right here. I'll tell her to get lost after I'm done talking to you sweetie. Yeah, she can hear me. No, she'd not paying me any attention at all. No, Carrie. You stay there. I'll deal with it. No one can understand you anyway. Later baby. Love you too.'
  28. 28. 'Yeah, Lindsay,can I talk to you?' 'Sure future brother-in-law. A brother of my Bennie is a brother of mine!' 'Yeah, that's what this is about. My brother, Benjamin.' 'What? Is Bennie hurt?' 'No, but he would appreciate you leaving him alone. Lindsay, none of us understand why you won't leave Benjamin alone, but all of us want you to. He's not interested in a mentally incapacitated cheerleader. Okay? So please just go away, don't come back, and leave my brother alone before I call my mentally incapacitated mother to come and kick your ass!' 'I will get my man, Brian Havar, mark my words. You haven't seen the last of me.'
  29. 29. 'So, Brian had finally gotten rid of the evil cheerleader,but Bennie's problems just kept on coming. With Lindsay gone, the mascots moved in on her territory.' 'Trix? I'd appreciate you putting down the camera and using your obvious emotional issues to kill this llama and dispose of his body in the pond.' 'I think all this stress its taking its toll on him.'
  30. 30. 'Greek Houses don't fund themselves, and so Rootie, Admes, Alex and Brian started a small workshop in the attic, sewing various bits and bobs for private clients. It's earning us quite a bit of money,and we are all powering through our badges.'
  31. 31. 'Another way that we're saving money is through Bennie. Not only does he catch us fish, he has a small orchard and a greenhouse where he grows various fruits and vegetables. With the energizers out there, Bennie rarely ever comes indoors anymore. He's almost happy out there. We're all starting to get really worried about Bennie. When Lindsay left, we had hoped that he would be back to normal, a happy little geek. But he's just so sad all the time, never just chilling out with the rest of us. He won't even talk to Rootie, and she was his bestfriend when we were kids.'
  32. 32. 'Again, it is Jerry who distracts me. We enjoy a very physical relationship. We woo hoo everywhere.'
  33. 33. 'Really. Everywhere.'
  34. 34. 'Honest. If there is a spot in the house or in the garden that we haven't touched, I'll eat Carrie's hat.'
  35. 35. 'Don't get me wrong! Jerry and I do talk and share our feelings. It's just that...well, I tend to put my foot in my mouth when I talk. I don't think too much and don't really tend to give too much thought to other people. Kinda like Mum and Brian. Jerry understands that it's easier for me to show him how I feel through actions than words.'
  36. 36. 'Oh my gosh! Well, we've all be waiting for this day forever, but it was still a shock! Admes finally proposed to Alex! It had taken so long that we were worried he'd never do it. They've been together since...ever! We had all assumed that when Admes took Alex home to meet Mum and Dad before Brian, Bennie, Rootie and I left for college that he would propose then. I dunno why he waited so long, but I'm glad they're finally officially together.'
  37. 37. 'It's so cute! Alex is already good friends with the rest of the family and it will be great having him as a brother. Not that I don't already have enough brothers. But Alex is cooler than my actual brothers, and he's nicer to me! Brian says it's because he doesn't know me properly yet. Brian's a jerk!'
  38. 38. 'Ahem....well, we returned from our exams to find the two of them celebrating...erm...yeah. It was kinda sickening really, seeing my brother in the buff! While Brian and I rushed off to run steel wool on our eyes, Bennie went back to gardening and the little flowerchild Rootie just smiled and drifted off to study. She's just as weird as the rest of them.'
  39. 39. 'I may be a Knowledge sim, but I hate studying. I'm a party girl, and it's due to me that our House, Alpha Beta Detonator, is as high standing as it is. Almost everyday I'm throwing a party of some description. It's great fun! And, though I'd never tell them, it's a great way to search for partners for Brian, Bennie and Rootie.'
  40. 40. 'One down. A young girl from one of the dorms drops by. Faydra Nettle Rose Verte. One hell of a name. Apparently she's a clone of a sim that Alice founded a joint legacy with. Whatever. She is totally Brian's type. Quirky, pretty and tough enough to deal with his crap.'
  41. 41. 'I don't even have to pretend to casually introduce them. As soon as Brian sets eyes on her he's hooked.' 'Hello thar. The Gods must be pissed that you're here talking to me as opposed to singing sweetly to them, you siren angel.' 'To me, that was way too much, even from Brian. Fay, however, gobbles it up. Love really is blind, deaf and a mute.'
  42. 42. 'Mum always comes to these parties, even if Dad refuses. She is always there when you least want her to be. While it's gross when she walks in on Jerry and me, it's amusing when she's embarrassing other people. Brian is her favourite target, especially when he's trying to chat up Fay.' 'Did you know that Brian has the cutest little mole on his little w-' 'MUM!' 'Don't worry about it Brian. And yes, Mrs Havar, I did know that!' 'Mum loves Fay. She always did respect a woman with backbone.'
  43. 43. 'Mum is always a riot. It's nice having her around again. After she stopped complaining that we didn't move into the house she and Dad shared at college, Mum really got into the spirit of college again. I guess she appreciates being away from Carrie and Donna. Rootie likes having her around a lot too. Bennie and Brian less so, and Admes tends to just keep out of it.'
  44. 44. 'Back in the skilling room, Brian is making progress with Fay. For all his zeal and cockiness, he's actually really shy. It took much prodding from Mum and me before he actually even asked Fay out.'
  45. 45. 'Uhhh....Fay?' 'Yeah?' 'There's a streaker behind you.' 'Is she pretty?' 'Not as pretty as you.' 'Then you can look.' 'Thanks sweetie.'
  46. 46. 'Okay, naked chick-' 'I have a name!' 'Whatever. So, I have this brother, Bennie. He has some bad luck with a stalker cheerleader and you look like a free spirited girl, so how about you and know.' 'Uh, thanks, but no thanks. I know Bennie, he's in some of my classes and he's already said no. Bennie's...well, every girl wants him, but he doesn't want any of them. Get over it, Brian. He's a big boy...or so the rumours go.' 'Gross!'
  47. 47. 'After temporarily taking a brake from sorting out his brother's love life, Brian swooped in to romance his lady some more. Brian and Fay were fast catching up on Admes and Alex and Jerry and I in the list of the most sickening couples.' 'Do you have to shove that camera in my face ALL day? Can't you go and annoy someone else?'
  48. 48. 'Trying to escape from me and my camera, they flee upstairs to Admes and Alex's room.' 'Bellatrix Havar. Leave now or I'll kill you myself!' 'Fine! Whatever! I'm just doing my job!'
  49. 49. 'Time went past quickly, and we were now fast approaching the end of our first year at college. All of us had top grades in our various subjects and our work is always up to date. When you have a bizarrely persistent Goddess like Alice forcing you to max all your skills as a child, you tend to have a lot of spare time later on in life.'
  50. 50. 'I took up painting as a hobby, and made quite a lot of money selling them on. We were extremely well off by the end of our first year, which was great. We never had to covet anything, because we could have whatever we wanted, and Alice made sure that we got it all. She made good on her promise to make us all happy.'
  51. 51. 'Alex wanted a bird, so Admes got him this pretty little parrot. Everyone knew that Alice had wanted Admes to be a girl that she could have named after herself, so, in a kind of tribute thing, he named the bird Alice. She let us all know that she was pleased by blessing us with a few days of gorgeous sunshine.'
  52. 52. 'The old contest between Brian & Fay, Admes & Alex and Jerry & me still rages. While Jerry and I are more prone to physical displays in public, Brian and Fay had to be commended for persistence. Fay rarely left the House anymore. Admes and Alex are more about the lingering doe eyed looks and the oozing feeling of contentment that they expel....'
  53. 53. '...however, they can get grossly physical.' 'Give the camera a rest, Trix!' 'But, Alice-' 'NOW!!'
  54. 54. 'Things began to look for Rootie when a rather good looking guy came walking alone the street.' 'Hey, I'm Beatix, but my family calls me Beetroot...or Rootie.' 'I'm Cubone. I'm watching over Fay for Alice and I heard that she's been spending a lot of time here.' 'Yeah, she's dating my brother, Brian.' 'And Alice is okay with this?' 'Yeah.' 'Good.'
  55. 55. 'Rootie felt something, but it was not to be. Fay told us all that Cubone was indeed her "babysitter", assigned to her by Alice. She also told us that Alice and Cubone were kind of an item, and had been for years. Poor Rootie.'
  56. 56. 'While I watched in horror as Rootie set herself up for a broken heart, one of my secret cameras caught another vulgar display from Brian and Fay. I cannot remember the last time she went back to her dorm.'
  57. 57. 'It happened. Rootie went in for the kill and he shot her down. I wanted to warn her, but whenever I tried she told me to get lost. So much for her benevolence! However, she didn't die. Apparently Rootie is made of sterner stuff than assumed. She just brushed it off and went back to gardening with Bennie. If only Bennie were as resilient. He's starting to become a problem.'
  58. 58. 'The next day Rootie decided to take action. Alice gave her the number of a gypsy who specialised in all things to do with love. She had lovepotions and spells, and also arranged blind dates.'
  59. 59. 'Her first try was a disaster, as it turned out to be our butler from home. Jeeves looks as shocked as Rootie, probably worrying that Mum and Dad would fire him for dating their daughter.'
  60. 60. 'She sent him home straight away, but not before a fierce lip lock! While the gypsy looked away, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Wow! Rootie has a naughty side!'
  61. 61. 'She tried again, however, after inviting a few friends around for a toga party.'
  62. 62. 'Well...this time she found who she was looking for. Barbera...well, you could see them click the moment the gypsy summoned her. I guess that with the Queen Bee challenge she'll be attempting when this college experience is over, we'd assumed that she'd end up with a sucsession of hot guys. Well, trust Rootie to be different.'
  63. 63. 'Let this be said about her; Rootie wastes no time. Within a few minutes she had dragged her lover up to the double bedroom and staked her claim fully.'
  64. 64. 'I mean fully. No time wasted.'
  65. 65. 'How cute!' 'Beatrix, why is your sister taking pictures of us?' 'Just ignore her and hope that Brian starts doing something more interesting soon.'
  66. 66. 'They were in luck as Brian also descended on one knee, finally making Faydra his.' 'Other way around, Trix. There's no doubt that I'm in control here.' 'Good point Fay.'
  67. 67. 'Much like Alex, Fay got along with the entire family, especially Admes. Her brazen confidence and his tempered easy going nature just gelled. I know it pleased Brian that she got along with us all so well. Mum loved her too. Life really was great. Everything was just working out...except Bennie.'
  68. 68. 'Taking a hint from Rootie, Bennie called the gypsy and asked her for a date. I guess by this point his thinking was "what do I have to loose?" Poor boy.'
  69. 69. 'That is the first smile he's cracked in forever. Tamara was a professor, sure, but it was there. Like Admes & Alex. Like Brian & Faydra. Like Rootie & Barbera. Like Jerry & me. They were meant to be. And it made us all happy to see him so happy! Finally, we were all where we had to be.'
  70. 70. 'Admes, don't look, but Bennie's getting some loving!' 'If you didn't want me to look,why point it out?' 'Just so you know!' 'You're just as annoying as my real sisters.' 'Good!'
  71. 71. 'Finally, Bennie was with the rest of us on cloud nine, with his true love. Tamara was kind and sweet and caring...and gorgeous. I offered to give her a hair cut and do her makeup, but she refused. And that made me like her even more. She was interested in more than her looks. She suited Bennie so well.'
  72. 72. 'LOOK! Admes ,I got another fish!' 'Shut up Fay! I got another boot!' 'Umm...guys? Sparkle behind you!' 'Huh?' 'Grr! Like Rootie, Bennie waited all of a few hours before placing the ring on his love's finger. Great! This is just what he needed. Lindsay was a thing of the past, and Bennie was his old self again!'
  73. 73. 'Get in there little bro!' 'I was trying to before you interrupted, big brother!' 'My bad!'
  74. 74. 'Trix, I can see you in the tree!' 'Sorry Bennie!' 'Ignore her and let's get back to where we were...' 'Eww...wait! Guys! I'm stuck up here!' 'We'll get you down later. Serves you right!' 'I miss depressed Bennie.'
  75. 75. 'Eventually I was helped of of my perch,where I settled down to watch Admes, Brian and Fay fishing. Like his to-be-wife, Brian was pretty good at fishing, giving Admes's ego a bruising.'
  76. 76. 'Since everyone else had a gold sewing badge and Bennie was only silver, he upped his game and made enough quilts to cover the entire country. And, as you can see, Alice is still with us, watching and demanding more food than any parrot should be able to eat.'
  77. 77. 'Our staple diet was pizza. After almost every class one of us would bring a deep pan or two home. Thank god for the impressive metabolism we inherited from Dad.'
  78. 78. 'As Bennie's mood lifted as he spent more time with Tamara, his garden also benefited. This also made our resident chef, Rootie, happy, which made everyone else happy when we got to eat her delicious food.'
  79. 79. 'Is it meant to smoke? Alex? ALEX!! We had more than our share of disasters too, especially with the numerous robots being made!'
  80. 80. 'Robots aside, other badge earning was going well. All of us had numerous gold badges already. First year was almost over (I know I've been saying that for ages, but things happened really fast!) and we were shaping up nicely.'
  81. 81. 'When we all arrived home from our end of year exam,it was like a weight had been lifted that we hand;t known was there. We'd made it! One year down, three to go! Kinda exciting really!' Okay, thanks for that Trixie. So, that's year one over for the first batch of college kids. Join us next time for their second year, where things are likely to get even more interesting for the eldest of Klaus and Regina's spawn. See ya'll then.