Daze Of Our Legacy. Chapter 4


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It's about to get serious...kinda. Trouble in paradise for Lore and his Teal in more marvelous crapola from "Daze Of Our Legacy". Now with 50% less nuts.

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Daze Of Our Legacy. Chapter 4

  1. 1. Okay, this chapter is a lot more plotty than the previous three. *nods* Yup, there is more drama and less laughs, just to warn you. But, to make up for some of the seriousness, there is a lot of Rivers being cute, And no worries. The plot is only temporary, and should resolve itself in due time.
  2. 2. ‘Gimme glowie milk! The smarter I get, the more likely I am to get the ladies…and heirhood.’ ‘Alice, have you already broken my son?’ Not that I know of, but it’s good for him to start working to beat the others in the heir poll early on. And as for the ladies bit…well, kids say all kinds of crap, you know. ‘Glow milk now!’ Serves you right for having few nice points, Lore.
  3. 3. ‘That’s a good boy. Poopie in the potty.’ ‘This is degrading, but I’ll just grin ad bear it. For the fans.’ Fans? ‘I’m assuming I have fans.’ You don’t have enough outgoing points to be this egotistical. ‘I have the same amount as you.’ Point well made. Well, I’ll see about those fans then, shall I?
  4. 4. I have to beg forgiveness for all the pictures of Rivers in this chapter. I just think he’s so cute. ‘Thank you Alice. Butter up the voters for me.’ Kid, shh. You will have the competition of four siblings one day and arrogance is not your most appealing trait. Let’s play more on your good looks and less on your slight meanness and ruthless nature. ‘Good idea. Hey, everyone, look at my freckles!’
  5. 5. Ignoring the glitched eyelashes, Teal has completed her second LTW. ‘Look at me, all successful and crap!’ I never expected this. Teal is… doing well. ‘Tell everyone my new LTW! It’s great!’ She now wants 50 first dates, which I will be attempting after she has all her kids. ‘After? But I want them now!’ No. You have a husband who I actually like and a kid who I love in scary ways that I‘m not sure are legal. Once the kids are at college, you can have your dates. ‘Fine!’ Yes. It is.
  6. 6. ‘Arg, it makes me feel so sick!’ Pregnancy? ‘No, the new house you built for us.’ I put a lot of effort into that house. Sure, it’s not finished, but it’ll be great when it is.
  7. 7. Now then, Lore? I was happy to build you this ultra secret high tech lab, but now I want to know why you need it. ‘Never you mind, Alice. It will become clear when it becomes clear.’ Lore, you’re starting to scare me a little bit. ‘Just forget all about this place. It won’t affect you, so no need to worry.’ Oh, well, if it won’t affect me, then go ahead.
  8. 8. What’s up little man? ‘I do not like this new nursery.’ Why? You have a bed and paper and pens and blocks- ‘Blocks you say.’
  9. 9. ‘Maybe it’s not so bad.’ Could you maybe act more like a toddler? You know, baby talk and all that? ‘No.’ But- ‘No!’
  10. 10. Everyone this is Gregory, named after Gregory House, the main character in House, because an advert for it just came on. I love House, and not just because of Hugh Laurie, one of the best men ever invented. ‘Moo?’ Stop with that. I had enough of that with Melanie the mascot in chapters one and two.
  11. 11. *drool* Cheesecake. The sweetest of cheese based cakes. ‘Yeah, it is nice. But I’m still wondering why you had it sent to me. It’s not like you to give me presents.’ Well, I just love you is all. ‘Okay, what’s the real reason?’ Twins. I have the perfect twin girl names. ‘Great, twins.’ It’s one less pregnancy, meaning you get your dates faster. ‘Awesome *shovels down cake*’
  12. 12. ‘And that’s why Mummy will always be a whore.’ Lore! Don’t tell the kid that! He needs to learn about things like that for himself. ‘Mummy’s not a whore. She just likes to date lots of people at the same time with little commitment. I respect that.’ Not hard to guess whose footsteps he’ll be following in.
  13. 13. ‘That’s when the mummy doll decided that her husband was too boring for her and she walked out on him and all their beautiful kids to live a life of-’ Okay, Lore, you okay? You seem to have some deep issues. Teal hasn’t cheated on you since you got engaged. She has denied her very nature as a Romance sim and angered me because she loves you. ‘I’ve seen her new LTW. It’s just a matter of time.’ Oh, Lore. She’s already perma-plat twice over. She doesn’t need this one too. ‘If you say so.’ ‘Daddy doll’s feet are tasty.’ Poor Lore. I sense a plotline working it’s way in here.’
  14. 14. Teal? We may have issues. ‘If this is about your hair again, I don’t care. Just moose it and leave me alone.’ No, it’s not about my hair. *eye roll* It’s about your marriage. Lore seems to be under the impression that you’re going to leave him, and he’s trying to turn Rivers against you. ‘That is a problem. Who else will give me woo hoo at any time I want it?’ That’s all you think about this? ‘Well, I guess it is good that he’s not totally clueless.’ Oh my goodness. ‘Alice, what did you expect? We have no chemistry and I’m most likely gay!’ You loved him when you got engaged. ‘That was a long time ago.’ Okay. Well…just keep it civil for
  15. 15. Hey Rivers, sweetie, cutie pie. ‘Alice, stop it. I don’t care if Mummy doesn’t love Daddy anymore. Just so long as they both love me, I’m okay.’ I don’t know if that’s good or bad. ‘You can go now. I’m drawing pictures to endear me to my parents, increasing my popularity and screen time.’
  16. 16. While working out his frustrations on one of many junker cars to pass through the house, paying for flooring, walls and cowplant feed, Lore maxes tinkering enthusiasm. ‘Now I just have to transfer these skills to weaponry and we’ll be rocking.’ Weaponry? ‘STOP SPYING ON ME!!!’ Jesus, this is getting ridiculous. Can’t you just talk to Teal about this…or go for some revenge woo hoo with my simself? ‘What?’ Nothing. Just an idea.
  17. 17. ‘Okay now Rivers, say “Mummy isn’t a worthless whore and she still loves Daddy very much”.’ ‘Teal, this is stupid. You can’t use the kid like this.’ Uh, Lore, you were doing the same earlier. ‘Shut up Alice!’ When I asked for drama last chapter, I didn’t really mean it. Please, go back to being boring and happy. If not for Rivers, then for me.
  18. 18. Lore finally managed to get a job in Oceanography. ‘Yeah, but my marriage is falling apart and my son looks ready to follow in his mother’s slutty footsteps.’ Lore, honey, sweetness, sweetheart…well…have fun at work. What else can I say? He’s right.
  19. 19. Nothing can bring a family together quite like a manically screaming woman in the front garden. ‘ALICE!!!’ Yeah, I know. The pain, the pain. Just shove the twins out and make sure they’re both girls.
  20. 20. Damn you Teal! First up is a boy, Oasis, named after Britpop, Beatles wannabe, band Oasis. I hate Oasis (the band) but it’s a nice name and all I could really think of. I only had girl names planned. Oasis has the same colouring as his brother, green skin, brown hair and Teal’s eyes.
  21. 21. And this is a girl, Cinderella. She is named after the song “Cinderella Story” by Plain White T’s. I wanted another girl to call Delilah, after “Hey There Delilah” but I guess that will have to wait. Cinderella has the same colouring as her twin and older brother.
  22. 22. Now, back to the party that the twins rudely interrupted. It’s Rivers’ birthday, so Pablo and I were invited over for cake and funtimes. ‘You know, Alice, you’re not half bad at this legacy crap.’ ‘Really?’ ‘Well, no one’s died yet.’ ‘But you and Lore are-’ ‘Yeah, but we’re all alive and that’s the best we could hope for.’ ‘Thanks…I think.’
  23. 23. ‘Plus you are smoking hot.’ ‘Uhhh…’ ‘Come on. You’re bisexual.’ ‘Yeah, but…well, you’re not a werewolf or a vampire.’ I’m kinda scared now. I had no idea she felt that way about me.
  24. 24. So, adultery aside, Rivers is ready to grow up. ‘Woo!’ ‘Go little guy!’ ‘Be hot or I kill you!’
  25. 25. ‘Daddy, just throw me in there. I’ll eat my way out and then grow up later.’ No can do little man. This has been put off for long enough due to your selfish siblings being born.
  26. 26. ‘Look at my perfect nails! And my slender fingers. Long arms too. I am pretty much perfection.’ Yes, you are. Now, change those clothes and take a nap before you pass out.
  27. 27. ‘Hey, maybe that anger woo hoo with simAlice wouldn’t be too bad. She is a looker.’ Okay, guys, I’m flattered, but I am a person, not a piece of meat. Who am I kidding. Love me. Worship me. Never, ever leave me.
  28. 28. Holy shitake mushrooms! What’s up Rivers? ‘I’m tired! And I don’t have a bed yet because you’re crap!’ Hey, Mr Grouchy. I’ll get right on it.
  29. 29. How’s that? ‘It’s okay. I like the fish. Now leave me to sleep.’ Okay sir.
  30. 30. ‘So, guys, we have to deal with your problems.’ ‘What problems? We’re happily married, right dear?’ ‘Guys! Come on! You have to pull it together, for the kids. You have three kids and another on the way.’ ‘Look who’s getting all responsible now.’ ‘I just don’t want this to all fall apart. Not on generation A.’
  31. 31. ‘See? We’re happy!’ *sigh* Whatever guys. I guess I’ll just have to work on keeping the kids relatively normal.
  32. 32. ‘Stupid Cinderella...cute name…gunna steal my spotlight.’ Maybe the normal is too late for Rivers, but I can save Cinders and Ocean. Hopefully.
  33. 33. Oh…Teal? What’s up? ‘I…I…I’m upset…’ Because of your marital problems? ‘NO! Because Rivers’ birthday was lame!’ Oh…Teal, you are a freak, you know that? ‘Evil witch!’ Good point.
  34. 34. ‘Do we really have to do this?’ ‘We have to prove to Alice that we’re happy! Now get the handcuffs and the mask so I can pretend you’re someone else.’ ‘Teal-’ ‘Shh!’ I don’t think I will be able to fix this one.
  35. 35. ‘Mummy and Daddy hate each other, don’t they?’ Why would you say that? ‘I heard them shouting at each other last night.’ Does it bother you? ‘No, but it made the twins cry and that was annoying.’ Is anyone in this family not emotionally retarded?
  36. 36. To pass the time when she isn’t scaring her children and abusing her husband, Teal writes novels. ‘This one is about a band of talking animals, trying to break through oppression and find a home.’ What’s it called? ‘Animal Farm in Farthing Wood.’ Sounds like a best seller.
  37. 37. ‘Everyone! I’m home from work and I love you all!’ ‘That man is all kids of crazy.’ Yes, he is random townie girl. Also, apparently a little drunk. ‘I’m not drunk! I just had a few drinks with the whales at work.’ Great.
  38. 38. ‘Alice, the teachers failed me. Apparently my family issues aren’t bad enough not to do homework.’ Rivers. You cannot use your parents fighting as an excuse. You’ll fall behind and not be smart and then you can’t be heir. ‘I promise I’ll work hard now and be the perfect heir.’ Good boy.
  39. 39. ‘Listen, I’m not impressed by that cute legacy boy thing you’ve got going. I’m an OFB playable! My parents own a business. Do yours?’ ‘No, but they fight a lot, Mum’s a slut, Dad has a secret lab and we have an Admiral watching over us.’ ‘Rivers. It’s not a secret lab. Everyone knows about it.’ ‘Mum doesn’t.’ ‘Well…whatever. Just stop showing off and do your homework.’
  40. 40. ‘You may be a poor legacy boy, but I guess we can be friends.’ How gracious of you, Fugly McFugly. And how did Rivers end up the bad guy in this game?
  41. 41. ‘You shot me! You whore! You fricking whore!’ Okay, enough of that. The headmaster is here to invite you into Snotfest. Smiles and manners.
  42. 42. ‘Wow. You are the most beautiful boy I have ever seen.’ ‘Thanks sir, but that’s kinda creepy.’ It’s not a legacy without a perverted headmaster. Just be thankful it’s not the same guy who haunted my Havar family. He was a creep of the first water…and he had dyed red hair.
  43. 43. ‘…and this is Daddy’s secret lab where he tries to figure out ways to get Mummy to love him again.’ ‘Well…isn’t that… interesting.’ ‘Yes it is. He has all kinds of machines and things down here. I even heard that he wanted to get Mum to make him a warlock so he could infuse his inventions with magic to make them even more powerful.’ Rivers, where did you hear all this? ‘I listen, unlike you Alice. Instead of trying to fix things, I observe and gather information.’ Well done little guy. ‘Well, I am brilliant.’ Sure thing.
  44. 44. ‘May I say, Mrs Daze, that your underwear is rather lovely.’ ‘These old things? I just threw them on this morning.’ ‘Gag! I’m trying to eat here, and Dad is just over there painting. Can’t you go one meal without flirting with a random guy? And I thought you were gay, anyway!’ ‘Ignore my son. He lies. We’re working on it.’ ‘Alice!’ Sorry Rivers. Just grin and bear it, and we’ll sort this mess out later.
  45. 45. To keep Rivers happy, we get a puppy. He’s called Rock’n’Pop. Basically, I was having trouble thinking of Alternative Rock bands, because almost anything can be classed as Alternative Rock, and I wanted bands that are totally Alt Rock. So, I was going to go to HMV for research, but they categorize their music in a lame way, with most of it in “Rock and Pop”. My sister thought that would be a good name for a pet, so it is.
  46. 46. No point to this one. I just thought it was kinda cute. Rivers has Teal’s eyes, in colour and shape, and they pull similar faces. It’s fun to watch.
  47. 47. ‘Mrs Daze, your son can come to our school. See you again when that little one grows up.’ ‘Not sooner?’ Teal! Just feed Oasis and let the pervie man leave.
  48. 48. ‘What’s this?’ Another present for Rivers. A Womrat. Her name is Melody. ‘What’s with all the gifts for Rivers?’ He deserves it. You and Lore fighting isn’t easy on the little guy. His only consistent role model is me, which is worse than nothing. ‘Now you’re making me feel bad.’ Good. *flounces off*
  49. 49. ‘Another sprinkle of magnesium powder…crap! Not again! Why can I never get this right! If the gypsy can do it, why can’t I? Lore?
  50. 50. ‘Get out Alice! I’m busy!’ Doing what? ‘Nothing.’ You can’t trick Teal into loving you. No magic potion or injection is going to do that. ‘Just go away!’ I take back my wish for drama!
  51. 51. To add a bit more light to the house, we get a little girl puppy to mate with Rock’n’Pop in the future. Her name is Mina, because I was working on one of my novels at the same time, and there’s a character called Mina, who is this sassy Vampire who I love. Anyways, this is Mina. She’s cute, even if she smells like dog breath.
  52. 52. ‘Alice! My sexy undies that the headmaster loved are gone!’ You’re pregnant again, which is a shocker. ‘Lore may hate me, but he can’t say no. Never has been able to.’ That’s not a nice way to regard your husband! Not even I would do that.
  53. 53. Hey Rivers. Whatcha doing now? ‘Practicing the speech I’m going to do before we all go to college. You know, the speech I’ll use to make the readers vote for me.’ Ah, how’s it going?
  54. 54. ‘At the moment, all I have is this. *burp!*’ Well…it’s short and sweet…but maybe you’ll want to rethink the delivery. ‘Maybe.’ You have time. Only three of the five kids have been born yet. ‘What if…what if Mum and Dad don’t make up and don’t have all five kids.’ Then I’ll feed more cheesecake to your mum. She’s preggers at the moment. Another set of twins and we’re all done. ‘Alice, I don’t want them to hate each other.’ Oh. Well…we’ll fix it, right? ‘I hope so.’ We will. And when Cinders and Oasis grow up, they’ll help to. It’ll all work out. It’s a legacy. How bad can it get?
  55. 55. Well, don’t you look spiffy in your uniform. ‘Will the ladies love it?’ You’re nine! ‘So?’ *sigh* I bet they will. Just keep away from that Tessa kid. I do not like her.
  56. 56. With all her novel writings, Teal maxes her enthusiasm in Film and Literature. ‘I’m writing a book at the moment called “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.’ Teal, that’s already been done. Sure, it wasn’t the best of books, full of plotholes and with one of the worst endings since the Bible, but it has been done. ‘Mine’s better.’ I bet it is. It would be hard to be worse. In case it’s not obvious, I’m not a Potter fan and I hate being compared to Rowling as a writer. She’s a sell out bitch who hasn’t had an original thought in her life. Yeah, and even with that I will have a Harry Potter generation, for fun.
  57. 57. Here’s Rock’n’Pop all grown up. He’s rather cute, actually, for a yappy little dog. And he’s really sweet to his girlfriend. Lookit the sweetness. Makes a change from what has been an overall plotty and heavy chapter. And I had said I wasn’t going to do plots this legacy. Oh wells.
  58. 58. ‘Dad, can I stop you there. No bad mouthing Mum, okay? Just help me with my maths and then we can go have dinner. Okay?’ ‘Sure. So, if your mother sleeps with ten men and six women, how often does she-’ ‘DAD!’ ‘Sorry kid.’ Lore, maybe you should let me help him. I am qualified. I got my 5 GCSEs fair and square. I even have an AS level in English and a lot of life experience.
  59. 59. Birthday time. Thank god! No drama here. Just boredom. So, post-makeover pictures?
  60. 60. Rivers! ‘What?’ Stop it. I wanted to take pictures of the twins, not you and Melody. ‘Face it, we’re cuter.’ True, but let’s get to the twins.
  61. 61. Here’s Oasis. As feared, he is a clone of Rivers. That has not happened to me in years. ‘At least it means he’s cute.’ Yup, but boring. We already have one of him. To remind you, both Oasis and Rivers’s personality is Virgo (10,1,9,10,3).
  62. 62. And here is Cinderella. ‘Servants, fan me!’ I’m guessing that she is post- Happily-Ever-After Cinderella, not my-siblings- abuse-me Cinderella. Cinderella looks more like Lore than the other two. YAY! Not another clone! Her personality is Gemini (4,8,9,4,4,). ‘I want a crown! NOW!’ Shh it Cinders, or I will make you scrub every floor in this house.
  63. 63. Rivers can genuinely use the excuse “my dog ate my homework”. But really, R’n’P, cut it out!
  64. 64. ‘…and that’s how you do simultaneous equations.’ ‘Wow Mum. You’re really smart!’ ‘Yeah, well, that’s what you get after four years of uni.’ ‘Dad told me not to let you help me with homework, because he thinks you’re stupid.’ Could an idiot have as many lovers as your mum and never be caught cheating? ‘Good point.’
  65. 65. ‘Don’t listen to what Daddy says about me. He’s angry and will want you to take his side.’ ‘Mum, I’m not an idiot. I know what’s happening, and I don’t pay attention to either of you. I am, like Alice, a passive observer.’ He’s smart too, you know.
  66. 66. Cinderella. You’re so pretty. ‘I know. Now, I wanted to talk to you about heirship. Rivers seems to think he’ll get it, but I think I will, because I am prettier and better. Oasis has no chance. The boy has a Manchester accent for God’s sake! So, I want a promise that I will be heir.’ No can do blondie. It’s all up for poll. Make the readers love you, and you will win. ‘Well, I guess I can do that.’
  67. 67. ‘Look everyone! Only I can love this moron. No one else wants him, but I still love him.’ ‘What?’ ‘Shh, Oasis. Just smile and keep hugging me back.’ ‘O..okay.’ ‘And stop talking. That accent is annoying!’ For anyone not living in England, the Manchester accent is…well…it’s from up North, somewhere I’ve never been. It’s rough and kind of harsh and totally unlike the crisp English accent everyone imagines. I would try and type in the accent, but I’m not too good at that kinda thing, so whatever really.
  68. 68. ‘Alice? I’m confused. What just happened?’ I have no idea little guy. So, that’s it for another chapter. Hope it wasn’t too plotty and stuff. I’ll be back soon, as will the Daze family, for more drama, births, arguments and maybe even an intermission smustle to lighten the mood.