Daze Of Our Legacy. Chapter 1


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The first chapter of the critically ignored Daze Of Our Legacy, in which the founder, Teal Daze, starts a college education and proves that it's a waste of money.

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Daze Of Our Legacy. Chapter 1

  1. 1. Hey all and welcome to my new legacy. In case you forgot/never knew, I am Alice, an aspiring designer/writer with severe emotional issues, who lives in rainy old England. My attention span is similar to that of my little brother with ADHD, only I don’t have that as an excuse. Basically, my computer go boom, and lots of stuff went south from there. So, all my old stories and stuff will prolly not be continued. But that is life, really, so it’s no big woop. This legacy has a theme, or, rather, multiple themes. Every generation will have a different theme, the theme’s being alphabetical. For example, A is for Alternative Rock, P is for Pirates and V is for Victorian England. Other than that, it’s just your regular legacy, I guess. So, to the founder?
  2. 2. Enjoying the sun? ‘That’s about all I’m enjoying about this situation.’ Aww, you love it really. I’m even going through playing you through college, just to be nice. ‘I guess.’ Darn tooting. Readers, this here is Teal Daze. Teal is my favourite colour and Teal Daze sounded like a paint colour. She was named before I chose the name of this legacy, in case you were wondering if she was the chicken or the egg.
  3. 3. Teal? Where are you going? ‘Huh? Oh, you were boring me so I decided to check out the dorm.’ It says in your queue that you’re going to spy on your unsuspecting neighbours using the telescope. ‘Potato, potato.’ Uhuh. So, stats?
  4. 4. Name : Teal Daze Aspiration : Romance Secondary Aspiration : Pleasure LTW : Become A Rock God Turn Ons : Witchcraft/Vampirism Turn Off : Cologne Personality : Leo Hobby : Music & Dance Anything to add, Teal? ‘Well, my red hair does give my magical powers.’ Really? ‘Yes.’ Well, I have red hair too… ‘No, you have copper hair that you dye black and purple. Not the same.’ So my daddy has magical powers? Weird.
  5. 5. Here we find Teal undertaking the boring task of choosing a major. ‘Well, I want to be a Rock God when I get big-’ Aiming low I see. You really think that you’re as good as the likes of Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler and that guy from that band? ‘Sure thing.’ Righto. And people claim that my ego is uncontrollable. Is that really fair? ‘Yes.’ Oh, who asked you?
  6. 6. Teal approaches the first loser to cross her path, and it happens to be Mr Blue Skies, aka Cale Inada. ‘He looks like his face was squashed into a wall.’ Indeed he does. So I’m guessing that Cale is not your Mr Right. ‘What? I can only have one?’ Ah, a woman after my own heart. I like her.
  7. 7. ‘So, any chance of a date?’ *crickets chirp* Oh, Cale. I guess that an understanding “standards” is yet to entire his narrow little world of Mr Ugly contests and excessive hair dying.
  8. 8. ‘How about I let the llama sing you the answer?’ ‘Not in a thousand years. Would Teal go with you. The epitome of all her fears, Dating you would make Teal blue. VO GERBITS!!!’
  9. 9. You sure do know how to turn heads, Teal. ‘I know! I’m like some kind of dormie celebrity.’ ‘Umm…no. You just forgot to do up the zip on your jeans.’ Ha ha ha ha! ‘Shut up Alice and Llama!’ Oh, Teal. You are good comedy value, I’ll give you that.
  10. 10. ‘Trust me. Do I look like I’d ever steer you wrong?’ Oh, now there’s a question. ‘Ignore the disembodied voice. She doesn’t know anything. So, just a trim then?’
  11. 11. To give credit where credit’s due, Teal is not utterly awful at de-fuglifying dormies. ‘I look just like Cher now!’ Not even Cher looks like Cher anymore. *eye roll* But Lainey does look better now, doesn’t she? ‘She does. I can date her now?’ Give me time, Teal, and you will date everyone on campus.
  12. 12. Not even the local wildlife are safe from Teal’s “magic” powers. ‘Kitty feel funny.’ Kitty look funny too. Yes, her name is Kitty and she looks like a baboon’s backside. Maxis, you are cruel, cruel people.
  13. 13. ‘So, how about a trumpet gag followed by a semi- successful date?’ ‘Kitty like Teal.’ Oh, Teal. Even Romance sims can have standards, you know. I mean, my simself dates only the crème of the crop…and Goopy. ‘It’ll do for now. We all have to start somewhere you know?’ No, I don’t know. I’m a winner.
  14. 14. ‘Okay, Kitty, I get that you think that Teal is hot, but please take your elbow out of my eye. I think I have a concussion.’
  15. 15. Date #1 : Kitty Grove ‘A toast to a freak like you ever getting a date with something better than a sock puppet.’ ‘Yeah. Toast. Like toast.’ Thank the Gods this has no chance of a future.
  16. 16. Well, monkey fondling aside, Teal indulges in her hobby, Music & Dance. Unfortunately, her enthusiasm is mired by her lack of talent and coordination.
  17. 17. If that is not the face of a master ballerina, I don’t know what is. ‘Maybe you can help rather than making mean comments.’ Why don’t you use your magic red hair to right yourself. ‘ANGER!!’ Hurry up and fall already.
  18. 18. ‘Ooof!’ Is it wrong to laugh? Because I am. ‘You’re so mean.’ Thank you Captain Obvious.
  19. 19. ‘No one else saw that, right?’ That depends on the readership of this legacy, so probably not.
  20. 20. I love this guy. With his dapper suit, spiffy monocle and twirlsome moustache. I am one of the few people who applauds his arrival. He’s never robbed one of my sims, so I have no beef with him. Rock on, you crazy diamond among NPCs.
  21. 21. ‘Ever wonder why we all seem to just have random pillows in our pockets no matter where we go?’ I’m just pissed that you get perfect grades just by having pillow fights with your teachers. I tried that and not even close. Though I guess substituting pillows for a schoolbag full of books, my lunch and a sock of small change may have been a mistake. Anyways, Date #2 : Prof. Jill Cox. And that’s a 4.0 for young Miss Teal here.
  22. 22. No, sorry, there’s her 4.0. My mistake. ‘Mrumph…Alice, get lost. Private moment.’ You signed away your private moments when you took me as your leader. You all did! ALL OF YOU!! Bwa ha ha ha ha! Sorry. Sometimes the evil just leaks out.
  23. 23. And where are you going? You only just got back off of your last date. ‘Tide and time wait for no slut, as the saying goes.’ If you say so.
  24. 24. Date #3 : Prof. Edward Tse. ‘Look at that mouth. I thought that Bruty chick had it bad. This guy looks ready to swallow me whole…and not in a good way.’ Just remember, Teal. You’re a moron and this is the only way you will ever graduate college. ‘Okay then. I’ll about do it.’ Good girl.
  25. 25. Keep her number, Teal. She may make a good spouse someday. She is working that bright eye shadow in a way that I admire. ‘You sure you don’t want me to forward the number straight to you?’ That’s not a bad idea, actually.
  26. 26. Wow, that bag is almost as big as your gaping maw. So, what magical present have you got in store for my girl? Diamonds? Expensive wine? A Greek statue?
  27. 27. Sunflowers? Oh, you are so not getting a second date. For an Economics professor, you sure as cheese are cheap. ‘The recession!’ Oh, up yours. Get out of here before I get really annoyed and kill you. I have the power and the lack of sanity to do it. I am the perfect evil mastermind. Equal parts genius and madness. Super.
  28. 28. Now that is more like it. Thank you Kitty. ‘Kitty like Teal.’ Kitty sound like broken record. ‘Kitty say what?’ Just go. And thanks again for the awesome stereo that will help pay for the Greek House Teal will found in a few years. ‘Huh?’ Just go, Kitty.
  29. 29. ‘Bewbses! Teal likes bewbses.’ Too much time spent with dumb ass dormies, methinks. Or maybe three dates in less than 24 hours just wasn’t enough for her.
  30. 30. When in doubt, there is only one sure fire way of making everything dandy again. Water balloon fight. Works every time, sure as peas.
  31. 31. At the moment, Alicia is my favourite contender for future Mr(s) Daze. She’s a pretty blonde hippy, just like me…only I’m not blonde. Never have been. It’s the only hair colour I’ve never tried. Black, brown, red, ginger, blue, purple…but never blonde. ‘Cut the crap, will you?’ Maybe try meditating more, hey Alicia? You seem to have some anger issues. Cut down on the hemp clothing too. Too much of that oil seeps into your bloodstream and you’re in trouble.
  32. 32. Teal’s life isn’t all about dating. I also make her skill. She will be getting all the skill points and all the extra skills by the time she graduates, or else. So far she has most of cooking and this one. *shrugs* I never bothered with it before and wondered what it does. Answer : nothing. It does nothing.
  33. 33. Move over Alicia. This guy is the new love of Teal’s life. ‘I am?’ Yes, Lore, you are. ‘But, we have no chemistry and I do not approve of her loose morals.’ Shh, Lore. The important thing is that I like you, and that your feelings mean little to me. I think you’re cute, plus you’re part alien, so you are now a contender for spousehood.
  34. 34. Date #4 : Zach Mace. ‘Get her the heckers off of me!’ I have come to the conclusion that Teal is gay, because she only has chemistry with girls. She will flirt with guys and stuff, but no bolts. Not ever. ‘She’s touching me in bad places.’ And this guy is obviously gay too. ‘Just because I walk around shirtless, have a queer little pony tail and hate having women touch me doesn’t make me gay.’ Okay. I hope we’ve all learnt something about stereotypes tonight.
  35. 35. Picking up chicks while on a date? ‘So?’ *wipes away tear* Oh, Teal. You are the best Romance sim I’ve had since…well, since me.
  36. 36. ‘ALICE! Too many date, not enough time! What am I going to do? I want them all, and I want them now!’ Calm down, dear. There will be plenty of time. Wow, you are really cranky when you’re hungry. ‘Don’t make me eat you!’
  37. 37. ‘So then I tried the tango, and I ended up tripping over my own shoes again! Can you believe it? I like dancing, but I prefer music. One day, I’m going to be a Rock God, you know, and play guitar and sing and be famous.’ ‘Just keep staring at the water. Maybe then she’ll go away.’ No chance there Zach. Teal sees every date through to the end, even if it leaves her exhausted, smell and hungry. That kids is devotion. Or insanity of the creepy stalker chick kind.
  38. 38. A short intermission to admire just how cute Teal is. Even if her lips are a funny shape when she smiles. She will have the pretty babies.
  39. 39. ‘On ur date, stealings your sketti.’ I wish I was a Lolcat. So much. But my sister says I’m not allowed. *pout* I’d make a good Lolcat, so long as the cheeseburgers were vegetarian.
  40. 40. GOOPY! Ooh, it’s heaven in plaid shorts. ‘Crap, her again.’ Oi. You are lucky to have me as a fan, mister. I have always loved you, and play your cards right and this may be the first legacy of mine you get to marry into. Who knows?
  41. 41. ‘I feel so sleep- is that a ring in your nipple?’ Wow. Zach, you just keep getting better and better, you know that?
  42. 42. ‘Yes, I farted on this table. What of it?’ Now, I may be lacking in neat points too, but I would never do something like that! I just let old bowls of cereal grow fuzzy and leave milk in the sun until it’s cheese. That is really gross. You don’t crap, or fart, where you eat.
  43. 43. Awww. This is so sweet I’ve gotten toothache just looking at it. But, Zach is not the future Mr Daze. So sad, as I really like him. And now there’s a goose on TV, so I’m distracted enough to not care. Why is there a goose on TV? Weird, huh?
  44. 44. ‘Disgraceful. She’s here with a different man or woman every night of the week.’ Oh, Lore, calm down will you. Even the Crumplebutt doesn’t seem bothered. ‘I used to be a supermodel. Did you know that? Back in the day when women were still women and not men with boobs!’ Maybe you should switch her to virgin Fuzzy Nipples. Yes, that is the Crumplebutt’s drink. Who knew?
  45. 45. ‘Wow, who needs endless dates when you have this baby?’ Well, it’s not as compact as a date. You couldn’t sneak this thing into a hotel in your suitcase, and I’d hate to explain it to airline staff. ‘Good point…wait, what kind of date fits in your bag?’ Fold them up right, and you can get two or three in a handbag. Like Mac-In-A- Packs. Now that is magical.
  46. 46. Ding ding ding! We have three bolts. ‘Wait, you can’t be magic. You don’t have red hair.’ ‘What-’ Just humour her, Marylena. Think too hard about some of the things she comes out with, and your brain might explode.
  47. 47. LORE! I thought that you deplored her evil ways, and now you’re getting into a confined photo booth with her for we-all-know-what. I hope that you’re ashamed.
  48. 48. ‘We didn’t do anything. We were just taking a picture.’ Sure you were matie.
  49. 49. ‘Lore, look at the cute pictures!’ Fine, you win this one. Date #6 : Lore Marsden
  50. 50. So, Lore, there’s one question we all want answered. ‘What?’ ‘Why are you on a date with me when you think I’m a slut?’ Yes. That one.
  51. 51. ‘So, why? It makes my little mind boggle.’ Well, lots of stuff does that, Teal. ‘Shh. Answer, Lore.’
  52. 52. ‘Well…I figured that you were easy and no man can resist that.’ Ah, that makes sense. Lore, you are not as annoyingly chaste and up-on-your-high- horse as I thought. ‘I am only male, you know. There’s only so much tempting I can take before I crumble.’ Yep, that sounds like every man I know.
  53. 53. Another one of those aww moments. Well, it will be for you, as what Teal was actually saying to make little Lore blush is too explicit for this album. Sorry kids.
  54. 54. Another three bolter, it’s the Countessa. ‘I vant to suck you-’ Keep it clean, you two. ‘Sorry Alice.’ Hmph. And pay more attention to Lore. Poor little guy doesn’t know what to do.
  55. 55. Wa hey hey hey! More places to have dates without getting caught. Score! I’m trying to get Teal as many hobby plaques as possible, as they look rather impressive all lined up on a wall.
  56. 56. ‘Eeee. People love me.’ Many, many people. I am impressed by your prowess, young Miss Teal. ‘Young? You’re only eighteen.’ Whatever. Still, you are very good at this Romance thing, and as such, I salute you.
  57. 57. Date #7 : Marylena Gibson The Atrociously Evil Witch. ‘Ha ha ha ha! You’re right! The Good Witch is such a loser.’ ‘So, can I learn magic now? I do have red hair!’
  58. 58. ‘YAY! Now all shall know the power of the mighty red hair!’ More like the mighty red headed loon. But yay! Witches are fun to play.
  59. 59. ‘Alice?’ Yuppers. ‘I like being a witch and all, but I miss my old clothes and hair…and normal coloured skin.’ Me too. We’ll work on it when we get home. Green is not your colour. And I hate how it covers up some lipsticks. WTF at that?
  60. 60. ‘Well, there’s nothing here about not being green anymore.’ Dude, just study Good Magic and you’ll go back to being cute and pink. Easy as reading. ‘Reading? I hate reading.’ Oh, Teal. Our similarities really do end at the sluttiness, don’t they?
  61. 61. It didn’t take too long to get her back to colour, and back to dating. ‘Your fangs catch the moonlight in the most amazing way.’ ‘Vell thank you. I am sure that zey vill find a special place in your heart one day.’ Hey, teeth out of my founders organs. Date #8 : Countessa Angel McClellan (wow, a vamp called Angel. Wonder who she’s trying to copy. Hmm?)
  62. 62. ‘Being a witch is fun!’ It looks it. A stick up your- ‘Alice!’ Whoopsie. Sorry folks.
  63. 63. There’s an almost unrelenting traffic of roses around the dorm now. ‘You didn’t even takes pictures of my date with her.’ That’s because it was boring. ‘But we fell in love.’ So?
  64. 64. ‘A he he he he! I am just so evil!’ No you’re not. But that cackle is the cutest thing since sliced bread.
  65. 65. Booya! She is in “The Zone” for Cuisine. ‘I can make cheese appetizers.’ That’s great.
  66. 66. And she also maxed cooking. ‘Cheese and lobster. I am on a roll.’ Yes, you are. Now, onto mechanical. Yay! ‘Skilling is boring.’ I know.
  67. 67. ‘Look Alice! A penguin!’ He is very cute. ‘Can I keep him?’ Unfortunately not, which is really mean of Maxis. Teasing us with cute penguins that we cannot ever own. ‘But I love him.’ Me too.
  68. 68. Well, that’s that for this chapter. We’ll be back soon to complete Teal’s time at college, and maybe find her Mr(s) Right, and all the dates in between. Should be…fun?