Making a Movie for YouTube with Windows Movie Maker and PowerPoint 2010.


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How to make a movie with Windows Movie Maker and with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 PLUS how to create a Youtube Channel and upload your video.

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  • Download windows movie maker at – just search for “windows movie maker” until you get the latest version … not the one for Vista or XP
  • Click “run” – for me, it worked best when I downloaded it using my Internet Explorer Browser. I didn’t try Chrome … but it may work equally well there.
  • Making a Movie for YouTube with Windows Movie Maker and PowerPoint 2010.

    1. 1. 1
    2. 2. Alice Henneman, MS, RDExtension Educatorahenneman1@unl.eduInformation is current as of 6/9/20132
    3. 3. ―Companies are quickly learning that visualmedia is one of the most effective ways toshare their stories. In a study of the top10 brands on Facebook, users likedphotos twice as often as text updates.And they shared videos 12 times morethan photo and text posts combined.What was the last thing you shared on theweb? Theres a good chance it waseither a photo or a video. Andincreasingly, that shareable content isoriginating from brands.‖Source:
    4. 4.
    5. 5. UNL Extension video guidelines• —includes links to download stinger and logos, pluspictures of examples• The UNL Extension stinger must appear once, eitherat the front or back of the clip.• The UNL Extension logo (use the ―banner‖ so youinclude both the UNL Logo and the word Extension)and the IANR N must appear at a minimum of onetime in any program for extension projects.– Examples of use: The UNL Extension logo andIANR N may be displayed at the beginning ofprogram, end of program, as part of lower-thirdsuper, OR as a watermark ―bug‖ throughout theprogram.5
    6. 6. UNL Extension video guidelines• The UNL Extension logo should be displayed largeenough for readability on the video monitor ordisplay device most likely to be used in viewing theprogram for its primary purpose.• The logo and the IANR N cannot be placed togethergraphically (such as side by side).• A copyright must appear at the end of theproduction: The University of Nebraska - LincolnExtension, Institute of Agriculture and NaturalResources © 2013.• The diversity statement is not required, however itmay be printed in conjunction with the copyrightstatement.6
    7. 7. Additional video considerations• Closed captioning of spoken words a comingstandard for UNL• No identifiable people in the picture (signed UNLconsents needed on file if there were)• Music was from a royalty-free source designated asappropriate for YouTube.• Visuals are NOT copyrighted or are used withpermission• Always use PMS 186C Red or RGB 186. If editingequipment is not capable of reproducing thesescales, match reds as closely as possible bycomparison with red on existing copies of AcademicN or color guide provided.7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. Signing up for a YouTube Account Sign up for an account on YouTube2. To sign up, click Sign In in the upper rightcorner of YouTube. Then follow the stepsbelow depending on whether you have aGoogle Account:– I already have a Google Account - just signin with your Google Account emailaddress and password OR …9
    10. 10. Signing up for a YouTube Account– I dont have a Google Account - clickCreate Account. You can then enter somebasic information to create your newGoogle Account. Youll be asked to createa Google username when signing up. Thisis for your new Gmail email address only -it will not be your public name on YouTube.Once youre done setting up your GoogleAccount, click Back to YouTube to getstarted with your new account.Source: YouTube at
    11. 11. Create a channel With just a Google Account, you canwatch, like, and subscribe. Without aYouTube channel, you wont have any publicpresence on YouTube. If you want to uploadvideos, leave comments, or makeplaylists, you can create a public YouTubechannel:– Make sure youre signed into yourYouTube account.11
    12. 12. – Go to create a channel (if you already have achannel, the link will take you to it).– Check the details and click OK to create your newchannel.2. If you dont want to use your full name on yourchannel, you can create a new channel with aYouTube username. Click To use a business orother name, click here in the prompt. You canthen enter the username you want.Source: YouTube at a channel
    13. 13. Check your YouTube settings —these are separate from GoogleAccount settings13
    14. 14. Click on ―My Channel‖ under YouTubeto bring up an editable, nonpublic version14
    15. 15. Hover over a section tobring up areas to edit / remove
    16. 16. OR … flip back and forth between theeditable version and what the publicsees by clicking ―View as public‖
    17. 17. Main photo for your channel17
    18. 18. Hover over big picture, then click on ―Editlinks‖ to add a website and social media
    19. 19. ―Add a Section‖ at the bottomlets you add a new section belowyour last one
    20. 20. The ANALYTICS section on yourDASHBOARD gives all types of information
    21. 21. While you can uploada 15 minute video —a 2-minute one ismore likely to bewatched!21
    22. 22. 22
    23. 23. For help while usingMovie Maker orPowerPoint, click F123
    24. 24. Read the Microsoft Services AgreementBEFORE using images, sounds, etc.• 8. Additional terms, MSN, and Bing– 8.1. and Office Web App mediaelements and templates.• Access at:• 2 key points (current as of 6/11/2013) You may not(i) sell, license, or distribute copies of the media elements bythemselves or as a product if the primary value of the productis the media elements; (ii) grant your customers rights tofurther license or distribute the media element24
    25. 25. View a video made usingPictures taken for a PowerPoint at
    26. 26. You may not have this on your computer, or have the latest version –you can download it or get the updated version at
    27. 27. 27
    28. 28. Screen shot of installation28
    29. 29. 29
    30. 30. Click the dropdownmenu in the cornerand then click―New project‖Remember to ―save‖ frequently!30
    31. 31. Click ―Project‖,then click―Widescreen (16:9)This is the best sizeFor Youtube –otherwise you willhave black bands atthe sides of yourvideo on YouTube(4:3 aspect ratio)31
    32. 32. • Click ―Save‖• It saves as a wlmpfile• Give it a name or itis called My Movie32
    33. 33. Add videosand photos33
    34. 34. Drag photos to changetheir position in the lineupNote: when you uploadphotos to a 16:9 aspectratio, part of them may becut off depending on howyour camera takes photos34
    35. 35. Right click on a slide and hit ―Remove‖to get rid of a slide. This slide wasremoved because it was too narrow tofill a 16:9 aspect ratio frame.35
    36. 36. Use (FREE) to cropphotos to 16:9 (1280 px x 720 px)Check ―scale photo‖when to include as muchof the photo as possible.Put cropped photos intoa separate folder so youcan find them.36
    37. 37. Basil fills the screen after it wascropped in
    38. 38. Add a ―Title‖ before selecteditem(s) – use for initial titleplus inserting slides with justwords before other slides38
    39. 39. Go to ―Text Tools‖ and then―Format.‖ When you return to a―title‖ screen, you may need to clickon it to see the text you added.39
    40. 40. You have several options for:• Background color• Text type, location andoutline• Duration• Placement of words40
    41. 41. How to make the credits slide usingPowerPoint: Design > Page Setup >Slides sized for > 16:9
    42. 42. Save as JPEG(or GIF for slides w/o photos)
    43. 43. Save ―Current Slide Only‖ andadd after your initial title slide
    44. 44. Add a―Caption‖ thatdisplays overthe selectedvideo or photo44
    45. 45. Type in your caption, and choosefont, size, color, location.45
    46. 46. Click on a photoand addanimations ifdesired:transitions andpan and/or panand zoom―Credits,‖ etc. gives you wordsthat scroll up the screen
    47. 47. Click on a photoand addanimations ifdesired:transitions andpan and/or panand zoomCreate animations for the slidesby clicking on the ―Animations‖tab. When you hover over theanimation, you will see itseffect. I held down the controlkey (CTRL) and then selectedall the picture slides and chosethe first option of ―automaticpan and zoom‖ to give me avariety quickly!47
    48. 48. Use the ―VisualEffects‖ tab to getspecial effects for aphoto from movementto color changes toblack and white48
    49. 49. Hovering over a photolets you see all you’vedone to it49
    50. 50. Clicking on ―Video Tools‖ and then―Edit‖ lets you adjust the total slideduration. Watch your video and see ifenough or too much time is spent ona slide with the default times. Youcan change each slide individually ifyou need different times for slides.50
    51. 51. This click lets you decide:• Font type, size, color, etc.• How long the text will show – canbe set a different time than slideduration• What the text does on the slide:sweeps in, expands, etc.Clicking on ―Text Tools‖ / Formatbrings up several options
    52. 52. If you use music from one ofthe online sources, readdirections carefully! It comeswith certain conditions.And, you can’t tell if YouTubewill accept it for sure. Also, itmay not be ―free.‖52
    53. 53. I got music by googling―microsoft image library‖And then clicked on thislink53
    54. 54. I then searched for the type ofmusic I wanted and added theword ―wav‖ after it or you canjust search for: music wavNot all Microsoft sounds work inmaking sounds. I also specified Iwas searching for ―sound‖54
    55. 55. ―Download‖ the soundand put it where you’llfind it. You can add itseveral times to yourmovie and also fade it outat end … so you don’tneed exact length55
    56. 56. ―Add music‖ to your video – youmay need to add it more thanonce until it shows across allyour photos56
    57. 57. Set end point for final sound so it matchesup with slide: ―Music Tools‖ / ―Options‖ —DO NOT overlap the stinger.
    58. 58. If the music cuts off in the middle, you can use the―fade out‖ feature so it tapers off toward the end.58
    59. 59. Check with MikeKamm, Electronic MediaSpecialist, EdMedia for moreinformation about royalty-freemusic. EdMedia has a royaltyfree music library.59
    60. 60. I did a ―Save movie‖ to my computer soI had more control on uploading it toYouTube than if I used the icon toupload it directly.I scrolled down to where I could save itin a format suitable for YouTube60
    61. 61. It saves as a MPEG-4 video61
    62. 62. This pops up when yourmovie is saved
    63. 63. Click on ―Upload‖ to start
    64. 64. Upload your file here.IMPORTANT: DO NOT upload the WLMP file.Your movie will have an MP4 extension64
    65. 65. Set your ―Privacy Settings‖ to ―Unlisted‖so you can view it yourself and share link withcolleagues to view before you make it ―public.‖If you need to upload it again, the URL is differentand any information sent out with that URL is nolonger available.―Unlisted‖ icon65
    66. 66. This little keyindicates it isan ―unlisted‖video andwon’t befound bysearchengines –howeveranyone withthe link canaccess it.66
    67. 67. Pick a thumbnailRemember to―Save changes‖!Type in a name for your movie or it will showthe name of the file. A real name will make iteasier to find via searchesAdd a shortdescriptionand categoryType in tags – and hit enter on yourkeyboard to set them apart as tags67
    68. 68. When you make your video go―public‖, check which―advance settings‖ you want68
    69. 69. Email confirmation of posting!69
    70. 70. If you’re embedding a video on another website:• Uncheck ―Show suggested videos when thevideo finishes‖ … it may not show yours! And,you may not like what it shows!• You might check ―Enable privacy-enhancedmode.‖Customize thesize of yourembeddedvideo here ifyou want adifferent size70
    71. 71. Click on ―Edit‖ to work with ―Basic‖an ―Advanced‖ settings OR click onthe box next to the video, then―Actions‖ and choose ―Delete‖ ifyou want to remove it.71
    72. 72. Embedding in a blog withoutshowing related videos• To quickly embed a YouTube video, copy the video’s URLfrom your web browser’s address bar while viewing video• Paste it on a line by itself in your post/page editor (makesure that it is not hyperlinked)• You can disable related videos by appending &rel=0• Source & more info on sizing videos for embedding inblogs at:• Posting the copied link from YouTube with &rel=0 at theend into your Facebook comment box also lets you share avideo without related links72
    73. 73. Click on your picture toaccess your accountThen click on ―VideoManager‖to access your videos73
    74. 74. 74
    75. 75. View a video made (mostly) withPowerPoint 2010t
    76. 76. Original PowerPoint76
    77. 77. 1. Select slides for video2. Copy & paste into a new slide set, usingoption of keeping the original formatting3. Change PowerPoint size to a 16:9 aspectratio (see info in Movie Maker section)4. Adjust formatting on slides as needed.77
    78. 78. 1. Decide on transitions2. Clicking on the transition will select it and showhow it looks on that slide3. Click on another transition to remove thepreceding one or click on ―None‖78
    79. 79. ―Apply To All‖ for the same transition oneach slide or do each slide differentlyexperiment79
    80. 80. Add ―Animations‖ the same as―transitions;‖ hovering over ananimation will show how it looks80
    81. 81. Check ―Effect Options‖ for morethings to do with ―Animations‖experiment81
    82. 82. 1. Play slideshow to check timing of slides needed toallow time for reading words, etc.2. Go to ―Transitions;‖ adjust time of the transition and/orhow soon the slide appears as needed. VIEW AGAIN.82
    83. 83. Unless you have a sound clip the exactlength of your slideshow, it’s easier toadd continuous sound by adding yourvideo to Windows Movie Maker anddropping in the sound (as described inMovie Maker section)If dropping the video into MovieMaker, drop the ―stinger‖ into MovieMaker, also.83
    84. 84. If you insert an audio file from Microsoft’s ClipArt Studio, hover over it to assure it is a WAVfile. All have the WAV icon here, but some areMID extension files and won’t work in a video(though you can hear them in a slideshow)84
    85. 85. Create a video & upload to YouTube (Uploaddirections in Movie Maker section)1. Save & Send855. Final Step!
    86. 86. The progress line at bottom tells a videois being created – it is a ―wmv‖ file >experiment86
    87. 87. 87
    88. 88. Extension is a Division of the Institute ofAgriculture and Natural Resources at theUniversity of Nebraska–Lincoln cooperatingwith the Counties and the United StatesDepartment of Agriculture.University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extensioneducational programs abide with thenondiscrimination policies of the Universityof Nebraska–Lincoln and the United StatesDepartment of Agriculture.88