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To have a successful tradeshow, you need to plan in advance. Discover what steps you should take to prepare for a tradeshow, what you should do while at the show and last but not least, how to follow up after the tradeshow.

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  • I get 100% of my business from referrals and the connections I make through networking online and in person. I do promote my products and services, but to people who know me, like me and trust me because I have build relationships with them.
  • Start your planning at least 8 weeks in advance.
  • Know the event who will attend what is the schedule who else is exhibiting
  • Design your exhibit – plan a booth that is inviting
  • Design the booth to invite people in – put the tables where you can stand in front of them. You don’t want a barrier between you and your guests.
  • Send a press release to local media outlets telling them that you’ll be exhibiting.
  • Post event on your website and social media channels with a link
  • Email or mail a postcard to everyone to let them know you’ll be exhibiting: Vendors to introduce yourself Attendees list to invite them to stop by your booth – give them a compelling reason to stop by
  • Schedule appointments with appropriate people. Often time there is common area where you can sit and talk to a prospect. Sometimes coffee, lunch or dinner is appropriate.
  • Prepare collateral – less is more. One significant piece. Make the piece about how you can get them results not the details of your product/service.
  • Determine a give-away for drawing at the booth – I recommend something that you sell. Give a deep discount or something that you can afford to give away. This gives you more qualified leads than giving away a bottle of wine or a gift basket. Give something relevant to your business so that only those interested in your services will enter.
  • Develop questions to ask booth visitors – people will stay at your booth longer if they are talking than if you are telling them all about your products and services. You need to ask questions to get them talking and you listen to hear what products and services align with their needs. What are some questions you will ask?
  • It is exhausting to stand on your feet and talk to people all day no matter how extraverted you are. Most times you are in the booth from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. if you are tired and crabby no one will relate to you. Make sure you have enough people to cover the booth so that you can take a break, eat lunch and not be on your feet more than 4 – 6 hours at a time.
  • Prepare follow up thank you notes and/or thank you emails; give a special offer link to your website an article you wrote quarterly newsletter Write your call plan including the series of voicemails you will leave if you don’t reach them. I recommend trying to call each interested person until you get them and recommend leaving at least 3 voicemails in 10 business days.
  • SCHEDULE: Who will be working What times Schedule time on your calendar for the days following the event so that you can do the follow-up and debrief
  • Know the event: Who will attend? What is the schedule? Who else is exhibiting?
  • Collect business cards for a drawing Walk around to other booths & get business cards from other vendors.
  • See what the competitors are up to
  • Look for potential companies to collaborate with
  • Know the event: Who will attend? What is the schedule? Who else is exhibiting?
  • Send follow up, make the calls, call each interested person at least 3 times. Plan in advance the voicemail you will leave if you don’t reach them. Each voicemail should be uniquely different and all about them. Plan the emails in advance that you will use to follow up in between the voicemails you leave.
  • Follow up on the hot leads but Contact all of the people you met
  • Even if they decide not to move forward now, Stay in touch, they may need you later. How do you plan to stay in touch?
  • Successful tradeshows

    1. 1. Sales Basics Revisited ® How to Work a Booth: Successfully Exhibiting at a Tradeshow or Professional Conference By Alice Heiman Alice Heiman, LLC · (775) 852-5020 ·
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    4. 4. Long before you arrive . . .
    5. 5. Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare.
    6. 7. Design the booth
    7. 8. Make sure it’s inviting.
    8. 9. Determine your show special.
    9. 10. Send a press release to local media.
    10. 11. Let everyone know you will be there.
    11. 12. Invite customers, prospects and the other vendors to visit with you .
    12. 13. Schedule appointments
    13. 14. Prepare your collateral …less is more.
    14. 15. Will you hold a drawing at your booth?
    15. 16. What will you ask your visitors?
    16. 17. Develop the work schedule.
    17. 18. Prepare the follow up.
    18. 19. Fancy Food Show Follow up Schedule time to do the follow up.
    19. 20. Being There
    20. 21. Greet
    21. 22. Ask more than tell
    22. 24. Qualify Leads
    23. 25. Demonstrate your product.
    24. 26. What are your competitors up to?
    25. 27. Look for companies you could collaborate with.
    26. 28. Getting Results
    27. 29. “ So, did you sell anything?”
    28. 33. How to Work Booth Alice Heiman, LLC · (775) 852-5020 · Sales Basics Revisited ® What will you do differently? We are here to help, call 775-852-5020