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Total 2º 3º periodos

  1. 1. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Listening – 4ConsumerismMaterialism ... Being too materialistic is not a positive attitude - we ought to have only enough things to make our lifecomfortable. However there are people who have a different viewpoint.A. ListeningListen to the song “Lost Property” by The Divine Comedy. Then, complete the activities suggested on page 79 inthe student’s book.In the film we will see next, Confessions of a Shopaholic, the main character loves possessing things; she enjoys goingshopping for fashionable clothes and outfits in fancy shops.B. GuessingBefore watching a film, tell me what objects and / or ideas we can expect to find in the film Choose 3 words /expressions from the list below and justify your choice.workaholic journalist credit card money designer clothesmannequin scarf friendship department store meetingsdebt collector obsession spending spree shopaholic shopping centreJournalist, credit card, designer clothes mannequin, scarf, friendship, department store, meetings, debt collector,obsession, spending spree, shopaholic._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________C. WatchingWatch the film and take note about it by completing the following questionnaire.Film Title: Confessions of a ShopaholicDuration: +/- 100 minutesType of Film: ______ romantic comedy film ___________Directed by: P. J. HoganStarring: Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Krysten Ritter, Joan Cusack, John Goodman, John Lithgow, Kristin ScotThomas, Leslie Bibb…Setting: where?: _New York________________[details on shopping environment: _______Hearst Tower _______________________]when?: present-dayPlot and Characters:Main Characters -name: Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher)occupation: __Journalist_____________characterization: __Shopaholic, like good brands like Prada, dont have money____________________________________________________________________________________-name: Luke Brandon (Hugh Dancy)occupation: __editor of successful savings____________characterization: ___Rich, organized, helpful _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Other Characters -name: Suze Cleath-Stuart (krysten Ritter)involvement / function: __Rebeccas best friend___________________________________
  2. 2. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4__________________________________________________________________________Plot (story): brief summary: Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a shopping addict who lives with her bestfriend Suze (Krysten Ritter). She works as a journalist for a gardening magazine but dreams to join the fashionmagazine Alette. On the way to an interview with Alette, she buys a green scarf. Her credit card is declined, soRebecca goes to a hot dog stand and offers to buy all the hot dogs with a check, if the seller gives her back changein cash, saying the scarf is to be a gift for her sick aunt. The hot dog vendor refuses but a man offers her $20.When Rebecca arrives at the interview, shes told that the position has been filled. However, the receptionist tellsher there is an open position with the magazine Successful Saving, explaining how getting a job at SuccessfulSavings could eventually lead to a position at Alette magazine. Rebecca interviews with Luke Brandon (HughDancy), the editor of Successful Savings and the man who just gave her the $20. She hides her scarf outside hisoffice, but Lukes assistant comes into the office and gives it back to her. Rebecca knows the game is up andleaves.That evening, drunk, she and Suze write letters to Alette and Successful Saving, but she mails each to the wrongmagazine. Luke likes the letter she meant to send to Alette and hires her. Rather than completing a workassignment for a new column, Rebecca goes to a clothing sale. While inspecting a cashmere coat she has justpurchased, she realizes it is not 100% cashmere and she has been duped. This gives her an idea for the column,which she writes under the name "The Girl in the Green Scarf" and is an instant success.Rebecca later returns home to renewed confrontations with her debt collector, so Suze makes her attendShopaholics Anonymous. The group leader, Miss Korch (Wendie Malick), forces Rebecca to donate all the clothesshe just bought, including a bridesmaids dress for Suzes wedding and a dress for a TV interview. After the meetingRebecca cant afford to buy back both and buys back the interview dress. During the interview, Rebecca is accusedof not paying her debts and loses her job. Suze is angry when she finds out that Rebecca lost the bridesmaiddress. Aletteoffers Rebecca a position at the magazine, but Rebecca declines. She sells most of her clothes to payher debts, including the green scarf. Meanwhile, Luke starts a new company, Brandon Communications.Rebeccas clothes sale makes it possible for her to pay her debts. Rebecca attends Suzes wedding after reclaimingher bridesmaid dress, and Suze forgives her. Rebecca and Luke reunite, and Luke returns the green scarf afterrevealing that the person who bought it at an auction was acting as his agent. Rebecca becomes romanticallyinvolved with Luke and starts working at his new company.D. Thinking and CommentingOne of the themes of the film has to do with our society’s relationship with money. Confessions of a Shopaholic illustratesthe idea of the consuming society; it is a definition of consumerism. But does the film also encourage society to live withoutso many things?Comment on / Explain the statement above.__This film tells us about the difficult life of a shopaholic and the ambition of have a good appetence and have agood job.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Listening – 5Cultures: Equality and Inequality“We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes,different dreams.” [Jimmy Carter – American statesman. 39th President of the USA] ( DescribingWhat message does this picture transmit? What do you see in the picture?cultural difference- girl from India -> wearing a traditional dress- hides-> sneakers (football)F. Working with Ideas1. Match the ideas on the cultures on the left to the references on the right.British culturefootball and cricketturbanarranged marriageIndian Sikh culturecurryapple piesari2. Young people frequently use informal language; sometimes people in general use offensive andderogative expressions when referring to other people who are different.Complete the following definitions; write the term from the list below next to the definition.a) paki b) nigger c) queer d) gora e) mick1. _d_: term used by British Asians and among English-speaking South Asians to refer to white people.2. _a_: derogatory way of referring to south Asians including Indians, Afghans and Bangladeshis.3. _e_: derogatory word for Irish people (referring to the “Mc” in Irish surnames – McNeil, McFlannagan)4. _c_: pejorative term for gay / homosexual5. _b_: racist term referring to a black person in an offensive way (remits to the idea of slave)G. WatchingWatch the film and take note about it by completing the following questionnaire.Film Title: Bend it like Beckham [explain it - Beckham is a famous British football player that bens the ball whenhe kick it. he is her idol.]Duration: +/- 100 minutesType of Film / Genre: ___________romantic comedy film____________Directed by: Gurinder Chadha
  4. 4. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Starring: Parminder Nagra, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Keira Knightley, Archie Panjabi, Shaznay Lewis,Anupam Kher, Preeya Kalidas, …Setting: where?: __England (London and Germany)_______when?: _____Present day__________________Plot and Characters:Main Characters -name: Jesminder “Jess” Bhamra (Parminder Nagra)description (origin; preferences; ...): Determined, loves football, from sikh Indian family-name: Juliette “Jules” Paxton (Keira Knightley)Description (origin; preferences; ...): English girl, loves football, want to be a professionalfootball playerOther Characters -name: Joe (Jonathan Rhys Meyers)involvement / function: coach, Irish, works in a bar_______________________________-name: ___Parents___________involvement / function: __transmit Sikh Indian costumes___________________________-name: ____Sister_________________involvement / function: ___protect her_________________________________________Plot (story): narrator: __jess_______________________cultural references: (family life; role of men and women; food; religion; …)Sikh: _Food: spicy food__________________________________________________________________Clothes: sari very colorful___________________________________________They are very festive_______________________________________________________________woman have to cook and look after the family________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________British: ___Like us_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________H. Thinking and Commenting“Beneath the armour of skin and bone and mind most of our colours are amazingly the same.”(Aberjhani, Elemental: The Powerof Illuminated Love in on / Explain the statement above in relation to the themes – multiculturalism - in the film.___We are all human beings and we have the same rights. Multiculturalism is a very good thing and it helps______transmitting different culture and languages.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________In the film Jess is the daughter of a Sikh family living in London. There is a substantial community of Sikhsliving in London. Look up information on Sikh culture and take not of some interesting facts.A Sikh is a follower of Sikhism, a monotheistic, monist, pantheist religion that originated in the 15thcentury in the Punjab region.
  5. 5. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4The term "Sikh" means disciple, student. Some historians suggests that the name "Sikh" is derived fromthe ancient term"Saka". A Sikh is a disciple/subject of the Guru.According to the Guru Granth Sahib, the Guru of The Sikhs, the definition of a Sikh follows:“ One who calls himself a Sikh of the Guru, the True Guru, shall rise in the early morning hoursand meditate on the Lords Name. Upon arising early in the morning, the Sikh is to bathe, andcleanse himself in the pool of nectar. Following the Instructions of the Guru, the Sikh is tochant the Name of the Lord, All sins, misdeeds and negativity shall be erased. Then, at therising of the sun, the Sikh is to sing Gurbani; whether sitting down or standing up, the Sikh is tomeditate on the Lords Name. One who meditates on my Lord, Ik Onkar, with every breath andevery morsel of food - that Gursikh becomes pleasing to the Gurus Mind. That person, untowhom my Lord and Master is kind and compassionate - upon that Gursikh, the GurusTeachings are bestowed. Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of that Gursikh, whohimself chants the Naam, and inspires others to chant it." ”According to Article I of the "Rehat Maryada" (the Sikh code of conduct and conventions), a Sikh isdefined as "any human being who faithfully believes in One Immortal Being; ten Gurus, from GuruNanak to Guru Gobind Singh; Guru Granth Sahib; the teachings of the ten Gurus and the baptismbequeathed by the tenth Guru; and who does not owe allegiance to any other religion". Sikhs believe inthe equality of humankind, the concept of universal brotherhood and One Supreme transcendent andimmanent God (Ik Onkar).The Sikh religion was founded by Guru Nanak. The origins of Sikhism lie in the teachings of GuruNanak and his successors. The essence of Sikh teaching is summed up by Nanak in these words:"Realization of Truth is higher than all else. Higher still is truthful living". Sikh teaching emphasizes theprinciple of equality of all humans and rejects discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, and gender.According to Sikh tradition, the Guru spread his teachings wherever he traveled. Near the end of his lifethe Guru had many followers from many walks of life and religions. The Guruship was consecutivelypassed down to nine other Gurus, who were stated to have the divine light of God with them. TheseGurus strengthened and expanded the Sikh religion and the revelations of God. The final and lastGuruship was bestowed upon a combined institution of holy-book (Granth) immersed in The GuruGranth Sahib Ji and people (Panth) i.e the Guru Khalsa.Most male Sikhs have Singh (lion) and most female Sikhs Kaur (princess) as their last names. Sikhs whohave undergone the khanḍe-kī-pahul, the Sikh initiation ceremony, can also be recognised by the FiveKs: uncut hair (Kesh); an iron/steel bracelet (kara); a Kirpan, a sword tucked in a gatra strap; Kachehra, acotton undergarment; and a Kanga, a small wooden comb. Baptised male Sikhs must cover their hairwith a turban, while baptised female Sikhs can choose to wear a turban.The greater Punjab region is the historical homeland of the Sikhs, although significant communities existaround the world.
  6. 6. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Listening – 6I Shop therefore I Am – Ad Presentation“The aim of the advertisement is to attract the customer and create an urge in his mind to have that product and if the advertisement does not fulfill thisobjective, the expenditure done on advertising is quite useless.”( this class each of you will speak about an ad. Now listen to your classmates and complete the followingtable with the missing details.ClassmatesAdvert Speaking AssessmentOtherCommentsType (video/ poster /banner...)Item / BrandContent CommunicationTotaldescriptionexplanation ofchoicevocabulary/ structurefluency /pronunciationNo Name 0 1 2 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 0 1 2 3 10123Ana MicaelaCunhaVideo Oreo X X X X 845André FilipeDiasVideo Milk X X X X 66Avelino AAraújoVideo Samsung X X X X 67Bruno DanielSilvaVideoCalitondaught(bear)X X X X 68Diogo FilipePereiraVideo Pepsi X X X x 69Diogo FilipeCardosoVideo Twistos X X X X 51011HadassaLibânioVideo Milka X X x X 51213 Joana Pinto Video Pefiz X X X X 814151617Luciana MariaGomesVideo X X X X 618Luís FilipePóvoasVideo19Miguel ÂngeloCorreiaVideo Panda cheese X X X X 8202122Pedro MiguelLopesVideo M&M X X X X 6232425 Rui F Silva Video Gibson X X X X 526272829Sofia ARodriguesVideo M&M X X X X 830
  7. 7. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Listening – 7Rainbow NationRainbow Nation is a term coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to describe post-apartheid South Africa, after South Africas first fullydemocratic election in 1994.The phrase was elaborated upon by President Nelson Mandela in his first month of office, when he proclaimed: "Each of us is as intimatelyattached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld - a rainbownation at peace with itself and the world."The term was intended to encapsulate the unity of multi-culturalism and the coming-together of people of many different nations, in a countryonce identified with the strict division of white and black [apartheid]. [adapted - 2011-05-20]I. Being informedSouth African National Flag The many migrations that formed the modern Rainbow Nation.You are going to watch a film in which Nelson Mandela is the main character. In his first term as the South AfricanPresident, he initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land: enlist the national rugby team on amission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. ( - adapted)1. The poem below not only provides the film with a title, but is also important in the film plot*. Let’s read it tounderstand the message.Invictus The title is Latin for “unconquered.” The poet, William Ernest Henley, wrote itfrom his hospital bed. His indomitable spirit led him to triumph over theamputation of his leg.1. Identify the words in the poem that refer to situation ofdespair.Night, Black, Fell, bludgeonings, wrath, winced, cried, tears, Horror, Menace,punishments._______________________________________________________________________________________________2. Now write the words / verses in the poem that refer tohope, success and confidence.unconquerable soul, unbowed, unafraid, master of my fate, captain of mysoul_____________________________________________________________________________________________* In the film “Invictus”, Nelson Mandela gives the rugby captain a copy of the poem byOut of the night that covers me,Black as the pit from pole to pole,I thank whatever gods may beFor my unconquerable soul.In the fell clutch of circumstanceI have not winced nor cried aloud.Under the bludgeonings of chanceMy head is bloody, but unbowed.Beyond this place of wrath and tearsLooms but the Horror of the shade,And yet the menace of the yearsFinds and shall find me unafraid.
  8. 8. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4It matters not how strait the gate,How charged with punishments the scroll,I am the master of my fate:I am the captain of my soul.William Ernest HenleyWilliam Henley to inspire him to lead his team. In reality President Mandela gaveFrancois Pienaar a copy of "The Man in the Arena" passage from President of theUnited States Theodore Roosevelts speech Citizenship in a Republic .2. Before watching the film, have a look at the following words which are key expressions in the film. Match theword to its meaning.apartheid 1. a) discrimination or prejudice based on race1. - __d__2. - __a__3. - __e__4. - __b__5. - __f__6. - __g__7. - __c__racism 2.b) stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling oractivityANC 3.c) a small brown and white gazelle of southern Africa, noted for its habitof repeatedly leaping high into the air when startled; aperson who has represented South Africa in a national sports teaminspiration 4. d) a policy or practice of separating or segregating groups.forgiveness 5.e) the African National Congress is a national liberation movement and aleft-wing political party in South Africarugby 6. f) the act and will of pardoning shortcomingsspringbok 7.g) a form of football, played between two teams of 15 members each;the players have freedom to carry the ball, block with hands and arms...J. Diversity, Equality, Ambition, Skill...1. Now watch the film and pay attention to (or do research on) to take note about it by completing the followingfilm log.Film Title: InvictusDuration: +/- 130 minutesType of Film: ____Biographical Drama_________Directed by _____Clint Eastwood________________Starring: Morgan Freeman as ___Nelson Mandela_____; ____Matt Damon____ as Francois Pienaar;and Tony Kgoroge; Matt Stern; Adjoa Andoh; Marguerite Wheatley ….Setting - where?: __South Africa_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________when?: 1995 Rugby World Cup ChampionshipPlot and CharactersMain Characters – name: Nelson Mandelaoccupation / job: __President of South Africa___________characterization: ___Good leader, perseverant, communicative________________________________________________________________________________________________name: Francois Pienaaroccupation / job: __Captain of springboks_____________characterization: __observant, good leader, alert____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Other Characters – name: __Brenda Mazibuko_________involvement / function: ___Secretary of Mandela___________________________name: ___Hendrick Booyens___________involvement / function: ____Body Guard_________________________________name: __Garry Pagel______________involvement / function: ____Player_______________________
  9. 9. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Plot (story) – brief summary: On 11 February 1990, Nelson Mandela is released from Victor Verster Prison after 27 yearsspent in jail. Four years later, Mandela is elected the first black President of South Africa. His presidency faces enormouschallenges in the post-Apartheid era, including rampant poverty and crime. Mandela is particularly concerned about racialdivisions between black and white South Africans, which could lead to violence. The ill will which both groups hold towards eachother is seen even in his own security detail where relations between the established white officers, who had guarded Mandelaspredecessors, and the black ANC additions to the security detail, are frosty and marked by mutual distrust.________________While attending a game of the Springboks, the countrys rugby union team, Mandela recognizes that the blacks in the stadiumcheer against their home squad, as the mostly-white Springboks represent prejudice and apartheid in their minds. He remarksthat he did the same while imprisoned on Robben Island. Knowing that South Africa is set to host the 1995 Rugby World Cup inone years time, Mandela convinces a meeting of the newly black-dominated South African Sports Committee to support theSpringboks. He then meets with the captain of the Springboks rugby team, François Pienaar (Matt Damon), and implies that aSpringboks victory in the World Cup will unite and inspire the nation. Mandela also shares with François a British poem,"Invictus", that had inspired him during his time in prison.________________________________________________________François and his teammates train. Many South Africans, both black and white, doubt that rugby will unite a nation torn apart bysome 50 years of racial tensions. For many blacks, especially the radicals, the Springboks symbolise white supremacy. BothMandela and Pienaar, however, stand firmly behind their theory that the game can successfully unite the South Africancountry.______________________________________________________________________________________________Things begin to change as the players interact with the fans and begin a friendship with them. During the opening games,support for the Springboks begins to grow among the black population. By the second game, the whole country comes togetherto support the Springboks and Mandelas efforts. Mandelas security team also grows closer as the various officers come torespect their comrades professionalism and dedication.______________________________________________________The Springboks surpass all expectations and qualify for the final against The All Blacks— South Africas arch-rivals. NewZealand and South Africa were universally regarded as the two greatest rugby nations, with the Springboks being the only sideto have a winning record against the All Blacks up to this point; however the All Blacks overtook the Springboks in head-to-headwins later in the decade, and also won a test series for the first time in South Africa the following year.[4]The first test seriesbetween the two countries in 1921 was the beginning of an intense rivalry, with emotions running high whenever the two nationsmet on the rugby field._________________________________________________________________________________Before the game, the Springbok team visits Robben Island, where Mandela spent 27 years in jail. There Pienaar is inspired byMandelas will and his idea of self-mastery in the poem "Invictus". François mentions his amazement that Mandela "could spendthirty years in a tiny cell, and come out ready to forgive the people who put [him] there"._______________________________Supported by a large home crowd of both races, Pienaar motivates his team. Mandelas security detail receives a scare when,just before the match, a 747-400 flies in low over the stadium. It is not an assassination attempt though, but a demonstration ofpatriotism. The Springboks win the match on an added time long drop-kick from fly-half Joel Stransky, with a score of 15–12.Mandela and Pienaar meet on the field together to celebrate the improbable and unexpected victory. Mandelas car then drivesaway in the traffic-jammed streets leaving the stadium. As Mandela watches the South Africans celebrating together from thecar, his voice is heard reciting the poem "Invictus".___________________________________________________________2. Key ideas (take note on symbols and situations of):nation / people / stereotypes: _Rugby for white people and football for black people_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________immigration / diversity: __Different races and different life stiles________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________apartheid / racism / discrimination: __Springbok, old flag______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________freedom / unity / reconciliation: __Nelson Mandela__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ambition / skill / ability: __Make everybody equal____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________K. Getting the Job Done
  10. 10. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 41. The film’s tagline is “He was a prisoner who became a president. To unite his country, he asked one man to dothe impossible.” ( - 2011-05-20)Write a comment on the film or explain the previous quote.___Ive loved this film because it represents the leadership and hope of one of the greatest presidents ofSouth Africa. Mandela was a politic prisoner that became president of South Africa. He Helped in therelation between black and white people.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. To be a proficient professional (in any area) requires certain skills and competences.What ability do you think are required to perform the following jobs well? Match the words in the box tothe jobs on the list. You may repeat words.Organised (1) Perseverance (2) Leader (3) Alert (4)Observant (5) Sociable (6) Communicative (7) Discreet (8)president of a country - __1,2,3,4,5,6,7_____________________________________________________________captain of a sports team - _1,2,3,4,5,7______________________________________________________________bodyguard of a politician - _1,2,4,5,8_______________________________________________________________maid - __1,5,8_________________________________________________________________________________secretary - __1,2,5,7,8___________________________________________________________________________
  11. 11. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Listening – 8Job Hunting – Interview“Love what you do and do what you love.” Be successful! Having a job is important; working and feeling useful in society is imperative, butenjoying what you do is essential.During this class you will listen to job interviews. Let’s find out how well you all prepared and remember that you should createa positive image. Now listen to your classmates and complete the following table with details on your observation /assessment.Students Interviewee InterviewerTotalComments /ObservationsPartnersNoNamePresentation/PostureVocabulary/PronunciationGrammar /StructureFluency /InteractionCreativity /DevelopmentSub-TotalA B C D ESub-Total%Interviewee+Interviewer0 5100 5100 510150 51015200 51015706 1218243030100A3AnaMicaelaCunhaX X X X X 40X 2464 read13JoanaPintoX X X X X 45X 1862 readB5AndréFilipeDias6Avelino AAraújoC7BrunoDanielSilva25Rui FSilvaD8DiogoFilipePereiraX X X X X 50X 24749DiogoFilipeCardosoX X X X X35X1853E11HadassaLibânioX X X X X 40X 246422PedroMiguelLopesX X X X X 35X 2459F17LucianaMariaGomes18LuísFilipePóvoasG19MiguelÂngeloCorreiaX X X X X 45X 1257 Read andlaughing29SofiaARodriguesX x x x x 45x 2459
  12. 12. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4DESCRIPTORSIntervieweePresentation /PostureVocabulary /PronunciationGrammar / Structure Fluency / InteractionCreativity /Development10-correct attitude;-formal posture;-adequate dresscode10-good and variedvocabulary use;-adequatepronunciation15-few grammaticalerrors / lapses-good degree ofcommunicationalunderstanding20-speaking fluencyand effectiveness;-very goodinteraction-good variety ofpauses and rhythm15-clear and originalpresentation ofideas-good productionof information;-correct question /answerdevelopment10-some grammaticalerrors;-communication isachieved15-speaking withsome degree offluency;-good interaction;-some hesitations,some lack ofrhythm10-may read someinformation;-adequateinformation;-some linksbetween theinformation given5-one of the abovecharacteristics is notpresent5-poor vocabularyuse;-constant repetitionof the same words;-difficulty inpronunciation5-serious grammaticalerrors;-difficultcommunicationalunderstanding10-some speakingdifficulty;-regularinteraction;-too many pauses,reading someanswers5-reading theanswers;-only basicinformation;-no linkingbetweeninformation(questions andanswers)5-speaking difficulty;-poor or weakinteraction;-reading theanswers0 – implies the lack of any of the characteristicsInterviewerA WeakB Poor /UnsatisfactoryC Fair D Good E Very Good-speaking difficulty;-weak interaction;-no creativity-speaking difficulty;-poor interaction;-little creativity-some speakingdifficulty;-regular interaction;-some creativity-speaking with somedegree of fluency;-good interaction;-creative-speaking fluency andeffectiveness;-very good interaction;-very creative
  13. 13. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Listening - 9The Future“Happy is the person who knows what to remember of the past, what to enjoy in the present, and what to plan for in the future.” (ArnoldGlasow) in (2013-05-22)L. Getting StartedThe activities that follow may help you think about the things we mentioned in class this year, wonder about thepresent and plan the future ahead. To make thing easier you are going to watch a film based on a book.But before watching ...1. Have a look a look at the cover of the book being projected.a) Can you guess what the book is about? Can you imagine what information has been omitted? The subtitleis Evolution of a Game.___________Tactics of a game________________________________________________________b) Did the hidden information surprise you? The full title of the book is The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.Complete the dictionary definition of the expression “blind side”; use the words in the box.attack opposite see vulnerable direction tackle dangerblind side (noun) a 1.___Direction________ in which somebody cannot 2. _____see_______ very much, especiallyapproaching 3. _____danger_____; the side 4. __opposite______ that toward which a person is lookingblindside (verb) to 5. __attack______ where a person is 6. __vulnerable____; to hit or 7.__tackle___ in sportsOxford Advanced Learners Dictionary (adapted)c) What game do you imagine the title refers to? Look at the clues provided on the projection. Indicate thesport activity and related equipment.American football: power, team spirit, strategy, aggressiveness, speed____________________________2. Now let’s have a look at some information related to the film. What ideas (words / expressions) do they suggest?a) Write a few adjectives and nouns for each picture._Big beautiful house, lovely family, caring relationship, happy people.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________b) What message is transmitted by the film trailer?Hope, solidarity, caring, growing up, love, friendship_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________M. Developing1. Now watch the film and pay attention to (can can also do research on) to take note about it by completing thefollowing film log.Film Title: The Blind SideDuration: +/- 130 minutesType of Film: ____ semi-biographical sports drama film _______Directed by _______John Lee Hancock __________________________Starring: Sandra Bullock as __ Leigh Anne Tuohy _____; Quinton Aaron as ___ Michael "Big Mike" Oher ____;and Tim McGraw; Jae Head; Lily Collins ….
  14. 14. AGRUPAMENTO DE ESCOLAS DE CARVALHOSLanguage PortfolioMy Dossier (year 11)Language Portfolio (year 11) – Listening 4Setting - where?: _Memphis_____ - Tennessee, USAwhen?: _present day______________Plot and CharactersMain Characters – name: Leigh Anne Tuohyoccupation / job: ___American interior designer____________characteristics: ____Bossy, good organization, multitasking, caring and sensitive.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________name: Michael Oheroccupation / job: ____student, Football player____________characteristics: ____Protector and hard-worker_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Other Characters – name: ____ Sean Tuohy ____________involvement / function: __American sports commentator and restaurateur, adoptive fathername: ____Sean "S.J." Tuohy, Jr.________________involvement / function: _____Brother and best friend________________________name: ____ Miss Sue___________________involvement / function: _Tutor_________________________Plot (story) – brief summary: Based on the true story of Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy who take in a homeless teenageAfrican-American, Michael "Big Mike" Oher. Michael has no idea who his father is and his mother is a drugaddict. Michael has had little formal education and few skills to help him learn. Leigh Anne soon takes chargehowever, as is her nature, ensuring that the young man has every opportunity to succeed. When he expressesan interest in football, she goes all out to help him, including giving the coach a few ideas on how best to useMichaels skills. They not only provide him with a loving home, but hire a tutor to help him improve his gradesto the point where he would qualify for an NCAA Division I athletic scholarship. Michael Oher was the first-round pick of the Baltimore Ravens in the 2009 NFL draft._______________________________________2. Key ideas (take note on situations related to):the world around us and the environment: One side purer then the other_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________consumerism: Richer people consume more than the purer people, that dont have nothing______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________the world of work: __white people have better jobs then black people___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________our multicultural world: __White people are wealthier than black people. white people have fear of black_______________people_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________N. Planning1. The film transmits several messages. What idea do you consider to be the most important? Why?Write a brief comment on the film.___I loved this film. it have a very good final message and it tell us that we should follow our dreams anddont be racist.