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leading physiotherapists in his field, Fraser Pressdee BSc (Hons) MCSP BSY (SpM). To me,having the skills that Ive acquire...
Eager trainers tend to be impatient trainers; impatient trainers give you all the new never seenbefore exercises but, rare...
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What To Look For In A Personal Trainer


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What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at :http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0016PWG7S?tag=pdf-marketing-20==== ====Looking for a Trainer?How long has it been since you actually felt good about yourself?Remember a time when the thought maybe Im meant to be this weight never even crossed yourmind?Or perhaps youve just got back from your local gym and signed up for the latest hula hoop class(god forbid) and suddenly come to the realisation that your body is changing in the WRONG wayand there may be only one other thing you can do about it!This is usually the time when youll consider using a personal training service, but with so manytrainers out there, where do you start?If youve never even considered a service of this kind before then what should you look for?If this is going through your mind right now then fear not, as I may just have the perfect solution foryou. So sit down, grab yourself a herbal tea or a glass of water and read on.Dont Be Afraid to AskSome years ago the idea of a personal trainer was far beyond most peoples reach. Nowadaystheyre everywhere as courses become accessible to any Tom, Dick or Harriet.Hence the article, Im writing this to help you get a better idea of what you should be asking andlooking for in a fitness professional.Here are my 10 top tips to help you find the right trainer.1. Find a trainer that specialises in your goal.Many trainers tend to be jack of all trades and masters of none. Find a trainer that knows aboutyour goals and exactly how to tackle them2. How educated is your trainer?Education and knowledge are of up most importance, Im very fortunate to have trained with someof the leading fitness professionals in the country and keep in regular contact with them as wediscuss new ideas and the state of the profession. Im also very fortunate to work with one of the
  2. 2. leading physiotherapists in his field, Fraser Pressdee BSc (Hons) MCSP BSY (SpM). To me,having the skills that Ive acquired and the friends that I have made over the years in thisprofession all contribute to make me very fortunate and extremely grateful to be surrounded withtrue experts in their field. Hopefully, your soon to be trainer will have that same knowledge passionand drive as my friends and myself have maintained over the years.3. How long are the sessions and how much?The usual is an hour. Here, we train our clients for as long as we believe they need to be workedfor. Some may not make the full hour some will exceed over the hour session by coming in earlierto warm up. Once the job is done theres nothing more to do. Let me put it this way, if you pay anosteopath to crack your back into place and it takes him 2 minutes but its a 30 minuteappointment, they wont offer you another service. The job is done, simple as that and we are nodifferent!4. How many hours of on floor training have they done?How long someone has been a trainer is completely different to how many hours theyve actuallybeen coaching. For all you know they could have been a trainer for 5 years and only had a regularclientele of 4 appointments per week.5. What about references?Testimonials are all well and good, we use them and everyone is genuine. Unfortunately, that maynot be the case with all. Ask for references before agreeing to train with your coach if you dontknow of them.6. Do they have a contract?We have a written contract both for cancellations and for the guarantees that we promote. Makesure your trainer has.7. Will you under go a full assessment?Assessments are crucial, if youre not assessing your guessing its as simple as that. Before youeven start your first session you should be taken through an assessment to test for muscleimbalances, posture, range of movement, muscle firing and inner range contraction techniques.The most advanced assessment is the Kinetic Chain Assessment with only a handful of specialistsin the UK.8. Do they listen to you?Youll be surprised at the amount of trainers that dont listen to their clients. Just because thetrainer knows more than you, doesnt mean the trainer knows exactly what you want. Make thatclear to your trainer, remember, youre the one paying.9. Look for enthusiasm not eagerness.
  3. 3. Eager trainers tend to be impatient trainers; impatient trainers give you all the new never seenbefore exercises but, rarely give you the results you came for.10. Master or disaster?Make sure your trainers train themselves. How can a trainer possibly be a master of certainmovements if he or she has never done them before?Personal training is an easy career to get into, its a long and hard career to be excellent in andwhen you train yourself you have a better understanding of what it feels like. I truly believe trainersshould never ask their clients to do something they cant. Unless of course youre training a worldclass athlete or similar in which case Ill let you off.ConclusionNow you may think Im being slightly biased towards my own company and my coaches, but Imreally not. Im being completely honest, what I have set out to achieve is an outstanding PersonalTraining Company that delivers results with true professionalism.KevinKevin Raison is the founder of Kick Start Boot Camp in the Birmingham, Midlands. With a widerange of Boot Camps such asXtremeLadies OnlyBridal (using Biosignature Modulation)Kick Start Boot CampKidsFor more information on Kick Start Boot Camps Services visithttp://www.kickstartbootcamp.co.uk.Kevin is the founder of Kick Start Boot Camp Training. A Boot Camp that guarantees results oryour money back!With over 50 Boot Camps now running in the Midlands, Kevin has now franchised the business topersonal trainers all over the country. Meaning everyone can benefit from expert tuition andachieve maximum results in minimum time.http://www.kickstartbootcamp.co.ukArticle Source:
  4. 4. http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kevin_Raison