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Variety Is the Key to Your Cross Trainer Workout


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Variety Is the Key to Your Cross Trainer Workout

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at : ====A treadmill is a great piece of fitness equipment, providing you with a complete cardio workoutsession each time you use it. However, the key to working out is variety and the fixed nature of across trainer can mean that your workout is the same, time after time. This is not only going tomake you bored, but the monotony of the routine could put you off exercising all together.This need not be the case though; there really are a variety of ways you can keep your crosstraining workout fresh, interesting and above all varied, delivering impressive results with regularuse.Firstly, do not ignore the settings your machine is supplied with (and if you have yet to purchase across trainer pay close attention to the settings on offer before buying). Many people fall into thetrap of simply stepping on to the trainer and starting their routine, getting off again some thirtyminutes later. Next time, have a play around with the settings because the chances are you willdiscover a whole host of pre-programmed routines to work through. The best routines are variedthroughout, so you may spend the first five minutes "hill climbing" (requiring extra force) and thenfive minutes "power striding" (requiring less force and more speed). This variety is a great way ofboosting your heart rate and challenging your arm and leg muscles.You also need to think about varying the length of your sessions, as this will give you an addedboost. Many of us will choose to hop on to the cross trainer, workout for a fixed time period, thenhop off again until the next time. Rather than doing this you should workout for varying amounts oftime. For example of day one do an intensive ten-minute fast workout with low resistance. On daytwo perform a 30-minute workout with a combination of hard resistance and low resistance. Onday three you could do a twenty-minute intensive hill climbing routine and so on. Again, thediversity will work your body harder and will help to keep boredom at bay.Finally, to keep your energy up and your attention focused try adding music to your routine. Musicwith a steady beat can really help you to get into a workout "groove" and really can make theroutine fly by.Exercise on the cross trainer should not be seen as a chore, so mix it up, make it fun and youreally will see the benefits!Orbus Leisure are a leading supplier of Cross Trainers, all at unbeatable prices. Visit today.
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