Tony Horton Workout Review - P90X Vs 10 Minute Trainer


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Tony Horton Workout Review - P90X Vs 10 Minute Trainer

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at : ====Confused about the differences between P90X and the 10 Minute Trainer workouts? Each ofthese Tony Horton workout programs provides an effective way to lose weight and get your bodyback in shape. However, each program uses a different approach and provides different results.For those in search of a program to get buff or toned quickly, the P90X program is a great choice.On the other hand if you are in search of a long term exercise routine that you can complete in justa few minutes a day, the 10 Minute Trainer program may provide the best results.In addition, you could also use both programs in conjunction. Kick start your weight loss with P90Xand follow up with the 10 Minute Trainer to maintain your look. Consider the following comparisonswhen you are ready to choose between the P90X workout routine and the 10 Minute Trainer...How Much Time Do You Have Available?The first thing to consider when choosing the perfect workout routine is how much time you haveavailable each day. The P90X program requires a minimum of one hour each day for 90 days.However, you may need to commit to an hour and a half if you are in search of exceptional results.The 10 Minute Trainer program is designed to take up only ten minutes each day. This programhas no time frame such as the 90 days length with P90X. Each workout routine is broken downinto ten minute intervals, and you can complete one ten minute section per day or you can doseveral routines. Obviously, the amount of time you spend working out will impact how quickly yousee results.How Fast Do You Want Results?P90X guarantees that you will see significant results in only 90 days. The program is intended forthose who want fast results. With the intense workout regimen you can start out overweight andend up fit and toned in less than three months. On the other hand, 10 Minute Trainer providesresults quickly, without a definite date for completion. You can continue the program for 30, 90, or200 days. You will achieve results throughout the time you are using the program. However, theresults you receive will depend on the intensity of your routine and your dedication to the program.What Is Your Stamina and Ability Level?Before beginning any workout regimen you need to take a good look at your abilities and staminalevel. If you have a medical condition, or are severely out of shape, you may not want to start outwith an intense 90 minute routine such as P90X. For most people, this is the hardest part ofgetting back in shape. In many cases people believe they can accomplish more than they actuallycan. If you have a hard time walking across a parking lot, you may need to start out slowly. On the
  2. 2. other hand, if you are already in decent shape and simply need to redefine your body, an intenseworkout may be perfect. Many people start out slowly with the 10 Minute Trainer and move up tothe P90X program as their stamina builds.Similarities Between P90X and 10 Minute TrainerBoth P90X and 10 Minute Trainer have many similarities. Each program includes a nutritionprogram and step-by-step details you can follow. The programs also use methods to ensure younever hit a plateau during your routine. A plateau occurs when your muscles adjust to your routineand no longer respond. If this occurs, you can continue the program for months and you maynever see any changes. However, P90X uses a patented technique called "muscle confusion".The routine is designed in a way that confuses your muscles so you do not plateau. Youcontinually change the exercise routine and continue to see results throughout the program. Onthe other hand, 10 Minute Trainer uses a process called stacking to avoid plateauing. With eachsystem, the exercises build upon one another to guarantee continued results.As you can see, each Tony Horton workout program provides certain benefits when it comes togetting fit. Ultimately, only you can decide which program you are prepared for. Always remember,the first and most important step to success is starting something and sticking with it.Discover the best place to buy P90X and read more about the 10 Minute Trainer program on myBeachbody workout blog today.Article Source: