Three 10 Minute Trainer Upgrade Heavy Resistance Workout Routines


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Three 10 Minute Trainer Upgrade Heavy Resistance Workout Routines

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at : ====The 10 Minute Trainer Upgrade Heavy Resistance is an addition to the 10 Minute Trainer - HeavyResistance. It includes intense workouts that are not included in the original heavy resistance.Heavy resistance workouts are those that require greater energy and endurance. These workoutsoffer more challenges than the deluxe or medium resistance workouts.Even the busy people, the ones who are primarily targeted by this program, can do energypumping or heavy resistance workouts anytime and anywhere. Like the other 10-minute trainersthese high endurance workouts only last for 10 minutes. The following are just some of theadditional heavy resistance workouts that are offered in this upgrade.1. Total BodyThis workout includes several fat-burning routines such as cardio, push-ups, and other routinesthat involve the entire body. In this compilation, Tony had grouped several cardio and otherroutines to work on different muscles of the body at the same time. You may start with a littlestretching with this program and after a minute you are going to switch to another move. Thisprogram requires less repetition because it uses a maximum of 10 different moves in 10 minutes.One particular routine may just count from one to eight and no time to repeat. Every secondcounts in this program so Tony never wasted a single second in this workout. Even the rests inbetween are counted.2. Core Cardio.Maybe you wont believe that you can burn fats in just 10 minutes. Well, you better start believingnow. Tony applied in this program a special technique to tighten your midsection and to revealyour six-pack abs by shedding some fats in the abs area. You can have intense workouts that lastfor 10 minutes on your core area.3 Upper Body.This includes toning and shaping up of your muscles on the upper body. The routines used in thisvolume work on your arms and shoulders to reveal those muscles of your dream. In this program,you will be facing a battery type of workouts that last for 10 minutes. Each workout on the seriesmay last a minute or two depending on its intensity. Frequency is disregarded because repetitionis not necessary in this under time pressure workout.These additional workouts are effective in delivering results even on the first week of activity. Theadditional heavy resistance workouts are worth the upgrade. These will surely improve themuscles on the particular areas that they focus into. If you have even 15 minutes of free time and
  2. 2. you think you are fit enough to face some challenges, you may try these upgrades on the 10minute trainer with high resistance workouts. You will just need 10 minutes for the workout andyou can save the remaining 5 minutes for a rest.Finding the perfect Workout Routines [] takes time and effort. Thesebest workout routines is a great place to start if a person is interested in flat abs. The P90X[] workout routines is alsoanother workout that will help develop flat abs.Article Source: