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5-minute warm-up at a resistance level of 21-minute run-up at level 5Interval 1 of 1 minute at level 10 followed by 2 minu...
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Losing Weight on the Elliptical Trainer


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Losing Weight on the Elliptical Trainer

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at :http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0016PWG7S?tag=pdf-marketing-20==== ====Amongst all the cardiovascular exercise machines in the market today, the elliptical trainer standsout due to its many benefits. The benefits include whole body conditioning since it works out boththe upper and lower body, low-impact exercise because your feet stay within the confines of thepedal, and faster weight loss due to its interval training property.Perceived EffortStudies have shown that the elliptical trainer requires lesser effort on your part to burn morecalories than had you used similar cardiovascular exercise machines like the treadmill and thestationary bike. Sports scientists have termed it as lesser perceived effort.The reasons vary for this fact of use on an elliptical trainer. On one hand, you burn more caloriesbecause of the interval training methods used, which have been proven to burn fats faster evendays after the training session was finished. On the other hand, you are willing to devote moretime and effort to working out on the elliptical trainer because you are less bored while on it, whichis in contrast to using the stationary bike.Whatever the reason, you can indeed lose weight faster with an elliptical machine. This isassuming, of course, that you know how to properly use the machine.Calories BurnedIf you will ask just how many calories are burned, there is no accurate answer to your question. Itwill all boil down to the frequency and intensity of the workout as well as the persons physicalcondition. Suffice it to say that elliptical trainers can burn more calories than other similar exercisemachines, all other things such as frequency and intensity being equal.Anyways, the number of calories burned during a 30-minute moderate intensity workout on anelliptical trainer can range from 300-500 calories depending on weight. Thus, if you are 120pounds, you burn 310 calories while a person weighing in at 180 pounds burn 500 calories. Thereare claims that as much as 750 calories can be burned at the elliptical trainer but that may only bepossible with high-intensity interval trainer, which may not be suitable for everybody.Interval TrainingWe have been talking about interval training as a sway to lose weight fast using an ellipticalmachine. Well, it is fairly easy to do when you follow the following beginner interval trainingroutine:
  2. 2. 5-minute warm-up at a resistance level of 21-minute run-up at level 5Interval 1 of 1 minute at level 10 followed by 2 minutes at level 5Interval 2 of 2 minutes at level 10 then 3 minutes at level 5Interval 3 of 3 minutes at level 7 followed by 4 minutes at level 6Interval 4 of 3 minutes at level 10 then 5 minutes at level 73-minute cool down at level 2You need not do this everyday - in fact, it will be detrimental for you health - because twice orthrice a month is sufficient.The best elliptical trainer is easier to find than you think. Visit http://www.1-stop-fitness.com/ tolearn more.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mike_Singh