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Cheap Personal Trainers - Why You Should Avoid Them


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Cheap Personal Trainers - Why You Should Avoid Them

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at : ====When it comes to getting in shape before summer or at New Year, many people will try differentthings to get in shape. Some people will look into joining a gym, some buy exercise DVDs, othersmay join a slimming club or look into having a personal trainer. If you choose to go down the routeof having a personal trainer and discover that the price for a training session is much higher thanyou thought, you should think twice before looking for the cheapest around.Fitness professionals value their time and set their price of their training sessions accordingly.With a trainer that charges much less than others there is usually a reason for this. It could be theyare just starting out and do not have much experience or they are not very good at their job andhave to charge less to compete with other trainers. This may not be something you think ofbecause the lower price attracts buyers to their training. It could end up more expensive in thelong run because it could take you longer to achieve your results with a less experienced trainer orone who does not apply the best training techniques.Now, I would not suggest that just because the prices are lower than others that they are never asgood. This will be the case in most situations but not all. It could be that that particular trainer isrunning a special offer or promotion or they may have shorter sessions. Some trainers give pricesfor 1 hour sessions, some 45 minutes and even some have 30 minute express sessions. Youshould look and compare all of the choices on the same level. So, how much they are per 1 hoursession and to see if there are any hidden clauses like a minimum number of sessions.When looking at cheap personal trainers I would say you should stick to a comfortable price rangeyou can afford. Lets say you have a budget of £30 per session at maximum, to have 3 sessionsper week for 8 weeks. Some trainers charge more than this and some less, but I would say that Iwould class a cheap personal trainer as anything less than £18 per hour. Some trainers may becheaper than the budget you have assigned and some more expensive.The best thing you can do is check out their testimonials to see what results other people have gotwith the trainer. It would also be advisable to book in for a consultation with them to see what theyare like as a person too. Most trainers have free 30 minute consultations so that you can discussyour goals, options and prices of a suitable programme. I would pick a hand full of trainers youcould work with within your budget that have a good history of testimonials and after theconsultations pick the one who you get on with best who will keep you motivated and accountable.For a personal trainer Manchester you should do your research and find one which suits you best.If you have to stick within a low budget it could be better to join a group programme or aManchester bootcamp so you still get to work with a personal trainer but spread the cost with
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