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workgroups or outsourced transcription providers for completion. Digital Dictation workflowsoftware is often Active Direct...
there is also a sense of comfort that tapes wont be over-written or lost and that they can alwaysgo back into the system a...
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Beyond Digital Dictation


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Beyond Digital Dictation

  1. 1. ==== ====get this product with special price at :http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000UVVX28?tag=pdf-marketing-20==== ====Legal firms today are under competitive pressure to minimize the time it takes to turn aroundinformation. In addition, they are under pressure to boost profits. There are so many challengescommon to todays legal industry. Your staff is increasingly on the move and you need to minimizelost productivity. You need new technology that integrates with your existing technology. You needto prioritize work and reduce your document turnaround time. You have some staff members thatare busier than others. Your support staff members need to work from home, and your systemprocesses need to support this. You have tight deadlines and you need work completed asefficiently as possible.Did you know that all of these challenges can be overcome with modifications to your dictionprocess?You are likely familiar with the term "digital dictation." It has been a hot topic in the legal industryrecently. But are you aware of the differences between a Digital Dictation System and a DigitalDictation Workflow Management System?Digital dictation is a method of recording and editing the spoken word in real-time within a digitalaudio format. Digital dictation offers several advantages over traditional cassette tape baseddictation. Such benefits include easy editing or insertion of voice into the files, the ability to emailthe files from anywhere and better sound quality. This type of solution does provide immediatebenefits to users over the analog systems they replace, but often many problems remain.A basic digital dictation system simply allows authors to record digital files and have them routeddirectly to a secretary for transcription. Simplified digital dictation systems often lack importantsystem management tools to enable managers and users to clearly identify backlogs of work to becompleted, information on who is doing what, information on support staff efficiency, promotion ofpriority projects, or the ability to reroute work as needed. As a result, firms who utilize thesesystems often do not realize all the benefits that a more sophisticated system could offer.A digital dictation workflow management system enhances the benefits of digitally collecting voicewhile embracing the management of the flow of information after capture. Digital DictationWorkflow Management Systems are designed with a powerful array of functionality to ease yourworkloads. The systems are easily administered and allow for the coordination, control andcommunication of activities automatically.The core of the system is the intelligent management of dictation files by a server or network ofservers. Audio files are still played by a typist, but voice files are sent electronically across LANs,WANs, via telephony or over the Internet to intelligent workflow servers that identify a usersdetails and automatically send his or her dictation to the most appropriate secretary, secretarial
  2. 2. workgroups or outsourced transcription providers for completion. Digital Dictation workflowsoftware is often Active Directory integrated and can be used in conjunction with third partysystems such as Document, Practice or Case Management systems.Perhaps one of the most important features is the flexibility in the configuration of these systemsand the ease of use of the software. Authors may use a number of recording devices to capturetheir dictation including their pc, speech microphones, and digital handheld recordersmanufactured by popular companies such as Philips, Olympus, and Grundig Business Systems.Users can even dictate using the telephone, VoIP or their PDA for maximum flexibility,whilesecretaries can be located anywhere spread across multiple sites or at home - alone or as part ofa typing pool.Immediate and automated delivery of dictation improves report turnaround time and maximizesproductivity. Some systems can literally eliminate or reduce keystrokes, thus transcription andother administrative costs are significantly lowered. "The result is often an immediate increase incompany-wide work sharing and productivity which results in significant cost savings for the firm.Joan Hodge, HR Manager for Bedell Cristin, one of Jerseys leading law firms had this to saywhen asked how their system impacted productivity at her firm: "From a team perspective, (oursolution) has allowed secretaries to take more responsibility for the management and sharing ofthe workload across the whole business and this has generated a new team spirit."The rate of user adoption is an important aspect of any technology purchase. Firms whoimplement these systems find that convincing their users to adopt the system is often fast andpainless. Referring to the solution selected by Bowles, Rice, McDavid, Graff and Love LLP in WestVirginia, Brad Harris, Head of Dictation Management said, "There was virtually no learning curveand some people said it was the easiest transition they had ever experienced at the firm."These systems can also help firms to provide flexible working practices while helping them tomove further towards being an organization that considers quality of life to be important. Systemscan support multiple office locations, providing one seamless solution wherever employees arelocated. With support for remote digital dictation and digital transcription, systems are flexible andwill tailor to your staff requirements. Michele Fish is CEO of Just the Type, a New York-basedtranscription company that implemented a system to support their inflow of dictation from theclients they serve. Their solution enabled her to offer her transcriptionists the option to work fromhome. "Our transcriptionists appreciate the opportunity to work from home. They rave about howeasy the system is to work with and how it has improved their work/family balance."Often there is concern about the management of such a system across multiple work sites.Managers can rest assured that regardless of the physical location of staff members, managementwill remain in control of the system. A well designed system provides administrators with areporting function allowing them to analyze workload distribution across their organization. Withsuch reports, managers are able to respond to any issues that might arise immediately thus furtherimproving work efficiency. Locke Reynolds, an Indianapolis-based firm purchased their workflowsolution primarily to replace the firms aging dictation equipment. Debra Himsel, Director ofTechnology explains that the firm achieved much more than anticipated resulting from theimprovements in the firms workflow management. "They feel more productive", says Debra. "Notjust because they arent chasing down tapes but because now they can archive jobs, assign jobsto a secretary without leaving their desk and generally manage their workflow better." Debra says
  3. 3. there is also a sense of comfort that tapes wont be over-written or lost and that they can alwaysgo back into the system and check their dictation. Having access to jobs from their desktop andnot having to handle tapes has made it very popular with the secretaries. "Our two WordProcessors have probably noticed the improvement the most", notes Debra, "because they touchso many peoples documents and they get all the overflow. Managing their workflow has beenmuch easier."How do you select the system that is right for you? When selecting the best solution for yourorganization you will obviously be wise to select a system that is proven to deliver a rapid returnon investment. Often cost savings are directly attributed to increased transcription productivity andimproved document turnaround time, being able to share hardware across multiple offices, anddecreased courier costs, and indirectly attributed to enhanced customer and employee satisfactionlevels.Features and flexibility is also important. You should always remember to choose the system thatcan be customized to work for you. Seek flexibility. Ask questions. Can the system be utilizedacross multiple locations? Does it support users who travel? Does the system require use ofproprietary hardware or audio file formats? Can the system support a variety of input device types(i.e. PDA, speech microphone, handheld recorder)? How easily will the system integrate into yourexisting technology infrastructure? Is it easy to use? How is the solution licensed? There areseveral solution providers on the market who share the same goal: assisting your firm in improvingits workflow and operations. Be sure to ask questions to ensure that you select the one that meetsthe current and future needs of your unique organization.Amy Clevidence currently serves as the Marketing Manager for KeeFORCE - an IT ConsultingGroup based in Western Kentucky specializing in network support and document management /workflow.Amy is dedicated to educating professionals on the benefits of a variety of technical solutions. Sheis a published author whose articles and contributions have been published by the American BarAssociations Law Technology Today, Practice Manager Magazine and Executive HealthcareMagazine.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Amy_Clevidence