How water changes power point activity


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How water changes power point activity

  1. 1. How water changesYou will be making a slideshow with an audio explanation of how water changes from one state to another.Your slideshow will be uploaded online to be used by other year 8 and 7 students.1. Work in a group of 3.2. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.3. Make a title slide that matches the overall theme of the text, “How water changes”.4. For the rest of the text, find images in Google that you think will demonstrate what the text talksabout. Each slide should only have images, no text.5. Once you have got all your images read out and record sections of the text that match each image.Do this by clicking Insert > Sound > Record Sound. Use the microphones provided by the library.6. Ask your teacher to check your slideshow.7. Then add a few more image slides and use the particle model to explain why water changes fromone state to another. Remember the images need to make it easier for the audience to understandyour explanation.8. Upload your finished slideshow onto Edmodo.