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Students at Merrylands High School created a geolocation game about the school. The game is programmed for mobile devices and was designed for Year 6 students coming to the school in the following year.

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Aris game learning evidence slideshow

  1. 1. MerrylandsHigh SchoolGeolocation gamefor mobile devices
  2. 2. Players opened the ARIS app on theirmobile devices and selected theMerrylands High School game.The story line of the game appears ontheir mobile device.
  3. 3. The game has 7 quests. Theinformation and back story for eachquest is featured on “plaques”, whichshow up when the player’s mobiledevice is at a particular locationaccording their device’s GPS locator.Alternatively players can scan aplaque’s QR code to activate the quest.
  4. 4. Players have to follow the story and theinstructions on the plaque of eachquest to locate items.In the Social Quest, one of the itemsplayers have to find is soap. The clueguides students to the girls’ toilets findthe soap. Players have to use thegame’s map and geolocation locator tofind the girls’ toilets.To get the soap, players have to scan aQR code to receive a picture of thesoap and the option to “pick up”.
  5. 5. Another item players have to collect forthe Social Quest is toilet paper.Once again the player has to locate theQR code for the toilet paper accordingto the story of the quest.
  6. 6. For each item, there is also a shortdescription that relates to the school. Inthis case, it relates to the school’spositive behaviour for learningprogram.
  7. 7. This is an example of another item thatthe player needs to locate the QR codefor.
  8. 8. All items the player picks up is droppedinto the inventory.
  9. 9. Once all the items for a quest has beenpicked up, the player needs to scan theQR code for the quest’s guardian. Inthis case it is the Social Guardian. Whena player scans the QR code for theSocial Guardian, the guardian askswhether all items have been collected.
  10. 10. If all the items have been collected, theSocial Guardian gives the player abadge for the quest.
  11. 11. For the Social Quest, the Social Badge isawarded to the player.The game has 7 quests. This slideshowonly shows the Social Quest.
  12. 12. Students organised the QR codes for each Quest’s guardian to be placed at acentral location on the day of the game.
  13. 13. This is a photo of a Year 6 studentplaying the game.