Make a quiz in power point


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PowerPoint can be a helpful tool for you to make some interactive quizzes. So it is necessary to know how to make a quiz in PowerPoint, follow these steps to learn

this knowledge.

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Make a quiz in power point

  1. 1. Make a Quiz in PowerPointA PowerPoint quiz may be used as an excuse to distribute gifts to those who provide the right answers after abusiness presentation. Or it may be used for testing a young child in elementary school. Using the quiz willmake you popular. So many people are asking the questions about how to create quizzes in PowerPoint.Using the third-party software like Quiz Maker, you can create quizzes that look like they were created inPowerPoint and never have to spend quite a while of organizing the relationship between slides. You will findas much as 9 popular question types that will satisfy most users need. Stronger features include thisPowerPoint Quiz Creator Software reduce the quiz creation time, and the flexible publishing options forexample Flash, Exe, word/Excel make it simple to share no matter online or offline.PowerPoint Quiz Creator to Make PowerPoint Quiz EasilyStep 1: After running the software, you need to create a new quiz to start making a quiz in PowerPoint. Fromthe options, we choose "Create Quiz in Word", this option built-in a powerpoint template.Step 2: The Microsoft Office 2007 interface of PowerPoint Quiz Creator is made to increase the creationefficiency and make it simpler for users to create a test.What you ought to do is filling the blanks from field to field. And you can preview the test instantly to checkthe effect. There are numerous carefully designed built-in quiz player templates for you to select from. Set thequiz player template like what you did in PowerPoint.Step 3: There exist many options for you to publish your powerpoint quiz. For instance, pubsilh on quizcreator online, or upload to LMS. You can also track the results with the built-in email system.So, just select the quiz creation method that fixes your need. For creating a simple quiz, maybe creating thecontent with PowerPoint is OK.Free Download Quiz MakerBuy Quiz Maker ($169.95)Feedback on this article:Thanks for visiting this article, please let us know how we can improve this article or make it more useful foryou.1. Did this article help you?Yes No SomewhatTo protect your privacy, do not include your contact information in the feedback.Related Articles: How to Manage Quizzes, How to Make Online Quiz