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How to remote lock and protect i pad easily


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If you want a fresh start for your iPad device, you may read the post and find that resetting iPad to factory settings easy to accomplish

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How to remote lock and protect i pad easily

  1. 1. How to Remote Lock and Protect iPad Easily?It had to be admitted by the contemporaries that usingvarious devices like iPad to send personal data likemessages, emails, videos etc are all the rage for youngpeople trying to lighten their lives. Since we already haveentered a golden age of exchanging information betweenpeople, and this is by and large a healthy, protectivedevelopment.While something difficult or impossible may happen likethat, your iPad device is lost or stolen. Dont worry, Appleinsists that devices that ask fewer questions appearsmarter to users, and more polite and considerate, theyreleased a free service through MobileMe to help you findyour lost iPad. Memorize the most important iPadoperators, like configuring a pass code, remote lockingyour iPad from prying eyes and learning to use themefficiently. These extra commands are crucial for laser-targeting your search iPad device.
  2. 2. Guide: How to Remote Lock and Disable iPad Freely• Step 1: Make sure that you can get on the Internet. Open your Internet browser of choice and type to pull up its web page.• Step 2: Enter your Apple login and password. Click "Sign In".
  3. 3. • Step 3: Double-click the location of your iPad on the map and choose "Lock". If you have configured a pass code, your iPad locks. If you have not configured a pass code, you are prompted to enter a four-digit code.
  4. 4. • Step 4: Press the "Lock" button to confirm. Open your mailbox to check the email registered with MobileMe, which tells you that you have remote lock your iPad device successfully.• Related Articles: How to Password Protect iPad, How to Send Emails on iPad