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How to import questions from excel


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How to import questions from excel

  1. 1. How to Import Questions from Company Logo Excel? Normally the computerized quiz in a simple form could be like questions on one column, answers on the other column. And when the right answers are put down, the scores would appear automatically. With excel, this type of quiz might be easily created. Besides adding questions one by one to form a quiz, you can even import questions from an existing quiz published as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Quiz Maker is a fantastic program for creating online and computer quizzes. You can enter questions with the program interface and it will generate your quiz immediately. You can accelerate the process by bypassing the interface and typing your questions directly into Excel. Free download this Excel Quiz Creator and set it up on your 2012.05 PC. Then follow the steps to finish creating test in excel.Copyright © by ARTCOM PT All rights reserved. Company 1 Logo Copyright © by ARTCOM PT All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Create/Make a Quize in Excel Steps Company Logo Step 1: After you launch this Excel Quiz Creator, you will see its main screen as follows: Click the "Import from Excel" button in the guiding window. Or head to "Import > Import from Excel" menu to import questions from excel. Browse to the directory of your program (for example: C:Program FilesWondershareQuizCreatorhelp) and locate the template.xls for your reference.Copyright © by ARTCOM PT All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Company Logo  Step 2: If you did not publish any quiz in Excel format before, you may create a quiz in an Excel spreadsheet in the proper format. Excel Quiz Creator contains a unique feature that allows quiz designers to insert a static image or animated Flash into a question.Copyright © by ARTCOM PT All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Company Logo  Step 3: Select "Create Quiz in Excel" on the "Import" submenu to start the Excel Template Generator. Excel Quiz Creator will prompt you to locate the file and then load the questions.Copyright © by ARTCOM PT All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. Company Logo  As is mentioned previously, your projects can be exported as an Excel file. That file is generated with the pre-set template format and it can be imported to Excel Quiz Creator to create a project for further editing.  People who read this passage also read:  Free Download Quiz Maker  Buy Quiz Maker ($169.95)  You can follow us on facebook: http://!/applediscountCopyright © by ARTCOM PT All rights reserved. 5