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How to create questions for quizzes or surveys


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How to create questions for quizzes or surveys

  1. 1. How to Create Questions for Quizzes or Surveys?For the ones who have to create questions for a survey or quiz, the most headache thing would be thehow to determine the questions types and forms. It is really a complex task for one to create a test orsurvey by type all the information in the Word. Here we just go an easy solution for you to make surveysand tests by simply choosing the question types and entering the corresponding item content of yourtarget questions.The task of how to create questions can be very easy for you if you once have a professional TestQuestions Generator in hand. Wondershare QuizCreator is just such an Test Maker which can assists youto both make test questions and create survey questions in a more effective and effortless way. No matteryou want to make multiple choice test or make survey questionnaire, this professional Test/SurveyCreator can meet your requirements easily.The detail operation of how to create questions with the Wondershare QuizCreator is just offered belowfor your reference. Just get the software and follow the guidance to have a more actual experience now!Tutorial: How to Create Questions for Quizzes or Surveys?Step 1: Start Quiz/Survey CreationInstall and launch the Quiz Creator youve got. Then you can click "Create a new quiz" or "Create anew survey" option to enter the quiz or survey creating interface.Step 2: How to Create Questions?No matter you enter the quiz or survey creating main interface, you can see several question types in theleft panel. You only need click one of the question types according to your needs to create questions foryour test or survey. And then you can simply enter your questions and answers in the pointed areas togenerate questions.Step 3: Save the Question CreationOnce you have finished all the settings of your created questions, then you can click "Ok" to save thequestion and closed the small window. Or you can also click "New Question" to save and create moretest/survey questions at will.Ok, it is just so easy of how to create questions for both tests and surveys. If you want to have a try withthis practical Survey/Test Questions Generator, then just get the trial version to experience its powerfulfunctions and easy operations now!Keys: how to create questions, make test questions, create survey questions, how to make test questions,test questions generator