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How to convert avi videos to play on


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You can convert AVI videos to play on Kindle Fire via some tools. In this article, we offer you three methods to convert AVI to Kindle Fire supported format.

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How to convert avi videos to play on

  1. 1. How to Convert AVI Videos to Play on Amazon Kindle Fire? Question: Can Kindle Fire play AVI files? I have several movies with .avi extension, and I really want to put them into my Kindle Fire for enjoying on my bed. But the problem is Kindle Fire seems cannot recognize AVI videos. What is the best video for Kindle Fire? I am new to KF. Answer: Kindle Fire can only support videos in VP8 and MP4 format, so AVI movies can not be played on KF. But you can convert AVI videos to play on Kindle Fire via some tools. In this article, we offer you three methods to convert AVI to Kindle Fire supported format, you can choose the one as you like.
  2. 2. Option 1: Convert AVI to MP4 for Kindle Fire Online• There are many online websites that enables you to convert .avi videos to .mp4 files online for free. Here I list three of them for you:, and• The steps to transform AVI videos to MP4 format are similar: Paste AVI video url/upload -> Select output format (It might not need) -> Convert. Generally speaking, they will ask you for the e-mail address, and they will send the converted video to you as an attachment. You should note that the video should not have too big size.
  3. 3. Option 2: Convert AVI Movies to Kindle Fire with Free Conversion Software• Apart from using online video converter, you can encode .avi movies to playback on KF with free video conversion software like Convert AVI to MP4 ("Convert AVI to MP4" only has the Windows version.), Handbrake. The usages of them are easy. For they are freeware, theyve received a certain degree of welcome. They can help Kindle users who want to save money on video conversion. Whats more, the conversion speed is faster than online converter in a general way.• Simple Steps: Add AVI files to the program -> Set the output format -> Start the conversion.• Great as these programs are free, while they may have disadvantages. E.g. The interface is not that user-friendly, the video quality is dissatisfactory after the conversion.
  4. 4. Option 3: Turn AVI Videos into MP4 for Kindle Fire with DVD to Kindle Fire Converter• If you are a quality-focused movie lover and dont want to spend much time on the conversion task, especially you want to convert videos more than AVI, you can choose professional Kindle Fire converter programs. DVD to Kindle Fire Converter and Mac DVD to Kindle Converter can help you realize the DVD & video to Kindle Fire conversion including AVI to Kindle Fire MP4 conversion with high output quality and ultra-fast speed on Windows and Mac platform, respectively.• Download Link:• For Windows 7/XP/Vista: Download DVD to Kindle Fire Converter• For Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7(Lion): Download DVD to Kindle Fire for Mac
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  6. 6. Simple User Guide:• Download and install the DVD to Kindle Converter according to your platform, and then run the program. The conversion steps from AVI to Kindle Fire MP4 are as easy as ABC: drag-n-drop, set output parameters, convert!• Step 1: Drag and drop the AVI files from your PC to the program main interface.• Step 2: Set the output format as "MP4" and define the output folder for the converted files.• Step 3: Hit the convert button to activate the conversion. Done!• More Links:• Where to Get Free Kindle eBooks• Two Ways to Read ePub Books on Kindle Fire• How to Transfer Videos to Kindle Fire for Playback