Dwg version conversion


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Here we comes with the aid of a helpful DWG File Version Converter to help you convert DWG file from AutoCAD R2.6 to 2012. Just go ahead to check the easy DWG version conversion now!

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Dwg version conversion

  1. 1. DWG Version ConversionTo keep up to date, AutoCAD has been coming out in various versions to meet users more needs. Thenative file format DWG supported by this program has also updated accordingly. If you get someDWG files that fit for the version of your AutoCAD, then it is not a hard task for you to manage anduse them. However, once you come with different versions of DWG files, then it is rather troublesometo handle all the old and new DWG file formats in your AutoCAD.In such case, you can take use of a DWG File Version Converter to get all your AutoCADincompatible versions of DWF to a friendly version. There are less of tools that can only transform theDWG file versions. But some of AutoCAD file converting tools which can support convert files fromor to DWG format may support eh DWG version conversion. Active DWG DXF Converter is just suchan AutoCAD DWG DXF conversion tool that can achieve the task of converting DWG file version.The following tutorial is just going to tell the exact operation of using this software to make DWGversion conversion. Just go ahead to check the details now!Tips: The Pro version supports you to convert in silence without a graphic user interface with theDWG2DXF command line.How to Change DWG File Version from R2.6 to 2012?Step 1: Install and start the DWG DWF Converter. Choose the conversion type "Version Conversion"from the upper of the main interface.Step 2: Click the "Browse" option from the mid of the main conversion interface to input the sourceDWG files. And then you should select the proper output version from the "Current Version" drop-down list.Step 3: Hit the lower "Browse" icon to define an output file folder. And then you are able to click"Convert Now!" to start the DWG version conversion.Just as you can see from the pic showed above, this software we use here to convert DWG betweenversions is a batch bi-directional DWG and DXF Converter. It means that you are also able to use thisprogram to convert DWG files to DXF or enjoy DXF to DWG conversion in a few simple clickswithout using AutoCAD. So once you have the need to convert DWG or DXF drawing files with noneed of AutoCAD, then you can just have a shot at this helpful software.