Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. Question 4
  2. 2. Research• For the research part of my coursework I used various programs and software. For the tasks I had to complete I wanted to produce them in a different formats and not just in word which was really boring.
  3. 3. 9 Frame Analysis Music Digipak Video Analysis Analysis Research 9 Frame Tasks AnalysisPhotoshop Advert Tutorial Analysis Shot Count Activity
  4. 4. 9 Frame Analysis• In this task I had to chose 9 different frames from a music video of my choice relating to my chosen genre and then analyze these shots and the composition of the shots.Using prezi (an online software used for presentations) this gives me the chance toBe creative and include images and text in a way to be interesting. The different ways topresent the information was the feature of this software which appealed most to me.For this task I had to import images and then comment on the framing and composition ofthe shots. To finish the prezi I had to edit a path, which is the way the presentation willflow and show the information in an order.
  5. 5. Advert Analysis• I did this task by importing an image of the advert straight onto my Blog and then writing about the advert beneath it. For this task I had to analyse the full advert commenting of fonts, colour and composition which when put together affect the audience and compel them to read and look at the advert.
  6. 6. Photoshop Tutorial• In these tasks we had to experiment with Photoshop to come up with a digipak front cover. To do this we had to use the webcams and take a random picture of ourselves and then import that image into photoshop adjusting the size to fit the canvas of the digipak. As a group we all chose different tutorials, I chose to do Light trails. For this tutorial I had to manipulate the gradient to cause multi- coloured trails to cover the screen. In my opinion my first attempt didn’t turn out well at all although it used bright colours which is stereotypical of a pop genre it didn’t appear very professional.
  7. 7. Shot Count Activity• For this task I uploaded my chosen video to my blog and then simply commented bellow straight into the blog. In this activity I had to pick a music video from my chosen genre (pop) and then count the number of different shots and then comment on why these shots may have been used. This song was very upbeat and fitted my genre perfectly. I found that this video had approximately 128 different camera shots in it ranging from a long shot to a tracking shot following the artists. My chosen video was Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen’s – Good Time
  8. 8. Music video Analysis• My chosen video for this activity was Cheryl Cole’s – The flood. This activity involved me analysing a full music video which meant I would look at the mise en scene, the shots used, the narrative and the audience of the video. For this task I used my blog by uploadign the video and then placing my analysis of the video below.
  9. 9. Digipak Analysis• For this task I had to analyse a digipak from my chosen genre I decided to use the same artist I had chosen for my music video, Katy Perry. I analyse how the digipak appealed to the audience, also commenting on the conventional techniques used to make it loo professional.
  10. 10. Planning Shot listAudienceResearch Planning Animatitc Initial Ideas
  11. 11. Shot List• This was a task in which I had to go off my storyboard and actually list my different shots used throughout the filming this created a guide to what I wanted the video to look like. After the end of filming I found that this guide really helped although I didn’t stick to it much. I created the shot list using word, creating a flowing chart of boxes and then filling them with as much information about the shots such as the mise en scene and the type of shot.
  12. 12. Animatic• The animatic was in itself a really rough cut of my music video as it was my storyboard edited with the music to show how the different shots would flow and fit together. I used final cut to do the animatic as this was an easy way to manipulate the sound and the length of the video so I could trim and extend the shots of the story board when needed.
  13. 13. Audience Research• For my audience research I decided to try using an online survey producer ‘Survey Monkey’ this enabled me to Complete the survey with an already set up template. In the end I found that this site wouldn’t allow me to send the online survey to the people in my school and to people I would certainly get a response from the short amount of time I had for my coursework. So instead I decided to produce my own survey from scratch using a word document then and I manually went out and gave people in my target audience the questionnaire and collected them in. After gathering all of the data from the questionnaires I analyzed the findings and found what my target audience thought about my chosen genre.
  14. 14. Initial Ideas• For my initial ideas I wanted to have them to look at visually and to see them spread out and colorful reflecting my genre, to do this I used an online software called Lino. This gave me the ability to do what I wanted and sorted my ideas neatly and organized.
  15. 15. Video and Ancillary Construction Draft Adverts Construction Draft Rough Digipaks Cuts
  16. 16. Draft Adverts• For my advert I had to do research in order to find the conventions, the style and layouts of my chosen genre. I looked at various artists and their highly publicized adverts such as Jessie J, Katy Perry and Rihanna. I found that the typical conventions were a logo from the record label, star ratings from newspapers and magazines, release date for the hit single on the album and also information regarding the official website of the artist. To start I came up with a few draft ideas for the advert they gradually got better because I compared them to professional adverts and realized mine didn’t seem as good, or didn’t have all of the conventions. To do this task I used Photoshop, by selecting this image from my photoshoot I manipulated the image making it bigger (changing the canvas size) and then overlaid the different images such as my logo for my record label ‘Bright Star’ and different texts such as the information for website. This all came together and gave me the idea for my final advert which included all of the conventions and the color scheme which would match both the video and the digipak.
  17. 17. Final Advert
  18. 18. Draft Digipaks• Also for this task I had to gather a lot of research looking at lots of different kind of digipaks. In class I looked at similar styled digipaks which used 6 panes but these didn’t come from my genre and didn’t help with ideas for the actual content of my digipak. I looked on the internet at again some famous artists which are from my chosen genre such as Katy Perry, Jessie J, Rihanna. This helped me a great deal as it showed what a pop digipak would look like ad what conventions are always used. After gathering my research I stared creating draft digipaks using Photoshop. Selecting images from my photo-shoot which I believed to be the most successful and then overlaying them over a template of a digipak. After manipulating the conventions of a digipak to fit onto my digipak I found that my first attempts didn’t look as professional as real digipaks. So after a trail and error period I finally found the balance and created a professional looking digipak.
  19. 19. Final Digipak
  20. 20. Rough Cuts• When editing together the actual music video I decided to compress some of the footage and see what it looked like as a video as it was, these were my rough cuts. The short snippets of film helped me get a good idea of where I was going wrong in parts and which areas worked really well. I used final cut in order to edit the film. This software allowed me to edit the length of the video I needed and the overlay the song and even manipulate the song to match the edit of the video creating thought beats. Using final cut helped me make a really good video, the actual ability to grab the part of the video you needed and then visually match it up with the lip-sync was easy and I liked how the software allowed me to incorporate other programs such as live type which looked very professional.